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Judging everyone? The next part I hated was the slut shaming. Jade was saying how horrible it was that she slept around. It was obvious that Kayla wasn't a virgin and personally, I found Jade's words to have a minor slut-shaming feel to it. The rest are simple, everyday YA heroine occurrence which honestly, most of you know about already and there's no reason to talk about them. Pick pretty much any of my reviews and take the qualities from there. The other characters were unoriginal and bland. I found no personality to them and didn't hate any of them really.

Just disliking. No need to cover that really. Plot and Writing Plot The plot mirrored the standard plot of basically every murder paranormal mystery there is - ever. That's it. Except sometimes, this can be done really well sometimes. It was done really really badly. And the murderer exposed scene?

One of the worst I've ever read. Just terrible and I can't see the person's motive. Seriously people. It's like Harrington said "Umm Let's make up some random backstory to it. And we're done. Writing Not terrible, but not fantastic either.

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Horrible tension building and very little plot twisting. However I have to say that writing is engaging enough to keep me reading. I finished the book in one day because I just had to keep reading! In fact, unless you're Ade and can't resist it, don't read it. Nov 24, Naoms rated it really liked it Shelves: nook , paranormal-urban-fantasy , ghosts , netgalley-edelweis , review-copy , read-in , ya-fiction.

The story follows Jade. A girl from a not so great neighborhood who finally gets the life she believes that she has always wanted. She moves into a nice house, in a great neighborhood with an even better school system. Jade is not your typical high school girl. Jade is more than a new girl. She is infamous, because she lives in the house where Queen B Kayla Sloane died. I may be wrong, but I personally think it is humanly impossible to read a mystery and not try to figure out the villain.

The guessing game is my favorite part of this book. Everyone is a suspect. From the boy Jade likes, to her new best friend and her creepy next door neighbor. This book is also great with making you facepalm at your own thoughts. I quickly judged people and when the truth came out I would feel guilty.

Guilty, because I misjudged a fictional character in a book! Once it pulls you in, it will not let you go until you know the truth. I like that about a book. Regular ghosts yup freaky, but the ghost of a mean girl is terrifying! This book is probably not the greatest thing ever written and Harrington is probably not going to become the next Edgar Allen Poe, but I believe that this book is smart.

The author gives us an interesting cast of supporting characters. Our misconceptions and prior knowledge of the popular girl, the nerd and the jock helps Harrington to muddle the investigation in our minds. We take what we think we know and we decide that makes them guilty or innocent and most of your guesses will be wrong.

There is the artsy guy with the chip on his shoulder named Donavan and the nice, but is probably a player jock named Kane. Both these guys have very different personalities and yet we like them both. They both have a stake in the truth about Kayla and are both major players in the twists and turns of the story.

As much as I love romance, sometimes heroines think about boys in life or death situations and I want to slap them. Jade knows how to multitask and boys while nice are not her priority. This book is a quick and very entertaining read. The mystery and the investigation is interesting, but not overly taxing on the mind. Lastly, Jade is an absolutely excellent heroine.

She is smart, without being pretentious. I really liked her and I think if you give this book a chance, you will to. Not a long review, but a short one.

Demand Grows to Call Off $2M Treasure Hunt as Another Searcher Disappears, Is Presumed Dead

The two titles differ greatly from each other. I must say, now after reading this book, that I find the second title more fitting to the book. The book itself was really wonderful and great. I loved how terrifying it was at times, how it first started all fluffy but soon escalated to something terrible and scary. Kayla our gh Not a long review, but a short one. Kayla our ghost is a total mean girl. She was that when she was alive, but in her death she is even more so.

I can kind of understand it, when no one can see you, you are desperate to know who killed you, but still, I am sure she could also have tried nicer ways. Our main character Jade was a really nice and great character, I really loved her and how she interacted with people. And she was quite a Nancy Drew. The book left me guessing until the end, it wasn't who I thought it would be.

I would recommend this book to everyone who loves ghosts, paranormal, love, romance and a bit of sleuthing. Released today! Oct 15, Octavia rated it it was ok Shelves: or-earlier-release. Hear me out first ok?? Review to come soon. So no one is going to say it? If you all won't say it I guess I will be the bad guy. I didn't like "The Dead and Buried". There, I said it. It's out there into the infinite universe that is the internet. I waited patiently and eagerly for "The Dead and Buried". I didn't see too many it was better than a chocolate covered o Hear me out first ok??

I didn't see too many it was better than a chocolate covered orgasm 5 stars or I'm in love but there were a few tiny mistake 4 stars and only a couple it was a pleasant read 3 stars.

It was a nice enough mix for me to be excited. That's what I get for putting all my faith in Goodreads. Please, stop your cries of blasphemy. I know it isn't Goodreads fault that "The Dead and Buried" fell flat on it's back damn cover. I should have known better. Yes I love ghost but I really don't like mysteries. If I would have paid more attention to the blurb instead of the darn cover and mixed but nice reviews I would have seen that this was not my kind of read.

Her dad and step-mom has finally agreed to move Jade and her little brother from their podunk rural hometown to a suburb right outside of Boston. She finally has that big suburban house she always sees on "those movies", she is starting her senior year at a big high school, and she has just meet a amazingly hot boy with unbelivable blue eyes. Everything is just "perfect".

But wait! Jade just found out she is living in a house were a girl who went to Jade's new school, who "ruled" that school, who would have been entering her senior year just like Jade, was murdered! And now this girl Kayla is haunting Jade's "perfect house. This is typically the part where a person who was unimpressed with the first portion of the book would gush about the amazing plot twist, suspense, and pace change the book made in the second part.

I am not a typical person. Even though Harrington threw in this amazing paranormal feature what kind of person doesn't love a ghost story? I mean seriously! A shallow ghost?! Don't believe me? Here is a snippet of Ms. Kayla's diary: And yeah, I'm spoiled by my parents and, yeah, I'm used to getting what I want. But I work hard for it, too. Sure, some things are handed to me. But others take time and effort. The difference between me and losers is that I don't quit. That's why I usually end up getting my way.

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But why am I mean? Because I can be. I know, there is always a "mean girl". But you would think that someone pushing you down a flight of stairs so hard your next snaps, would make you take your head out of your ass. But nooo, instead of going to hell like a horrible bully who literally and selfishly stole the future of a hard working kid, she decides to haunt the house she died in so she can get revenge on her killer. I'm sorry, I just can't. I appreciate the writing which was superb. I appreciate the plot twist. I even appreciate Jade because she had a backbone. But a shallow, single minded , selfish, ghost who still believes she is Queen B?

No I can't accept that. Jun 09, Amy Fournier rated it really liked it Shelves: arc , netgalley , ebook. I love a good mystery so of course I was drawn to this book. Me being perceptive like I am I fully expected to figure out who killed Kayla, but that still didn't take away from my enjoyment of the book at all.

I loved getting to know the characters and trying to figure out not who did it, but why they did it. There was a few good chilling scenes in the book to keep my creepy book loving self satisfied, and a few swoon worthy moments to make my romantic side happy. This was a great and somewhat c I love a good mystery so of course I was drawn to this book. This was a great and somewhat creepy mystery book that will appeal to people who love this type of book.

What made this book even better for me is that it is set in Massachusetts and I love when I can find some familiarity in a book I am reading. I asked the author if the small town Jade came from was a specific one, and it wasn't, but it made me think of a town I grew up in. Jade is a great character. She is originally from a small town in western Ma woohoo shout out to my area! She has always wanted a big house in a bigger city, but she doesn't understand how they could afford a huge house like that. It's not until she starts school and finds out that a girl not only died in the house just months ago, but it's suspected it was murder.

Now she has to figure out what really happened to Kayla because Kayla's ghost is going to destroy her family if she doesn't. Her little brothers life is at risk and there is no way Jade will let that happen. She does everything she can to discover the mystery of who killed Kayla. She also collects gemstones which is cool because I do too. I loved hearing the meanings of each one since I didn't know a lot about that. There is a bit of romance in the story, but it isn't enough to take over. It's there and it's a big part of it, but it's not overwhelming, and it seems genuine and realistic.

There does seem to be a bit of a love triangle, but I never really saw it that way. It was always obvious to me who Jade was interested in and she made it clear for the most part too. I really enjoyed the romance in this since it was believable and it fit in with the story well. I will touch on Kayla briefly since she is a main part of the story. She is not a pleasant character. We get to know her through diary entries which is really cool.

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  8. We get little snippets of her life and hints at what really happened. She labels people in her diary as numbers so you get to figure out what number correlates to each person. She is the queen bee of the school, but people don't really like her. They all fear her because she can destroy anyone's reputation without even trying. Everything she does is calculated.

    She is manipulative and evil. She does have issues, but still. She's just not a character you can like. As a ghost she is even more evil than she was when she was alive. She doesn't care who she hurts or has to take down in order to discover who killed her so she can move on. I thought this book was fantastic and I really enjoyed getting to know the characters and watching the story unfold. Even thought I knew who did it early on, I had not clue why.

    And of course it's written so cleverly that the book makes you want to doubt yourself, but I know better. I think I read too many mystery books to really be fooled by them. The way the story was put together was great to read since you get not only Jade trying to figure things out, but you also get to read the entries in Kayla's diary and piece things together. Fantastic job Kim Harrington.

    This book had just enough creepiness and mystery to keep me engaged from beginning to end. View 2 comments. Jan 06, Sam rated it it was ok. I was expecting a really chilling story and a mystery behind it to boot. It was all a little sub par. The idea behind the book was really intriguing and I liked how the book was written. The book was written from the main character, Jade's, point of view but every now again there is a diary entry written from the ghost girl back when she was alive. This was cool because we as the reader get a little more insight to maybe what happened to her, while the characters don't know.

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    I think what did let me down though was the mystery, I had it pegged from very early on who murdered the girl. At one stage though the author did manage to make me second guess myself which was good. Another thing that let the story down a tiny bit was the less than eerie feel. I was hoping for real moments of spookyness but I didn't get that. On a little side note, something I really loved was that Jade collects jewelry with precious gemstones in them and It was awesome to read the different meanings for each stone whenever Jade would wear one.

    It got me inspired to want to have a gemstone collection of my own. The Dead and buried got two stars from me because I was very disappointed and was expecting so much more from this because it had lots of potential. Also on my blog Ingredients of The Dead and Buried : an intelligent and mature teenage girl, a bit of mystery, a little brother to protect, an evil dead girl, a spoonful of romance and a huge scoop of friendship.

    How could I not like it? This book remindend me closely of Deadly Cool by Gemma Halliday, so if you have read and liked it, just pick up this book too; I can almost guarantee that you're going to love it. Jade, the main character, is very realistic; her thoughts and her actions are always understandable Ingredients of The Dead and Buried : an intelligent and mature teenage girl, a bit of mystery, a little brother to protect, an evil dead girl, a spoonful of romance and a huge scoop of friendship. Jade, the main character, is very realistic; her thoughts and her actions are always understandable and attest a healthy amount of common sense.

    The plot is well-paced and the timeline is well built. You see, it's not good for the reader when authors go back and forth in time and end up confusing things. In this case, a lot of back-jumps were needed, and the author managed the timeline without missing a step. I don't want to spoil the mystery nor the love story. I'll just say that the mystery is an interesting one: even if a bit unoriginal and predictable hence the not-quite-5 stars of my rating , its paranormal aspects managed to keep my attention throughout the book.

    I am totally glad i chose this book as another collection of mine. No disappointment, but thrilled and once I read it, seriously it's hard to put it down. It's nothing horror for me about the Kayla ghost, which is good, because I'm looking for more than just a ghost stories.

    So, this book is perfect for what I'm looking for in such horror genre. Totally loves it! Oct 22, Ayra Jamal rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. The author Kim Harrington has done a pretty good job of writing this suspenseful novel. This novel falls in the mystery genre. The main character in this book is a girl named Jade who recently moved to a new town. She absolutely loves her new house, but what she doesn't know is that her house is haunted by the ghost of a girl who ruled Jades new school.

    As the days go by, Jade is getting closer to the girls boyfriend, Donovan. The ghost is threatening her that if she doesn't find the person who The author Kim Harrington has done a pretty good job of writing this suspenseful novel. The ghost is threatening her that if she doesn't find the person who killed her, she will kill Jades brother. Will Jade and Donovan be able to find the murder, or will Jade loose her brother forever? Nov 24, Kelly rated it it was ok Shelves: teen , read If I'm going to read an R.

    L stine book, I want it to be filled with descriptions of 90s fashion. That being said, I would give this to a reluctant reader horror fan. Sep 21, Abby Meiers rated it it was amazing. I would give this book a five star rating because there was a lot of suspense and it kept me reading.

    I think the author did a good job at telling this story because she used a lot of descriptive words. Some people disliked this book, I disagree,because the author told the story very clear and some parts it was funny because of the kind of words she used. I would recommend this book to a lot of people.

    If you like suspenseful books or horror stories you would most likely love this book. Jun 01, Soumaya rated it liked it. I have to say while the book was enticing enough to finish in one day it didn't exactly appeal to me the way other books have. I'll be quite frank and say I expected a more interesting end besides discovering that Ellie was the murderer however above all that it was still a mildly interesting read and I don't regret reading it. Apr 14, Jenifer rated it it was amazing Shelves: owned. I read this book multiple times back in middle school and I absolutely loved it!

    Sep 21, Preethi rated it really liked it. Originally posted at www.

    Bury the Dead (Glimmer, #2) by Dusti Reynolds

    I should have known when I read the title The Dead and Buried?. Either way, the book was an amazing, quick read, and has you guessing constantly at who you think is the murderer. I didn't get solve the mystery 'till the last few ch Originally posted at www. I didn't get solve the mystery 'till the last few chapters, but I did manage to solve it before the main character, Jade, did. If you like the creepy vibe and books like Bad Girls Don't Die , then this is definitely a book you're going to want to check out.

    Jade is a senior who's just moved to a new urban city from a previously small-town home. This is everything she's wanted her whole life, and so she's not going to question the fact that her father and stepmother shouldn't be able to afford such a huge, beautiful house.

    Turns out though, that she should've questioned it. After some prodding by her fellow classmates - the ones that have been whispering behind her back ever since she told them where she lived - she finds the disclosure statement on her house, and it's revealed that someone had died in the house, possibly murdered. Freaked out, she tries to get control of her feelings again. Sure, she's felt a few cool breezes here and there, and her little brother Colby has been saying that he's been seeing a "shimmering see-through girl" in the exact description of Kayla, the girl who died, but why should that worry Jade.

    Her brother is probably just imagining things. But when a late-night party involving Kayla, Jade, Donovan one of the school's hottest boys, and the boy who might have killed Kayla , Faye school mean girl , and an Ouija board, they accidentally open up a passage to Kayla, allowing the ghost to take possession of Colby whenever she wishes. Kayla's ultimatum is that Jade has to find out who pushed Kayla down the stairs and killed her, or Jade might just find Colby falling down the stairs one night.

    Now that's what I call blackmail. Scared for her brother, and determined to do everything in her power to save him, jade recruits Donovan to help her find out who killed Kayla. She doesn't believe he actually killed Kayla - despite the fact that he was the last one seen walking out her door at about the time of her death - but could she be wrong? Especially now that she's found out that they used to be boyfriend and girlfriend, and that Kayla had cheated on him behind his back? Slivers of stories from the townland emerge, and sometimes they cohere into fuller narratives, but more often they disappear into the ether.

    Milk is indurating in the udders of the cow while she seeks shelter in the inglenook of the ditch. The voice of the young swain who tends the sheep on the hills is suffused with a sadness which cannot be silenced. And so forth. He sounds instead a very fresh note — the talk in The Dirty Dust sounds like the talk of an Irish town now, and it is gloriously profane. So if you do find yourself some lost midnight in a graveyard in the west of Ireland , under a browsing moon, and if you think that beneath the breath of the wind you perceive voices, I believe they will sound very much like the voices in this book.

    Now, she lives near Houston with her husband. The Haunted is her first published book. She is currently working on the second book of the Glimmer series, Bury the Dead. Dusti Reynolds , The Haunted Glimmer. By Kindle Nation on September 4, in sponsored post. The Haunted Glimmer by Dusti Reynolds. Kindle Price: 99 cents. Get yours here.