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In the same way that we enjoy horror movies because they offer risk-free scares, frisson offers us a safe outlet to experience extreme feelings of joy, loss, and inspiration. Of course, there's a question that bites at me when I matter-of-factly put time aside to bawl my eyes out: Am I normal? Or, more specifically, is it healthy to shift emotional gears so suddenly?

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Here's the thing about crying: We should probably do it more than we'd care to admit. Crying as a cathartic practice is a very old idea, but recent research, for the most part, backs it up. Shedding emotional tears has been found to boost people's moods and relieve stress — some studies suggest that crying even prompts endorphin production. She says that letting yourself cry and express your feelings when you feel them is immensely helpful in resolving any pent-up stress, anger, or sadness. Regardless of why you feel the need to cry, Derhally says that crying comes with a feeling of "instant gratification," and that release of emotion can actually have physical benefits, too: "Sometimes, when people repress feelings for too long, it actually manifests as a physically destructive illness.

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This helps to demystify my tendency to play Tori Amos' "Mother" on repeat until I feel dehydrated: The act of crying provides a physically and emotionally evident release that I've taken to be spiritual as well. So, if you've got some free time tonight, sit yourself down with your favorite tearjerker, Chicken Soup For The Soul , or playlist of ballads, and let yourself weep bitter, near-indulgent tears.

Trust me, it's the cheapest form of self-care out there. And self-care , as we know, is without a doubt a spiritual practice. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a tissue.

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The Power of Yesterday's Tears

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What good is someone who knows that God picked him from before the beginning of time if he finds nothing but pride that he should know it and his brother does not? That fact should bring him joy that God chose him, a sinner!

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Not pride on some philosophical precept. Now do I believe that the Reformed teachings point back to this?

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Of course! These doctrines, when not viewed as ends in themselves but as merely the expounding of that simple truth in an attempt to know Christ and His work better, and finding more joy in it, are wonderful. It is not this that I condemn. It is the Pharisaical practice of making idols of the ritual or precepts, instead of putting them in their rightful place: means God uses to bring us closer to Him. So as I continue my training, I still remind myself of this simple truth that Christ was crushed for my transgression. Without it, I am nothing. I will continue in my own training, knowing that it is through that training that God can use me to reach others, and continually reminding myself that such knowledge is not an end of itself for me to find pompous pride in.

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And I will continue to get on my knees at night and pray that such joy and love in my heart will be known by others, and that we shall yet again have a revival of men and women who turn their eyes to God. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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