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Although by western standards Tainan is a large city , it does not feel like a metropolis.

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It has a distinctly old heritage city feel. There is also a lot of support for the arts in Tainan. There are some fantastic modern art galleries and even an art street.


There are a lot of temples in Taiwan, but as the oldest city, Tainan has an especially high concentration of them—several of which are very well-known. Taiwanese people are passionate about food, especially snacks, and Tainan is famous for having many of the best in the country.

Needless to say, food stand and restaurant hopping is a fantastic experience here. Anping is the oldest neighbourhood in Tainan, which makes it the oldest in Taiwan. Here you will find some of the biggest and oldest temples in Taiwan, the Anping Fort which was built by the Dutch as defence against invaders and beautiful historical character alley lined with specialty food shops and artisans.

Locals and expats alike can often be found relaxing with friends and people-watching on tea shop patios on Hai An R. Hai An Rd. The area around Hai An Rd. BeiMen Rd. If you are looking for cheap computer parts, there are two large computer malls here with everything that you could imagine. Just north of the train station on Bei Men Rd. Here are a few of my favourites:.

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Address: 26 DongAn Rd. The fake meat they even have fake sashimi is unbelievable. Most upscale hotels and shopping centres in Taiwan will also have a very upscale buffet restaurant serving exotic foreign cuisines, sushi, steak, seafood, and the like. They are normally all you can eat and all you can drink including beer and wine. Traditionally, Taiwanese are not big drinkers so the busiest places in town are foreigner hangouts.

Like I mentioned above, Hai An Rd. Bei Men Rd.

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Each year in May a local foreigner organizes a small festival called the May Jam. Every year shortly after Chinese New Year there is an unbelievably dangerous fireworks festival called the Yenshuei Fireworks Festival. It takes place in the nearby township of Yenshuei. During this festival thousands of fireworks are shot directly into the crowds. The bus system is very difficult to navigate and seldom used.

Taxis, however, are quite affordable. Renting a scooter is also a good option, as they are better than cars for navigating the crowded streets. WiFi is pretty easy to find here for free. Many Starbucks have free WiFi.

A coffee shop chain called Donutes also offers free WiFi. November and December are the months when the weather is by far the most pleasant. Not too hot, nice and dry, sunny most days. Cebu Pacific when travelling to or from the Philippines. Air Asia when travelling to or from Malaysia. Although Taiwan has a good train system, I much prefer to travel between cities by bus. The cost is similar, but the busses are incredibly luxurious. I strongly recommend travelling by HoHsin the red bus.

Each seat is the size of a Lazy Boy, has massage settings, and its own screen for watching moves and playing video games. The price is comparable to a train ticket, and they have service between major cities at least once an hour 24 hours a day. There are more than hundreds of Macaca Cyclopis Swinhoe living here and evolving to a special habitat. For protecting the wild Macaca Cyclopis Swinhoe , the county government developed one area for tourists with no admission charge. This Conservation Area is at about meters above the sea level and gathering about 40 to 50 Macaca Cyclopis Swinhoe.

Tainan Top 10 Snacks | Eat Like A Local

Nearby Guanzling also has fantastic hot springs, mud baths, and hiking trails, and is home to a pool of burning water it burns as natural gas bubbles up from fissures in the earth beneath. Matt Gibson is a travel writer, photographer, blogger, who is passionate about eco-friendly adventure travel. Matt lived in Taiwan for six years, founded an island-wide magazine called Xpat , and speaks Mandarin Chinese like a four-year-old with a lisp. Caroline Makepeace is the co-founder of yTravel Blog.

She loves helping people unplug from the chaos, follow their bliss, travel more and create better memories. She has a free travel planning toolkit to help you do just that!

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What to Do in Tainan, Taiwan

They have Japanese style flavours, Korean kimchi, and some interesting takes on Chinese and Taiwanese classics such as XO sauce, or three-cup chicken. Both arrived with a perfectly fluffy bun, rammed full of ingredients, smelling great. Whilst the Kimchi was great, the ShaCha pork was more suited to my taste. Salty, fishy, lightly spiced and frangrantly garlicy in flavour, ShaCha sauce can be used in anything from barbecue to stews. Offered as a sweeter option, the taro is sweet, but pairs with the brown sugar really well.

Great flavour combos!