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Edison Award was established in the spirit of Thomas Alva Edison , one of the greatest inventors in history.

Edison developed a system of electric power generation and distribution which was a major breakthrough in the modern industrialized world. He held more than 1 patents for, among others, improving the incandescent lamp or film projection and sound recording, which still have an impact on our daily lives today. Between them, they covered fields as diverse as conformity assessment IECEE and IECEx , solar photovoltaic energy systems, fibre optics, safety of household appliances, active assisted living AAL , electromagnetic compatibility EMC and colour measurement and management. Edison Award:.

Activities & Achievements

Since , Thorsten Arnhold has taken the responsibilities and duties of his role as IECEx Chair with a very dynamic hands-on approach. As a result, IECEx now provides certification of non-electrical equipment, systems and components. It is worth noting that Thorsten Arnhold has been active and is well known in the standards development field through his long-standing involvement in IEC TC 31 : Equipment for explosive atmospheres, where his technical expertise is both respected and valued.

As IEC TC 82 has many contributing participants with a wide spectrum of backgrounds, and due to rapid technology development in the field of photovoltaics, the work load of this committee is very high. He is a great enabler in calming down conflicts and finding solutions, and therefore the main driver of IEC TC 82 work and success in the last years.

Gerard Kuyt has over 43 years of experience and leadership in fibre optic telecommunication, in particular fibre production and qualification, product development and marketing. As Chair of IEC SC 86A : Fibres and cables, since , he has successfully promoted the activities of the IEC in the areas of optical fibre and cable, overseen new and maintenance work in those areas, and used his vast knowledge and experience to assist those who actively develop new work in his subcommittee and across IEC TC 86 : Fibre optics.

His contributions to the team of officers in the TC have significantly impacted its decisions and organization, and he has used his extensive experience to help achieve consensus over contentious issues. The medals are awarded annually and are governed by the following conditions:.

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In addition, each student will receive a NUSS membership, which can be activated anytime within three years of graduation. It focuses its research effort in six areas, namely industrial real estate markets, land intensification, planning and design, systems integration and optimization, industrial construction technology and methods, and design research.

It aims to build new capabilities and to scale up technical leadership competencies and capabilities in the area of industrial infrastructure by tapping on expertise from both faculties. The Centre also provides specialized consultancy services to government agencies and industry. Main Menu. Rules of Award - N.

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Home Breadcrumb 2. The award is governed by the following conditions: Subject to rule 3 below, the medal and prize will be awarded to a top student in the Bachelor of Computing Hons in Computer Science course.

JSAP Fellow

The medal will be awarded by the Board of Undergraduate Studies on the recommendation of the relevant Board of Examiners. No award will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit. If there is no award made in any year, the funds available will be carried forward to provide for awards in subsequent years. The award is governed by the following conditions: a Subject to rule 3 below, the book prize will be awarded to the final year Electrical Engineering student who has performed best in the Microelectronics subject with the largest student enrolment.

Subalternity vs. Hegemony, Cuba's Outstanding Achievements in Science and Biotechnology, 1959-2014

The book prize and medal will be awarded by the Board of Graduate Studies on the recommendation of the relevant Board of Examiners. If no award is made in any year, the funds available will be added to the capital sum. National University of Singapore Geographical Society Gold Medal A gold medal, presented in by the University of Malaya Geographical Society, shall normally be awarded annually to the best student in Geography on the results of the Honours Examination for the degree of B.

The award shall be made by the Board of Undergraduate Studies on the recommendation of the Head of the Department of Geography. No award shall be made unless the Board of Undergraduate Studies is satisfied that the candidate is of sufficient merit. If no award is made in any year, the funds available shall be carried forward to the following year to provide for the award of an additional medal.


Nestle Nutrition Institute Medals and Prizes Nestle Singapore Pte Ltd established these medal and prizes with a donation in and made additional gifts in A gold medal will be awarded to the best student in Paediatrics in the Final Professional M. Paediatrics Examination.

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In the event that the best student for each diet of the M. Paediatrics Examination is not of sufficient merit to be awarded the M. This achievement was a journey full of trials, mistakes, loss, and self-discovery. Solving each of these problems would have been an achievement on its own, he said. It has been given to few or none to live a life so full of effort and achievement , so rich in honour and success and fame. The reference to Wilbur Wright on September 16 conveys no clear acknowledgment of his achievement. That if I had a life to offer of honor and of achievement , I should offer it now to you.

Beppino, waving his brush, called joyfully,—fear lost in the glory of achievement. There are signs that he had reached a point of achievement that is always a critical point to imaginative men. Meaning "thing achieved" is recorded from s. Digital Technology.