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Prohibits funding for travel and conference activities that are not in compliance with OMB Memorandum M, dated May 11, Original measure reported to Senate by Senator Mikulski. With written report No. HB Related - Motion to proceed to measure considered in Senate.

Trade Representative Oregon Public contracts and procurement Research administration and funding Research and development Science and engineering education Sex offenses Space flight and exploration Spacecraft and satellites State and local courts Telephone and wireless communication Terrorism Trade agreements and negotiations U.

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Bill Number: Find an exact bill number. Full Text Search: Search bill text and data. TX HB Relating to the movement of oversize or overweight vehicles, including MA H Relating to authorizing supported decision-making agreements for certain MI HB Consumer protection; unfair trade practices; deceptive practices by interactive OR SB Relating to communicable health conditions.

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NY S Extends certain provisions related to medical malpractice providers. Allows DHS to establish a deadline for compliance by a vessel or a class, type, or size of vessel with a revised ballast water performance standard. Provides a process for petitioning for an extension of a deadline, including factors to be considered.

Requires DHS to accelerate an implementation deadline if a treatment technology can be implemented before the deadline date.

Requires DHS to review and revise the ballast water performance standard if the revision would result in a scientifically demonstrable and substantial reduction in the risk of the introduction or establishment of aquatic nuisance species. Requires DHS to conduct the review 10 years after the issuance of the revised rule and every 10 years thereafter.

California’s Green Chemistry Initiative – The Safer Consumer Product Regulations

Authorizes DHS to include in the review best management practices for discharges other than ballast water. Requires DHS to revise the practices if the revision would substantially reduce the impacts on navigable waters of discharges incidental to the normal operation of a vessel other than ballast water.

Sets forth a certification process. Directs DHS to require the use of ballast water treatment technology that achieves the performance levels of the best treatment technology available if no treatment technology can be certified to comply with the revised ballast water standard. Directs DHS to revise a ballast water performance standard for a class of vessels to incorporate any existing higher performance standard.

Prohibits DHS from approving a ballast water treatment technology if it uses a biocide or generates a biocide: 1 that is a pesticide, unless the biocide is registered under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act FIFRA or DHS, in consultation with the Environmental Protection Agency EPA , has approved the use of the biocide in the technology; or 2 the discharge of which causes or contributes to a violation of a water quality standard under the Federal Water Pollution Control Act commonly known as the Clean Water Act.

R42879 Federal Regulation of Chemicals in Commerce An Overview of Issues for the 113th Congress

A biocide is a substance or organism that is introduced into or produced by a treatment technology to reduce or eliminate aquatic nuisance species. Prohibits the use of a ballast water treatment technology by an owner or operator of a vessel from satisfying this Act's requirements unless it has been certified by DHS, is a technology being evaluated under the Coast Guard Shipboard Technology Evaluation Program, or a technology certified by foreign entities with requirements equivalent to those in this Act.

Directs the EPA to promulgate standards for: 1 the reception of ballast water from a vessel into a reception facility, and 2 the disposal or treatment of such ballast water.

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