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So please read it' and at that I bought it. And when I was finished I realized that I would've said the same thing to a young girl. And then I thought, "Hmm. Maybe these aren't true stories at all. Maybe they are just cautionary tales for teenagers. Along with many other diary type books of other troubled teens.

"It happned to Nancy" By an annonymous Teenager

The Wikipedia page says that Sparks made up a lot of the material. Even if it isn't completely legitimat 1. Even if it isn't completely legitimate, I still think the books make an impact. They are still relevant even today. I work with teens as a youth librarian and they are still reading these books and loving them. I picked this book up for two reasons: 1 A teen at the library loved it so I wanted to be able to discuss it with her 2 I had just finished another memoir of a girl who is HIV positive. The book is Positive by Paige Rawl. It made a huge impact on me so I wanted to read more books similar to Paige's.

Sep 18, Zoe rated it it was amazing. It Happened to Nancy is about a young girl who thought she found love in an older man. That was her first mistake. It cost her her innocence, her health and her life. She thought her relationship with college student was innocent and just fun. She was a bit lonely because her mom worked long hours and her father lives in another state, so the attention from him was exactly what she thought she needed.

Mistake number two. My mom read this book twice before I was born. She said she preserved this It Happened to Nancy is about a young girl who thought she found love in an older man. She said she preserved this book for when she had a daughter and when it was time she would let her read it.

Nancy will never experience the things she wanted so much, so fast. This book is for anybody, but especially young girls who want to grow up too fast. It made me appreciate being a young girl whose only interests, at this time, are books, music, friends, family, hope for my future. It made me appreciate the many "no's" my parents bestow on me.

I know its for my own good. Feb 04, Madelin rated it it was amazing. She met him because she had a Asthma attack while there was a big rumble , Nobody payed attention to her only but Collin. He bought her a Coke and they Started talking about their Life.

See a Problem?

Nancy's Uncle never Came to pick him up so Collin took her home. They kept on talking and he had called to see if nancy was Okay.

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From there on they started talking until they were meeting up in a park. Nancy had cut school for the first time Just to take a ride in a boat with Collin. It ended up that Mosquitos were all over them and they had to leave. When they last met up , she had invited him over her house while her mother went out. The purpose of this book it to Inform people That they should be careful about what they do.

Oct 19, Melissa rated it liked it. Another good "journal" written, I mean edited, by Beatrice Sparks. The voice sounded very similar to Go Ask Alice with the younger, immature, pie-in-the-sky girl who gets knocked down to reality after something brutal happens to her. Nancy contracts AIDS after being raped by the man she's in love with It's a very sad story and something I'm sure happens more than reported, proof that you can never be sure of anything and can only trust yourself. If you liked th Another good "journal" written, I mean edited, by Beatrice Sparks. Let's stop fooling ourselves by thinking these journals were merely edited by author: Beatrice Sparks.

Mar 19, Jamie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: teenagers. This book was so depressing. It showed the real sides of aids and that it could just about happen to anybody. This is a diary and all the names and locations have been changed for the writers privacy. The unsuspecting victim Nancy was tragically raped by a guy who she thought she could trust. Besides being a diary this book shows very informative things about aids.

It shows the importance of not trusting a strange man just because he comes into your life and claims to be so facinated in your li This book was so depressing. It shows the importance of not trusting a strange man just because he comes into your life and claims to be so facinated in your life that he can't get enough. The last few months of Nancy's life could be said to be the best and worst times of her life.

I Loved this book. I don't know how or why but this is the third book this year with the something good happens, then something bad happens pattern. Also, people aren't always optimistic or pessimistic in life. Nov 20, Konstance Smith rated it really liked it. This is a true story written in a girls journal about a 14 year old girl who falls in love with a boy she barely knew and then was raped by him.

If that isn't bad enough, she later learns that he also gave her AIDS. The story is heartbreaking and endearing at the same time. I would recommend this for anyone. Sep 01, Nuvia Urbina rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction. I really enjoyed this much a lot. It was very interesting and it was very easy to compare with, not that anything like that ever happened to myself but with a friend, yes.

I would very much recommend this book to many teen girls!! One of the best books I've read would definitely recommend. Aug 27, Katie wenzel rated it really liked it. I read this book as an impressionable young preteen and, at the time, I was completely devastated and shocked by it. I don't think I would feel the same if I had read it more recently.

Nov 04, Taylar T is currently reading it. It happened to Nancy by Beatrice Sparks is based on a diary that belongs to a year-old girl who's love life was ruined forever. Nancy was your ordinary teen.

It Happened to Nancy: By an Anonymous Teenager, a True Story from Her Diary Summary & Study Guide

She enjoyed friday night movies and going to the mall with friends on weekends. It all began when Nancy attended her favorite artist Garth Brooks concert. She was enjoying her time when suddenly a fight broke out and she was in the middle of it all. Trying to escape from the crow It happened to Nancy by Beatrice Sparks is based on a diary that belongs to a year-old girl who's love life was ruined forever. Trying to escape from the crowd she suddenly feels a hand grab her. Collin comes to the rescue. Colin a young looking 18 year old freshman in college sweeps Nancy off her feet.

He takes her to a safe place away from all the nonsense and she continues to thank him.

Weeks go by and Nancy is love struck she becomes charmed by Collin and ends up falling under his spell. Just like any other infatuated teen Nancy becomes wrapped around his little finger. She begins to build her life around him. To Nancy Collin wants nothing but good for both of them, or so she thinks. So far this book is amazing, it makes you want to keep on reading. This story is for all audiences anyone can relate. I would recommend this book because it is very inspirational and emotional.

The ideal readership for this book is anyone who enjoys a book about female teenagers. This book is the equivalent to a chick flick movie. After reading this book, next I will read The Help. What is helping choose my next book is the fact that this book was kind of superficial and now I want to read a deep book. So in conclusion I would give this book five stars and would highly tell you to give it a look. Collin continues luring Nancy towards him describing himself as a white knight to make her fall for him more.

When Nancy realizes she has the opportunity to have the house to herself the first thing that comes to her mind is inviting Collin over. The night starts coming in and she invites Collin over for a time she knew she would never forget. What she doesn't know is that this night will change her life forever.

Being the dream boy he is, he makes dinner for the both of them. They go on eat the dinner and talk for a while. She made him promise that he would leave at the struck of midnight, she knew there grandfather clock wouldn't let him forget. The guy that she thought was the love of her life did something really sketchy that made her question things in her mind. At this point she didn't really question it because she thought it was normal for college people to have a little fun drinking.

She trusted Collin and she really liked him so she thought why not. Collin begins to act really strange. She doesn't recognize him because he seems different, more touchy. He's not like himself, she doesn't know if she likes it or if it's too much for her. He pulled her onto the floor and continued to explain that the relationship has grown. It's less than a brother and sister like relationship. It's now more like a loving boy girl relationship. The clock suddenly hits 12 and the grandfather clock goes off. She panics when she felt his hands getting even more aggressive towards her body.

Red neon thoughts flashed through my mind She questioned herself over and over again on why "her knight and shining armor" would do this to her. She keeps her mouth absolutely shut about anything that happened that night. She holds all her emotions inside and spills her thoughts and regrets into her diary. Ever since that night Nancy feels regret. Figuring out that all Collin told her was a lie just made her feel empty inside. She felt like a whole different person, every time he came to her mind she would cringe. He made her whole outlook on life different.

He ruined her life! I seem to be always pushing. After weeks of off and on sickness she visits the hospital. They give her a blood test. She waits to get her test back. The doctors walks into the room slowly and begins to say he's sorry. He tells her the one thing anyone can't bear to hear. Her worst nightmare has come true, she can't escape. This book was a real eye opener to young teenagers. The whole book was a page turner. This was another book that I read in my early highschool years and I adored it. I thought it was incredibly sad and heartbreaking to have a younger person's life taken away so quickly by AIDS.

I am so incredibly sensitive to those that suffer. I just wonder what that person is going through and how they are able to overcome it. That's one of the reasons why I won't watch the Saw movies.

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Reading it now as a 24 year old, I realized that this book isn't what it's all cracked up to be. Let me explai This was another book that I read in my early highschool years and I adored it. Let me explain. Because I sound like a horrid person. This book is sad. Don't get me wrong, it's incredibly sad. Because this kind of thing happens everyday. There are thousands of "Nancy's" whose lives are cut short by this incurable disease.

They never get to grow up and have their dream jobs with the 2. You know, the American Dream and all. Sure, some live for years after the initial diagnoses but often times, they don't or they just suffer too much. I think what my problem was is that Nancy was incredible immature. I feel like an ass saying that because she did have AIDS at such a young age. How is she supposed to deal with that when her body and mind are still growing up?

I think the reason why I say that she sounded incredibly immature is because I had a really hard time believing that this was an actual teenager writing these entries. I admit, when I kept a journal, I tried to sound more grown up. I had this weird idea that when I became rich and successful, that I would release my journals as books so people can see the struggles that I went through.

In all honesty, the most struggles that I dealt with was crippling anxiety and a severe fear of public speaking but I didn't have a damaging childhood or anything like that.

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Teens perceive that they are invisible online, or that they can take steps to be anonymous. That reduces concerns of detection leading to disapproval or punishment. The impact of invisibility on human behavior is not a new consideration. Plato told the story of the Ring of Gyges , in which a shepherd found a ring that, when turned, would make him invisible -- thus raising the question of how people might behave if no one can see them.

Teens do not receive tangible feedback about the consequences of online activities. The lack of tangible feedback interferes with the recognition that actions have caused harm, and with empathy. Empathy is the foundation for remorse that one has caused harmed to another. The lack of tangible feedback also interferes with a recognition that actions have caused harm to self. Thus, the teen who posts highly damaging material online is likely not sensitive to the impact of such material on his or her reputation.

The major life task for teens is establishing their personal identity, values, and relationships with others. For many teens, their social networking activities have become an important vehicle for such exploration. The number of friendship links and amount of communication activity is a measure of social worth.

Teens vary in their level of social anxiety. Those who are more socially anxious might post outrageous material to attract attention and can become highly preoccupied with the amount of electronic communication. Part of personal identity is sexual identity. Many teens are using social networking to explore who they are as sexual beings.

That can lead to posting sexual material that could attract predators, foster involvement in risky sexual activities, and damage their reputations. Teen exploration of sexual identity is occurring in an online environment that many people, especially young adults, are using to arrange for sexual hook-ups. Teens sometimes forget that real-life values and rules should control the choices they make online, and that just because they can do something, doesnt make it right.

A strong online social norm is you have a free-speech right to post anything you want -- regardless of the harm it might cause another. Many teens think that because it is possible to download copyrighted music without paying for it, it must be okay. Other teens, and adults, are making bad choices online.

That provides significant social support for unsafe or irresponsible actions. They are not likely to pay attention to obvious risks or make good choices. They are highly vulnerable to manipulation by dangerous individuals or groups because they are seeking attention. Essentially, risky online behavior must be viewed from the perspective of adolescent risk.

It is necessary to apply insight from research in other areas of adolescent risk to an analysis of online risk. It is helpful to think about teen online behavior across a range of risk -- savvy teens, naive teens, vulnerable teens, and at-risk teens. Savvy teens are generally older teens from stable homes with attentive parents. Naive teens are generally younger, with less experience, and might have more naive or less involved parents.

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