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An old Chinese man with a bald head, who is wearing a saffron robe walks toward me. He is the happiest and most content person I have ever seen. He comes close enough to touch. I look deep into his eyes, and though he is Chinese, they are as blue as the sky. He does not speak a word. Three white doves in a triangle formation fly overhead. As they pass out of view, I wake up. The whole scene is filled with light and so am I. I have the impression the whole scene turns to clear white light, rather than fading away.

That is the all that happened in this lovely simple dream, yet I remember it as clearly as if I had the dream a night ago. I can still remember and feel a sense of perfect beauty and peace, exactly like a waking vision. Since then I have learned that three birds who form a triangle is the triple goddess. In particular, white doves are sacred to Aphrodite. Universally they are symbols of love and peace.

The old man is a metaphor for a life well lived and of one who is lives in the moment. He is also one who knows how to read signs in nature. He is linked to my first major in college, the study of East Asian Religion, though he came to me before I went to college. Though I learned and applied meanings to the symbols in this dream over the course of my life, it spoke first to me without any words at all about the joy and the light within, and of the meaning of life. These dreams stay clear for many years. It was pitch black in on the lake and there was no moon.

I went out a darkened corner on the front side of the cottage. I squatted down in the tall ferns to pee. As I finished I listened to the night noises. It was the middle of the night and no one was awake. I looked up and to the right as I heard a rustling. I froze and ceased all movement, becoming perfectly still. I hoped it was just a raccoon. As each second passed I became more afraid. I squatted down lower, and just as I did, a huge black panther leapt out from the woods in front of me. It went right over my head and bounded off to the woods to the right.

I wrote it down in a dream diary, but this is one I would remember even without the paper trail. Another dream vision I remember is also in northern Wisconsin. I am in the North Woods of Wisconsin again and I live in a small town. I am at a cabin on a lake. In the lake lived an octopus. We were very close friends and communicated via telepathy. The octopus was an alien from outer space. We had to keep our friendship, and indeed its very existence, a secret. We knew the small-minded town people would kill it. Somehow they found out.

A mob from the town was coming with pitchforks and baseball bats. I stood at dawn by the lake, crying quietly and feeling helpless. I woke up with tears in my eyes. The next day a friend of mine named Tom, who called himself a wizard, invited me over to his house. That long ago I did not know anyone who called herself or himself a wizard, or who practiced magic. He was just a couple of years older than I was; yet he spent lots of time alone and wore a cape over his jeans around the house.

I accepted his few words and did not question his odd behavior, though I had no idea what he studied at the time. I was one of his few friends, and it was the winter holiday season and he had a present for me. I walked into his apartment and started to unbutton my coat. I was standing in the kitchen. We went into the living room and sat on cushions on the carpet. I told him my dream in his darkened living room by candlelight. He was interested in my dream, and seemed to know about the octopus. He did not comment except to validate that I had the dream and that he somehow knew to ask me about my octopus.

He gave me my Yule gift. I unwrapped it and found a carved copper bowl from India. It gleamed in the light. It exactly the matched the material and pattern on candlestick holder and incense burner that my friend Stephanie had given me for Christmas.

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They did not even know each other. He was also not surprised that the piece he gave me was the third piece in a set. I still have the set of copper altar pieces from India. I wrote this experience down in a notebook. Though I would have remembered that dream. Yet in the following days, it is good to have notes from this long ago dream to confirm. It was the first time where I experienced my dream world flowing into reality. Perhaps I did meet an alien, or another form of life indigenous to this planet, or an entity on the astral plane.

What is interesting is that Tom knew about it, or knew to ask me that question somehow. The validation of the messages we receive in our dream world on the physical plane is a gift in and of itself. To actually receive the Indian meditation bowl was divine. I had another dream when I was nineteen and lived with a girlfriend on the third floor of a building named Forest in St. Louis, Missouri.

We had two cats, both black. One was a long-haired cat named Twilight who loved to lick the palms of your hands. I had to stuff my hands under a pillow to hide my palms from him if I wanted to get any sleep at night. The other was a short-haired cat named Gato, who had boundless hunter-stalker energy. He was also quite assertive in his affection, though not to the point of keeping you awake at night. Both were indoor cats. One morning, in late autumn, I woke up with the most vivid and strange dream on my mind.

It did not fade and I could not shake it. I was compelled to tell my roommate and the details played over and over in my mind throughout the day. I still remember it quite clearly, but at the time, I could not get it out of my mind. I dreamed of being lost at a carnival, stuck on a Ferris wheel that would not stop, or of being or getting lost in the fun house. I was terrified in these dreams. In the dream I had that night I was at my grandparents farm in the hayloft of the barn. Instead of overlooking the barnyard I was overlooking a carnival. There were three people behind me but I could not see who they were.

I was afraid of the scene below. A huge bright colored balloon, at least four feet across, floated up to the open barn window. Someone behind me pushed me onto the balloon. We are going faster than ever. We are going to hit the ground and die. Just as I thought that, someone behind me took out a large hatpin and popped the balloon.

All of a sudden, when we were at two thirds of the way down and at the end of my silent scream, we stopped plummeting to the earth. We began to gently float. The three people behind me disappeared and I gradually landed relaxed then settled down softly onto the earth.

The balloon was gone. There was no longer a scary carnival, but an old-fashioned country fair there. There was cotton candy and a merry-go-round, draft horses and home baked apple pies. It was a clear and sunny day. I was no longer afraid and felt completely at home. I walked off into the fair to enjoy the day. Then I woke up. This dream was so vivid that I had to tell my roommate, and then to one of our neighbors that morning.

I could not get it out of my mind. I played and replayed the dream in my head all day long. Then, at PM, our neighbors from the first floor downstairs knocked on our door and told us that they had bad news. They found Gato lying dead between our apartment building and the one next it. He had evidently gotten outside and gone up the fire escape. He had tried to jump from one roof to the next, and had fallen to his death in the night. I realized then that I had journeyed with him. I experienced his fall and his death and saw a glimpse of an afterlife. This was the second time in my life that I learned there is no reason to fear death, though it was the first time I dreamed it.

Since then I have had many small waking glimpses of the future, and even a couple of other precognitive dreams. This first one remains the most profound and the most directly prophetic dream I have ever had. A friend of mine lost his wife suddenly. They had been married a long time and had a very good and very close relationship.

As expected, it was difficult for him to adjust to her loss. It surprised most people that he returned to work within three or four weeks of her death. I call this man a friend, because I knew him for a long time and liked him, but we were actually more like co-workers and not close friends who socialized outside of work hours. I dreamed that my friend was making love with a woman.

I felt what he felt. There was need and desire, passion and guilt. There was a strong emotional struggle inside between need and desire and the need to push away inside of me. In fact, in my dream, she left and did not spend the whole night. The next day, while I was at work, I talked to a mutual acquaintance on the phone, a person with whom my friend was much closer. I told her about the dream. I was a little embarrassed and did not give her any details on the level of intimacy I had felt in the dream.

I did talk to her about how strange it was that I would have such a dream about this man. I related that I had perceived his mixed feelings about having a new girlfriend. There was dead silence on the line in response. Then she told me. He did have a new girlfriend and he was conflicted about his feelings. He felt guilt about this relationship and disloyal to his wife of over twenty years. Yet he knew his wife would have wanted him to find a new love as soon as possible.

I had never dreamed about him before, and have not done so since. In time, he resolved his guilt feelings, and still had the same girlfriend several years later. I would have talked to him directly about the dream, but it was just too intimate. It was enough for me to know, once again, that we can learn and know things through dreams where that knowledge is not available in our ordinary waking state of mind. What happens in our dreams is unedited by consensual reality. It is authentically our own. In our waking state we share a belief that all knowledge comes through our five senses in the context of linear time.

Thankfully, this consensual reality has no place in our dreams. It is as if our sense of ordinary linear time and space is suppressed. We dream what we dream, and we know what we know. I have found books on dream symbols and meanings disappointing. What a snake, black panther or a carnival means to me, and what they mean to someone else, is not the same.

As with any story, context, the spirit of the place, feelings, and other images all weave personal messages. For commonsense ways to decode dreams, please consider taking a class with me and start a dream journal that attempts to categorize your dreams, and perhaps you will find links between them. I enjoy helping people get in touch with their meanings and wisdom.

The class I teach also touches lightly on lucid dreaming and how to learn to take control of a dream while still dreaming. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November Jupiter rules the sign of Sagittarius and reflects the part of us that seeks truth and meaning in our existence. That is because Jupiter is our inner spiritual child that remembers, down in our gut, that we are really spirit, a soul, not limited by this world of seeming limits.

Jupiter seeks how to return to wholeness of spirit. Jupiter asks the big questions. In Scorpio, we are confronted with the intensity of self-reflection, our heart ripped open, exposing our ego for what it is, an illusion of our mind. Now, our Jupiter is thrilled to discover an entirely adventure, a whole new paradigm of truths to explore.

This is the energy of Sagittarius: adventure, travel, and exploration, both outwardly and inwardly. By exploring the larger patterns of human endeavors, the cosmic connections of concepts and ideas, and the intuitive downloads of inspired understandings, we expand our awareness of what lies outside the five bodily senses that feed our human mind. In Sag, we learn to rely less on our logical faculties and more on our soul intuition. This larger perspective is what is needed to increase the potential for the next part of the cycle, Capricorn, where we will apply this larger perspective to being manifestors.

Saturn is squaring Neptune — Now into This is an important, long-term transit affecting all of us, individually and collectively. Understanding it will give you insight into the international conflicts and politics over the next year and your personal response to them. Saturn represents the part of us that agreed to come into the physical world as a human. When it acts in our lives, it is seeking to conform to the rules of time and space, the polarities of the physical world. This brings up issues of limits, rules, structure, discipline, definition, choices, commitments, consequences, responsibility, and accountability.

Ideals are fine, but this physical world forces us to ground those into its rules if we want to manifest them. That can feel dauntingly scary. Neptune, on the other hand, is the part of us that actually does imagine a more ideal world. If unconscious, it can play out as fantasy and escapism or through addictions to pain numbing substances. When conscious, Neptune awakens our ability to feel our soul and the existing divine perfection. So now, as these inner parts of us dance a tango, they may sound very different, with conflicting aims, but there is an innate attraction that can lead to a fertile relationship, yet not without some periods of delusion, confusion and disillusionment.

For more than two years, we are all being challenged to question whether our beliefs are authentic. Do they truly serve us? Can we let go of some and bring new structure to others? This is profoundly connected to the Saturn-Neptune square, as life events expose the degree to which we are still in escapism and addictions to cover up our responsibility to take charge of what we are creating in this world.

Does the reality that Saturn imposes scare us into closing down our intuitive sense of what is possible? Or does our conscious, mystical experience of divine perfection boost our ability to stay present to what is and to apply our wisdom, skill and talent to creating the more beautiful world we know is possible? This is a dynamic that will play out for our planet over the next year.

How is it affecting you? But humans have created this problem, and now we are asking God to solve it. It is illogical. God would say, solve it yourself because you created it in the first place. Mari Powers, Master Tarot and Oracle card reader, helps you find guidance from the invisible universe. She has been offering tarot classes since and has been performing readings for over 30 years. In addition, she is an ordained minister for Circle Sanctuary. Pet readings are also a specialty. Mari is also a Reiki II Initiate and a master in guided meditation.

Mari is usually at Mimosa Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays from to pm. Your path to becoming a tarot reader has been a long, winding one. What are some of its highlights? Learning from others and learning while teaching. I was honored to have a reading done Z. All the readers I have learned from, taught me something unique. My students and clients teach me daily. Learning to channel better by not knowing, or at least not usually. The exact nature of the question, concern, focus or situation I generally ask not to know, so I get out of my own way and try to form as few personal opinions as possible.

Later I ask for feedback and confirmation. Over the years, have you noticed an increase in interest in the tarot? Yes, and in all rising up of positive spiritual growth, combined with creativity, in general. It seems that people nowadays are looking for something more detailed and personal than a simple daily horoscopes that were so popular in the 60s and 70s. Are you finding this as well? In a limited way. Astrology is slowly educating people, yet it is very detailed and complicated. Most are not inclined to learn that level of detail, or at least they have tried and mastered other self-knowledge techniques.

However, most all have learned the limited information in the daily Sun Sign Report. These days many people have trouble finding ways to relax and focus. Do you have any advice? There are many techniques and if you search for these words online, you will find a lot of good information. If it fits, make it a regular practice. Many other decks also take creative liberties with the tarot to make it fit their theme.

What is it that makes a tarot deck a tarot deck? Several things; the basics are 78 cards within a few, court cards, the four suits in our modern playing deck, numerology, a fifth suite of Trumps, or Major Arcana. Numbered 0 to 21, and finally, the Trump suit relationship to the Tree of Life as preserved in Hebrew Cabbala. You have the aptitude to relearn this language. I say relearn because once upon a time, all our ancestors possessed this capacity and somewhere, deep in your genetic code, the ability remains, waiting to be tapped. Scientific studies indicate that literacy, beyond just teaching the ability to read, encourages the brain to function in different ways.

Different areas of the brain are accessed and exercised while others are left to lie fallow. Both forms of thinking, linear literate and fluid symbolic, are necessary. Humans need access to both in or der to be whole. We need essentially to be bilingual. You need literate thinking while you'r e driving. That traffic signal isn't a true symbol, it's shorthand, developed by literate minds, as well it should be. Imagine the disaster if that traffic signal meant something unique to everyone.

Strictly literate thinking, however, limits your dreaming and magical capacity. Symbols come in minute details and often use repetition as a means of showing emphasis. Magic doesn't accept the concept of coincidence, although every single repetition doesn't have equal significance. Symbols are not about what is but what could be. To think symbolically is to read one's environment as carefully as a road map. Is that rabbit you suddenly see just a bunny? Well, yes it is, but maybe it's also the harbinger of fertility that you've. Perhaps that rabbit is an omen of good luck: rabbits have strong associations with gambling.

If that rabbit is lying dead in the road, maybe this isn't the weekend for that Las Vegas trip. Is that rabbit a messenger from the Siberian spirit Kaltes come to tell you that your petition has been received? Perhaps it's Kaltes herself coming to see you, in the form of her sacred animal. You don't have to look very hard for these signs. Once you get a dialogue going, they'll come to you.

Harming none includes not harming yourself. No matter what kind of a human mother you may have had, your Earth Mother wants you to fulfill your potential, be healthy, comfortable and happy and be a source of pride to her and all your relations. Even if you feel unable to express yourself through symbols, you should at least be able to recognize symbolic language because this is likely how Earth will talk to you. Per haps she's been speaking to you for years but you haven't been able to pick up the messages. If you've previously attempted some magic and found yourself unsuccessful, this is a common cause.

If you are putting out requests, but then seemingly ignore the reply, ultimately the reply stops. It is important that you realize that you are not inconsequential, that you're worthy of two-way dialogue with Earth and all her powers. Every power has its place in the cosmos, including yours.

Sometimes symbols embody our hopes and dreams. That symbol is more than just a reminder. Gazed upon, it may have the power to prevent the dieter from opening the freezer door and eating that ice cream. The symbol translates the dream into concrete form and can help make the dream a reality. There are, however, a few basic tenets shared by all schools. If you're looking for those spells, there are plenty of other places to find them. They are published in many books but, frankly, save your money: with only a little magic under your belt, you'll fast find that knowledge within yourself.

Resist the impulse. The most powerful magicians have always been characterized by self-restraint and for good reason. Another universal magical tenet is that magical energy possesses something of a boomerang effect. Whatever sort of energy you put out into the atmosphere comes straight back to you, multiplied several times over.

Imagine, once you really get powerful, the force of your magical returns. Wouldn't you really prefer to have positive energy bombarding you rather than the opposite? Habitually sending forth destructive energy ultimately has dangerous and unpredictable repercussions for you and yours. So, even if you can, desist.

If you fear malevolent energy has been invoked against you, there are good, effective methods for simply blocking the hex and returning-to-sender that will not incur any further damage to you. Check this book's section on Protection. The other spells that have been deliberately excluded are spells that involve sacrificing animals or that use their body parts as materials.

It's not necessary to point the finger at specific cultures: more cultures than not share in this tradition. Nor is this the moment to discuss whether these spells even work. Their effectiveness or lack thereof is not the point. That discussion veers dangerously close to the rationale frequently presented about how awful it is that the tiger may soon be extinct because poachers kill them for primitive medicines that don't work. Would it be any less tragic if these items did work? Isn't the loss of the tiger's presence enough?

Whether those items or products or spells work or not is irrelevant; they will no longer work for us. The damage to Earth and the damage that humans have caused other species has wreaked havoc upon a sacred balance. The potential for long-term harm, for you as well as the animal, is greater than any short-term success. In magic, when something is referred to as alive or living, that isn't necessarily what is meant. The magical definition is broader:.

If something occurs naturally on Earth, whether plant, animal, human, element, stone or metal, that something is considered alive. If something radiates any degree of magical force or energy baraka , that being is considered alive. Anything that is alive is unique, has a potential for power and cannot be totally predicted. If something can be recreated so that there are identical, indistinguishable specimens, and if that something is completely predictable, it is not alive, it lacks life. Lacking life, it contains no power, no innate magic. Don't confuse these with love potions or fertility brews: Aphrodisiacs are about sex, pure and simple.

Anything else is just an added bonus. The concept of the aphrodisiac is named in honor of Aphrodite. Aphrodisiacs were considered to be her gifts to people. The finest are considered to share something of her essence, her power and her energy. There is also such a thing as an anaphrodisiac, which has the opposite effect. Anaphrodisiacs reduce sexual interest, thoughts and sometimes ability. Anaphrodisiacs may be beneficial to those walking a celibate path, temporarily or not, voluntarily or not. Some substances can go either way.

Lavender, for instance, has. Some schools of thought claim that men find the scent of lavender irresistible, while others recommend that lavender be used when you wish to discourage someone's attentions. The truth is that aphrodisiacs, like so much magic, are highly specific and individualized. Chemical interactions are highly personal and so you will find individuals to vouch for either affect.

The only way to discover the effect of a specific aphrodisiac upon you or your intended is to try it out for yourself. Have fun playing. Personal tastes and experiences influence which aphrodisiacs are best for you. If the object of your affections has allergies to seafood, forget about oysters. Some Famous Aphrodisiacs! Botanica: Latin-American stores offering a variety of spiritual, herbal and magical supplies. Often a good source for herbs, oils and candles. Not long ago, botanicas were confined to immigrant enclaves, but it's now difficult to find an urban area without at least one.

Botanicas have become sufficiently mainstream that in many communities they have their own category in the phone book. To some extent, botanicas now fill the marketing void left by the demise of the once-thriving hoodoo mail-order industry. Evil Eye: Oh, that Evil Eye! Is there such a thing? Well, if there. The Evil Eye is the name that embodies the generic evils and dangers that threaten humans on Earth. It doesn't necessarily have anything to do with eyes literally. The Evil Eye is jealousy and malice, a destructive, negative force. Sometimes it originates in spirit sources; however often humans are to blame.

The Evil Eye isn't necessarily meant malevolently: those who cast it may do so inadvertently and unwillingly. There are two paths to avoiding the Evil Eye. Avoid bragging and boasting about one's good fortune so as not to attract dangerous attention. The best defense is a good offense: a powerful, deflecting amulet. Wear, hang or carry as needed. Fertility: In industrialized Western societies, much emphasis is placed on women not getting pregnant at the wrong time. Historically, and even today in much of the world, the emphasis is otherwise: this is reflected in the multitude of magical spells and rituals whose goal is to allow women to conceive more-or-less when they choose.

Fertility spells are not limited to literal pregnancy, however: use them to remove any creative block or achieve any creative goal. Infusion: The process by which one medium is encouraged to permeate another, usually herbs in water or oil. The most famous infusion of all is your basic cup of tea and if you can make a cup of tea with leaves rather than a tea bag, then you already know a.

Infusions allow you to insert true botanical powers into your magic potions, enchanted bath or floor wash. The standard recipe for a water infusion is one teaspoon of dried herb or one-and-one-half teaspoons of fresh herb to every cup of boiling water. Maintain that same proportion even if using a combination of herbs, unless otherwise advised. Put the herbs into a nonreactive pot or container, pour the water over the botanical material and leave it to brew for a period of time, usually between five and fifteen minutes. Following the brewing period, the herbs are usually strained from the water.

The process of creating infused oils is slightly more complicated but still easily adaptable to your kitchen. The standard proportion suggests that for every cup of oil, you will need one ounce of fresh herbs or one half ounce of dried. Unless otherwise advised, do not exceed that proportion, even if using a combination of herbs, as a balance needs to be maintained.

Pour the oil over the herbs into a stainless steel bowl. Heat over simmering water, either in a true double boiler or an improvised water bath, a saucepan onequarter filled with water. The bowl with the herbs must not sit on the bottom of the pot but float in the water. The process needs constant supervision for safety. Keep the oil covered. Stir once in a while and simmer gently for thirty minutes.

Make sure the oil doesn't get too hot because if it smokes, bubbles or burns, an acrid fragrance can develop, spoiling your infusion. Allow the oil to cool and then strain out the herbal material through four layers of cheesecloth or another fine nonmetal strainer. Strain twice if necessary: all herbal material must be removed to prevent the oil from turning rancid.

If an infusion-spell includes essential oils or flower essences for enhancement, they should be added at the end, when the oil has been strained and is cool. A crockpot can be used instead of the water bath. Maintain the same proportions and leave on low heat for two hours. Strain as above. If you can depend upon some consistently warm, sunny weather, you can go real low-tech but high power and create an infusion through solar power. Place the herbs in a jar with a tight-fitting lid and pour the oil over them.

The herbs must be completely covered. Add one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Leave the jar to sit in the warm sun all day and in a warm cupboard at night for two weeks. Strain the botanicals well. If St. John's Wort blossoms rather than just the dried leaves have been used, your oil may display a pretty, red hue. Pour the infused oil into a bottle. Add up to six drops of essential oil of rosemary as well as the flower essence. Close the bottle and roll gently to blend. If you are making large quantities of infused oils that you wish to store, it's best to add a natural preservative.

One-quarter teaspoon simple tincture of benzoin, available from many pharmacies, can be added per cup of infused oil. Benzoin is prepared from the gum of the styrax, an Indonesian tree, considered to have sacred properties and often burnt. Make sure that you have simple tincture of benzoin, not compound tincture, also known as Friar's Balsam. There are spiritual entities who possess this power and can provide direction and answers. Some are also able to bestow this ability upon a person. In the most famous case, Apollo gave this gift to the Trojan princess Cassandra, with the proviso that no one would ever believe her impeccably accurate predictions.

The simplest oracle of all comes courtesy of the Greek divine spirit, Hermes, a ruler of communication. Centuries ago, people would enter his shrine, make an offering, carefully phrase a question, then stop up their ears and leave. At some point, shortly after, they would open their ears and the first words they heard were considered the oracle's response. Hermes no longer has active public shrines but you can still utter a petition or make him a small gift.

A pyramid of stones calls him. Give yourself a cue for when to open your ears. Count to , for instance, and then open your ears or look for a visual cue. When you see the color red or see a bird fly, that could be your signal that the oracle is ready. Words uttered by children are considered extra powerful and.

Prosperity: A common goal of magical spells, prosperity doesn't mean that you're guaranteed to win millions of dollars and do nothing but what pleases you for the rest of your life. Prosperity indicates that you have enough to fulfill your needs, beyond bar ebones needs, enough to feel comfortable and relaxed even if you're not rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Prosperity doesn't have to mean cash; there are spells for when you specifically need money. Prosperity indicates a level of material comfort and independence. Prosperity has always been considered a reasonable and realistic magical goal. Root Magic: Different spells use different parts of plants, but roots, which lie buried in Earth, are considered particularly magical.

The most powerful plants have the most powerful roots and some are extremely potent indeed. Different roots are used for different purposes. Adam and Eve root, for instance, which resembles its namesake, is used to draw love, while Angelica root, also known as Archangel root because knowledge of its use was a gift from the Archangel Michael, bestows healing and protection to all, as well as extra power for women. You'll find some other roots, the Devil's Shoestrings and High John the Conqueror, discussed in greater detail in the Spells par t of the book.

Root magic is tremendously ancient. The Jewish Bible records Leah and Rachel's squabble over possession of a prized mandrake root, said to draw both love and fertility. The Bible incidentally records mandrake as a success story, attesting to its power. Today many magical root plants are terribly endangered. Because it's easier to destroy the plant to obtain the root, indiscriminate harvesting has decimated many of these species. In addition, many spells require roots to be chopped into small pieces. In this form they are fairly unrecognizable.

Dishonest merchants prey on people's desires by substituting other plants. If you've pur chased what is marketed as mandrake in the United States, it's most likely you've actually bought mayapple, also a plant used in enchantments but not the same thing, not as rare and certainly not worthy of mandrake prices.

The best way to be confident that your roots are genuine is to be familiar with its aroma and appearance. What should it look like, what should it smell like? Lucky Hand Root Dactylorhiza orchids , for instance, looks like a tiny human hand with too many fingers. Those extra fingers are believed to help you catch whatever it is that you need. For complete security and power, cultivate your own root plants or purchase roots only from reputable vendors.

Shaman: Don't be confused by the last three letters of the word. Shaman names a function, not a gender and the earliest shamans were women. A shaman is not synonymous with witch or fortuneteller although some individuals may be all, or some, of the above. The magical abilities possessed by a shaman are among the most profound.

A shaman can soul-travel to different dimensions, the spirit land, the realm of the dead. Through this ability, which may take years to master, they can perform healings and soul retrievals,. Threshold: A threshold is a border area where one force, power or element meets another. There are borders and thresholds everywhere. The seashore is the most prominent example, the transitional area where ocean meets land. There are thresholds in your home: the windows and doors, for instance. There are thresholds in time: New Year's Eve, your birthday, midnight. Twilight and dawn are thresholds: you can feel the energy of the incoming power but the old power hasn't departed yet.

There are thresholds on your body: your mouth is the threshold between thought and speech. Women's Thresholds. In many cultures, the time immediately preceding menstruation is considered a powerful threshold. A young girl's first period, as well as the entry into menopause, are also considered powerful, yet vulnerable, thresholds, a time to expand one's power but also to nourish one's well-being.

The Warundi people from East Africa have a ceremony that celebrates a girl's first surge of female power: upon the occasion of her first menstruation, the girl's grandmother leads her through their home so that she may touch every object in order to imbue it with the special holiness. Thresholds are simultaneously areas of great power and extreme vulnerability. A tremendous percentage of amulets and rituals are created specifically to protect thresholds. Totem: Most frequently used to describe an animal ally, a totem is a creature bearing personal spiritual significance.

Totems may also be shared by families, clans and communities: the bald eagle is the totem bird of the United States. Plants and crystals may also be considered totems. Spiritual entities are not referred to as totems; however their sacred animals may be referred to as such. In other words, if I venerate Artemis, and her sacred creature is a deer, then I might perhaps include deer among my totems.

Totem poles refer to the traditional carved pillars of the Pacific Northwest that depict a clan, moiety or tribe's sacred animal allies. Vodoun, Voodoo, Hoodoo: Confused? Well, although some people do use these words synonymously, no, they're not the same. Hoodoo, on the other hand, is American magic. Based largely on African practices, Hoodoo evolved in America's melting pot. Enslaved African magicians, healers and shamans unable to access their old materials, learned a whole new botanical repertoire from Native Americans.

Eventually, elements of Freemasonry, Kabbalah and Spiritism were incorporated, too. The first half of the twentieth century saw the rise of Hoodoo as a business enterprise. Although rural populations may have easy access to botanical materials, urban dwellers typically do not. In response to massive urban migration, commercial manufacturing and marketing of Hoodoo magic products developed. Formulas were available as oils, soaps, powders and floor wash, in much the same way as if you were to go to a perfume counter, a fragrance might be available as perfume, cologne, dusting powder or soap.

Floor washes are botanical infusions, which are. Different recipes serve different purposes: cleansing, protection or romance, for example. Check among the spells for some samples. If you're only looking to freshen the atmosphere a bit, you can allow someone else to clean your floor, but if you need real magical energy, you must do it yourself. Many of the old formulas are still available, although they are often sold as novelty products, complete with lurid packaging. Because the creators may not take the product seriously, there's no telling exactly what's in those cute little vials.

If you really want the stuff to work as intended, buy from a reputable dealer intended, buy from a reputable dealer some sources are listed in the Appendix or go back to the roots and mix up your own. Formulas are easily concocted at home. You'll find variations of some of the most popular among this book's spells.

Okay, in China they count five elements, including metal, but let's not worry about that yet. Air and fire are usually considered masculine energies while earth and water are most typically perceived as feminine. Life springs from earth and water, but air and fire are necessary to spark the process and to provide health.

From a magical standpoint, the power of each element is unique, specific and alive. Each element, separately or in combination, can serve as a vehicle for spiritual and physical healing. Power comes in the interplay of the elements. Power is enhanced when the elements intermingle and form a threshold: air and fire, fire and water, earth and water. Thus steam, emerging from the marriage of fire and water, is a particularly potent vehicle of healing energy.

Earth Earth is the battery, the generator. She provides stability, security, a grounding influence and the capacity for growth. In a wide selection of multicultural traditions, Earth is the material from which humans are created. Avoiding Earth depletes our energy, as Earth is a cleansing force that revitalizes and purifies. Simply being in physical contact with Earth can be healing and grounding. There are also many traditions of packing an ailing individual in to hot dirt or sand for spiritual and physical healing.

Mud packs can do more than improve the complexion. Although not yet as popular as aromatherapy or hydrotherapy, the ancient use of clay as a therapeutic material is currently under going a revival. Anything alive is unique and distinct. Just as each person is an individual, Earth's dirt is not generic and identical: Dead Sea mud is. Dirt can be pure magic, too: Thousands of pilgrims flock annually to New Mexico's Shrine of Chimayo to gather small quantities of the miraculous earth found there whose healing powers are reputed to fix everything from broken bodies to broken spirits and even, on occasion, broken computers.

Plants and botanicals contain the concentrated essence of Ear th Magic. Create magical gardens outside on Earth or inside in pots to further your magical goals. Air Air serves as a transmitter and messenger. Air affects health, creativity and the capacity for hope. Magical philosophy and some schools of upper physics, too!

Full text of "The Complete Guide To Wicca And Witchcraft"

When you burn a candle, thin air is where the energy goes; your wish enters the atmosphere with the smoke. Fragrance is the language of air. Direct inhalation of essential oils or the smoke from botanical materials is the simplest method of using air to heal. The smoke of a smudge stick cleanses the aura and soothes an uneasy mind. Fueled by water and fire, saunas, steam baths and sweat lodges nourish the soul as well as healing the body. Water Water is where life originates, not just as an abstract concept but literally for each of our individual lives.

We first emerge into consciousness in our mothers' wombs, floating in water and salt. Our first experience of sound is filtered through amniotic fluids. Our first familiar motion, ideally indicative of safety and security, consists of rolling waves of water. Babies carried on their mother's hips or backs transition gently to solid Earth. Many of Earth's most ancient shrines have been located near sacred springs, the mineral content of the water providing therapeutic benefits while the element itself nurtures body and soul.

Hydrotherapy, healing through water, is a universally ancient practice currently in revival. Each source of healing water is distinct and unique, nor do they all serve the same function. Celtic water shrines were once famed throughout Europe for healing eye diseases. The Moulay-Yacoub shrine, at the foot of the Rif Mountains of Morocco, is now updated with modern medical facilities, to take advantage of its venerable reputation for healing gynecological disorders.

On the other hand, a stay at the cold springs of Jesenik in the Czech Republic is prescribed for soothing neuroses, psychoses and psychic disorders. You may have your own favorite wishing well, pr oven to grant your secret desires. Fire Fire, too, purifies but in a very different manner. Fire heals and energizes and is profoundly independent. Fire defies human illusions of control. Fire possesses a transformative energy and must always be treated with respect. Fire can be a beneficial, helpful, healing element but the potential for danger always exists.

The fact that you're engaged in magic doesn't mean you can ignore standard safety rules. When you are smudged with burning herbs and you can actually see, hear and smell the fire, not to mention feel the occasional spark, it is not only the botanicals that are performing the healing. Fire, too, revives and recharges us, albeit from a greater distance than the other elements. Create enchanted candles to further your magical goals. Though the human body is composed largely of water, your psychic nature may be linked to any of the elements.

Ultimately each individual's chemistry is unique. As you are inspired to do magic, you may find yourself pulled towards working with specific elements. You will be drawn to your allies. For many, magic is candlework, while others can only envision enchantments performed in the tub.

Some call their desires through fragrant. The elements that you are drawn to indicate something significant about your own power. There are no inherently negative or positive, good or bad colors. Each radiates with its own power and energy. There may be colors that you prefer over others. There may be colors that resonate most deeply for you.

There may be colors that are more or less beneficial for you personally, but colors themselves are neutral in value. Each has its place in the cosmos. Each has its place in magic. It's important that you have an understanding of the powers that radiate from each color, so that you'll know which to choose for your own personal spells. All colors have a protective aspect, although each may be most effective protecting different areas. Each color also serves as a magnet for different gifts.

Need to burn a money candle? You need a green candle, right? But what about a justice candle? Choose colors for candles but also for color -baths, crystals, gemstones, clothing, surroundings and amulets. A specific color may mean something special to you. A color may have associations that resonate only for you. It's your magic: allow your instincts and intuition free reign.

Black: Comfort. Associated Element: Earth. Black indicates. Black is the color of regeneration and life eternal, indicating potential for future growth. The Egyptians painted statues black to indicate the immortality of the subject. Black absorbs and blocks pain and evil, providing a protective cloak of comfort and safety. Harness the power of the color black for fertility spells and for petitions to heal those who are chronically ill.

Black candles are considered the most beneficial for repelling evil intentions while black crystals create psychic shields. Blue: Protection. Associated Elements: Air and Water. Blue protects, heals and relaxes. Blue provides peace and tranquility. Blue soothes psychic and emotional pain, in particular, traumatic stress. Blue is not only for boys; traditionally it's the color associated with the power of the Great Mother, from Mary's cloak to Yemaya's beads.

Blue is traditionally the most important protective color, particularly in regard to thresholds. Blue assists in breaking the chains of bad habits. Brown: Stability. Earth comes in an endless palette of colors, from pure black to red to pink to yellow to pure white. However, Earth most typically appears in some variation of brown as does skin, bark and fur. Brown is a color of tremendous force and potency. Brown is the color of stability and gravity, the literal kind, the kind that keeps you attached to Earth. Brown is the color that embodies hard reality; it's an essential color for those who practice extensive psychic or intellectual work because it keeps you grounded.

Brown heals, nurtures, empowers and is the color of creative potential. Surround yourself with brown energy to preserve and reinforce your personal power in the midst of long, draining projects. Brown is the color of justice. Brown candles are traditionally burned for assistance during legal procedures. Green: Growth. Associated Elements: Earth and Water. Green indicates fertility, prosperity and growth. Green also has the power to heal.

It has close associations with blue and there are many ambiguous shades, such as teal or aquamarine that blend their energies. However, while blue is used to soothe psychic and emotional trauma, green is resolutely physical. Its power is often. Use green candles, baths and crystals in spells for employment, to get cash and, in general, for anything that you wish to increase in your life. Purple: Power. Associated Element: Fire. Purple is the color of royalty and spiritual authority. Long ago, natural purple dye was painstakingly coaxed from murex snail shells along the Mediterranean coast.

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