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The network includes both wired and wireless components. Under the Canada Labour Code CLC , Part II, this term means a person who employs one or more employees and includes an employers' organization and any person who acts on behalf of an employer. In the Public Service context the term includes an agency acting on behalf of the Treasury Board, a department or any person who acts in a supervisory or managerial capacity on behalf of a department.

The expression is self-explanatory. However, it should be noted that most of these standards are:. Includes a regulation, order, directive or other instrument made under the authority of an act or other authority. A type of security screening activity conducted when duties and access to information, assets or facilities are related to or directly support security and intelligence functions.

The provision of a service that can be completed on-line from end-to-end, except in circumstances where it is prohibited by law or security considerations. Examples of events include, but are not limited to:. Some examples are: an exposition, a fair, an exhibition, a competition, a game or sporting event in Canada or abroad. A record from an authoritative source indicating an individual's identity. There are two categories of evidence of identity: foundational and supporting.

Source: Standard on Identity and Credential Assurance. The following are examples of staffing situations in which a candidate who does not meet the language requirements may be considered:. Is a position identified by the employer in accordance with the Public Service Labour Relations Act as not being represented by a bargaining agent because of the nature of the duties of the position.

Networks reached from the Government of Canada network, to which authorized individuals are granted access. They include permissible sites across the public Internet and via the World Wide Web, including services provided by parties such as collaborative software.

An icon associated with a website or Web page that may be displayed in the address bar of the browser, next to the page's name in a list of bookmarks, and next to the page's title on a browser tab.

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A cooperative agreement between autonomous entities that have agreed to work together. The federation is supported by trust relationships and standards to support interoperability. A cookie is a data file sent by a Web server to the Web browser on a visitor's computer that the Web server uses to track or record visitor information. First-party cookies are those cookies set by the website the visitor is visiting. The area at the bottom of a Web page that contains information that is persistent across a website, such as links to contact information and terms and conditions for the website.

Evidence of identity that establishes core identity information such as given name s , surname, date of birth, sex and place of birth. Examples include records of birth, immigration or citizenship from an authority with the necessary jurisdiction. An employee who carries out roles and responsibilities that require function-specific knowledge, skills and attributes in the following priority areas: finances, human resources, internal audit, procurement, materiel management, real property, information management.

The overall direction for the design and delivery of Government of Canada services as articulated in the Policy on Service and related instruments, as well as through the annual federal budget, Speeches from the Throne, strategies and related Government of Canada publications. Websites for which the Government of Canada is accountable. The types of websites include departmental sites, initiative sites, sub sites and Web applications. Websites and Web applications for which the Government of Canada is accountable.

The types of websites and Web applications include departmental sites, initiative sites and sub-sites. Further definitions of the types of sites are provided below. A collection of Web pages that collectively represents the department e. A group of Web pages that collectively represent an initiative of the Government of Canada. Initiative sites frequently have a different domain than from their departmental domain e. A group of Web pages within a larger departmental or initiative site, where the collection of Web pages are intended for a particular audience and whose specific purpose is to feature a prominent program or service.

Sub-sites may have a different sub-domain or domain from their departmental domain e. It comprises objectionable act s , comment s or display s that demean, belittle, or cause personal humiliation or embarrassment, and any act of intimidation or threat. It also includes harassment within the meaning of the Canadian Human Rights Act i. Harassment is normally a series of incidents but can be one severe incident which has a lasting impact on the individual.

These may include:. The area at the top of a Web page that contains information that is persistent across a website, such as the site title, visual identifiers, search, navigation bars and breadcrumbs. An entry page to a website. On a bilingual or multilingual website, it is displayed by selecting a language on the splash page. Semantic mark-up embedded in Web pages enabling user agents such as Web browsers and search engines to extract machine-readable content from Web pages intended for end-users, such as contact information, geographic coordinates, and calendar events automatically.

With this in mind, it is instructive to read in the CLC Part II the duties assigned to employers and the penalties for contraventions. To carry out its role, Human Resources Development Canada - Labour Program has designated safety officers and regional safety officers. Their duties include inspections, accident and refusal-to-work investigations and the stipulation of corrective measures.

A vehicle drawing propulsion energy from an internal combustion or heat engine used in parallel or series with a motor; the motor must be powered by a rechargeable energy storage system for example, electrical or hydraulic ; at least three of the following four attributes must be present for a vehicle to be categorized as a hybrid vehicle:. If the hybrid motor uses electricity, the traction drive system must also possess a minimum voltage of 60 volts. A reference or designation used to distinguish a unique and particular individual, organization or device.

A measure of certainty that an individual, organization or device is who or what it claims to be. The level of confidence that an individual, organization or device is who or what it claims to be. The set of principles, practices, processes and procedures used to realize an organization's mandate and its objectives related to identity. Staffing procedure for a bilingual position where only applicants who meet all the position's qualifications, including language skills, at the time of appointment can be appointed.

Informal resolution processes are also commonly called interest based conflict resolution, Informal Conflict Management System ICMS and alternative dispute resolution. The roles and responsibilities of information management functional specialists support departmental objectives and programs with planning, tools or services which provide accurate, reliable, current, and complete information to the appropriate people, in the appropriate format, at the appropriate time.

A numerical label assigned by the Internet service provider to each computer and is how the computer user communicates on the Internet. An Internet Protocol IP address may be associated with an identifiable individual whose computer is using that address at any given time and thus may, from time to time, constitute personal information within the meaning of section 3 of the Privacy Act. Versions of IP may change from time to time. For the purposes of this standard, Web interoperability is defined as the ability of different types of computers, platforms, devices, networks, and applications to work together effectively, without prior communication, to find, retrieve, understand, exchange, and re-use Web content in a useful and meaningful manner.

There are three aspects of interoperability: semantic, structural and syntactical. A Web page displayed before a requested content page that provides information the user should know before proceeding.

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The Regulations list certain federal services to which specific provisions apply, namely, the following services within a Census Metropolitan Area: post office, employment or human resources centre, Income Security Programs office, tax office, Canadian Heritage office and Public Service Commission office. Within a Census Subdivision, the key services are the six services listed above, as well as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police detachments.

A process that compares personal or private information i. Examples of information that can be used for knowledge-based confirmation include passwords, personal identification numbers, hint questions, program-specific information and credit or financial information. Diverse learning methods or tools, formal or informal, to generate awareness or acquire knowledge about the acceptable use of Government of Canada electronic networks and devices and Government of Canada and external Web 2.

These approaches can include, but are not limited to, information or orientation sessions, YouTube video, information provided on departmental intranet sites, manager debriefs, account sign-on notifications and electronic newsletters. Diverse learning methods or tools, formal or informal, to generate awareness or acquire knowledge about the design or delivery of Government of Canada services such as information or orientation sessions, video, information provided via internal collaborative tools, manager debriefs, account sign-on notifications and electronic newsletters.

For purposes of this directive, the term "manager" is understood to mean "people manager", defined as: an employee who is accountable for exercising delegated human resources authority i. In addition to ensuring business results are delivered and overall management functions are carried out, a manager leads people, recognizes and rewards achievement, manages performance, develops people, manages change and promotes corporate values, ethics, and culture of the organization. Diverse methods or tools, formal or informal, to collect feedback from clients and to resolve service issues not related to decisions or appeals, such as an ombudsman, a generic departmental e-mail or social media account and questionnaires during service delivery.

The definition and description of the structure and meaning of information resources, and the context and systems in which they exist. Any correspondence, memorandum, book, plan, map, drawing, diagram, pictorial or graphic work, photograph, film, microform, sound recording, videotape, machine readable record, and any other documentary material, regardless of whether it's in physical, electronic or any other format, and any copy thereof. A portable wireless electronic device that enables the user to send and receive information.

Examples of mobile devices are smartphones and tablets. A collection of software that manages the hardware and software resources of a mobile device. Use of a software system that monitors an electronic network for slow or failing components, and notifies the network administrator in cases of outages, and that can monitor the network activity of specific individuals for which there is suspicion of unacceptable network usage. Recording and analysis of the use of electronic networks are used for operational purposes and for assessing compliance with government policy.

Staffing procedure for a bilingual position allowing the consideration of applicants who meet all essential qualifications except for the requisite language skills. In the context of all Government of Canada communications products and activities, "non-partisan" means:. Any location where a federal institution provides services or information to the public. It can be a post office, a border port of entry, an information counter, a toll-free service telephone number, a train, boat or plane route or a commemorative plaque. The official languages unit is a structure whose size and role are appropriate with regard to the institution's mandate.

The unit may be a distinct unit, or it may be combined with another unit within the institution. Refers to the provision of Internet access, in accordance with the Policy on Government Security , to authorized individuals via Government of Canada electronic networks and devices that, from the perspective of firewall settings, is substantively equivalent irrespective of department or access medium.

Internet sites that enhance productivity, communication and collaboration are not blocked with the exception of those that present a legitimate IT security threat and where content substantively falls into the category of unacceptable use.

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Are those activities undertaken to deliver departmental programs and services including departmental internal services. For individuals, operational activities are those activities undertaken in the performance of their assigned tasks, as set out in position descriptions, terms of reference, statements of work or other like documents. Is authorized time worked by a person in excess of the standard daily or weekly hours of work and for which the person may be entitled to compensation pursuant to the provisions of the relevant collective agreement or terms and conditions of employment.

Is a person identified under the departmental delegation of authorities instrument for the application and administration of the terms and conditions of employment. Plus de chaises, plus de chiffre d'affaires! Plan du site. Cartes bancaires. SM RT'retrait. Carte Visa Classic.

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