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Mummy is best girl. Like Reply. Like Reply me what is that thing just to the right of the ghost on the sex scene, just below the boob is a random swingy thing Like Reply darstar the ghost and zombie were the best Like Reply motherfuck3r I agree with darkstae Like Reply motherfuck3r When u cum in the ghost it becomes tainted ectoplazum Like Reply Comment on this game Nickname.

Soda sexo Current rating 3. Similar : Horny Holidays: Pumpkin Witches. Rudolf's Revenge. Big Top Bangeroo. Valkyrie Sex Game All Episodes. Hellbound Boobies. Monsters of the Sea. Sex Revelations 1: Rape Prison.

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Halloween Special. Sex to the Death. Meet and Fuck Millionaire. Sort order. Oct 26, Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession rated it it was ok Shelves: funny-ass-titles-and-covers , halloween-fun , kinky-monsters-need-love-too , meh-reads , own-on-kindle , read-in This book was lame The mummy she fucks isn't even gross he is a super sexy God Osiris and of course she remembers that she is actually Isis his wife. Whatever lame totally lame.

View all 29 comments. Shelves: do-me-baby , erotic-paranormal-romance , halloween-monstersex-challenge , monster-human-sex , novella , nook-lendables , smokin-hot-drippin-wet , stalkerific-alpha , why-do-i-read-these-books. She's on an archeological dig of a tomb of a pharaoh. She keeps having this haunting feeling that she is missing something. On the last night of the dig, Layla feels as if something is calling her to return to the site. So in the middle of night, she returns to the dig site alone. I love it when Monster Sex heroines trek out on missions, late at night, with no concerns about their safety.

So Layla enters the tomb, climbing down into the dark with her trusty flashlight.

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I love that her only concern was the fear of creepy crawlies. It's not that I feared the darkness exactly, but I definitely didn't' love what was hiding in it I just knew that I'd plant my hand right in the middle of a pissed off camel spider one day,and then promptly die of a heart attack. As Layla travels deeper into the tombs, she discovers a wall covered in wangs. Yes, I said wangs, as in penises.

And as she blows the dust off of them to get a better look, they begin to glow. These were dirty paintings, like something straight out of the Kama sutra! So as one would expect, Layla starts to get turned on while checking out the sexy artwork. Walls begin to move and Layla finds herself in a secret tomb along with a sarcophagus. The carvings on this sarcophagus were beautiful.

They were also anatomically correct.

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And Layla was already turned on from all the porn pics in the tomb. I couldn't help myself. I leaned forward and ran my fingers over the giant, golden cock, from his stone carved balls, up to the tip of the shaft. So she continues to stroke and love on the pharaoh's golden rod. She becomes inspired by an inscription on the walls to do more!!! The golden cock called to me, willing me to climb on top of it and ride. You can't help but love the monster sex heroine.

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Instead of looking up internet porn in her tent and getting off with a "battery operated boyfriend", Layla gets horny looking at hieroglyphic sex and decides to ride a year old dusty cock. After Layla uses the carved cock for her pleasure, The lid to the sarcophagus slides off to reveal a mummy creature. The best part is when she realizes there is a Glory Hole in the sarcophagus lid and the golden cock she had been riding wasn't a carving at all.

But the actual cock of the mummy inside the coffin. My screams echoed off the walls, bouncing back and filling my ears. I just fucked a mummy! If I made it out of this place alive, I was going to need so much therapy You have to love this girl. At least she has enough sense to know that this is some fucked up shit. LOL Delilah Fawkes comes through again with excellent monster porn. The plot is well thought out and I love the twists and turns throughout the story. The movie, The Mummy was so sexy, that I kept thinking of those characters while reading this book.

Layla was very likable and she had a wonderful sense of humor. The sex was pretty hot, and the twist in the end was a nice surprise. View all 27 comments. Mar 15, Barbara rated it really liked it. Great story.

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View all 9 comments. Jan 31, Lori rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , i-cried , i-think-erotica-is-hilarious , indie , hot-hot-stuff , horror , very-adult. Layla is having a restless night. The funding for the dig she is on has been pulled and they must leave the next day.

She knows there is something in that tomb. So being the go getter that she is so goes to find out what is down deep in the tomb. She enters the room with the Egyptian penises all over the wall and blows on them. What do you know. You blow on the Egyptian penis glyphs and they start to glow. After much lead up and foreplay a door opens. Layla being the brave girl that sh Layla is having a restless night. Layla being the brave girl that she is goes into that tunnel. She enters a room with a sarcophagi in it.

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It's a beaut Oh my. She strokes it and reads the glyphs Being the silly and naive girl that she is she thinks that using the golden dildo key to open her gates will release her from the room that she is now trapped in. I thought humping the Golden Dildo of Osiris would trigger some mechanism, Indiana-Jones-style, opening the door again. This quick read is full of moments of smutty genius that is hot and hilarious. I love Delilah Fawkes. I think she is a master of fun smut. Her monster erotica's are to die for. Aleera rated it liked it Oct 31, Edward Cheong rated it really liked it Jun 10, Heronolen rated it did not like it Dec 19, Sassy Smut rated it really liked it Sep 21, Annette rated it it was amazing Nov 14, Lorelei Knox rated it it was amazing Dec 03, Squeasel rated it really liked it Jun 27, Laura Chartier rated it liked it May 28, Kelline rated it it was amazing Dec 02,