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Knitted with a twist in the middle, this blue ear warmer brings a warm and trendy accent to the winter wardrobe. Maritza Oviedo de Gathered in the middle shaping a bow, this red ear warmer brings a fiery accent to the winter wardrobe. Maritza Oviedo designs the Iuliana Ionele designs this stylish ear warmer for the modern day trendsetter. In a versatile grey hue, the ear warmer is knitted Gathered in the middle shaping a bow, this ear warmer brings a stylish accent to the winter wardrobe.

Maritza Oviedo designs the i The ancient Inca were wise to the warm and waterproof properties of alpaca wool, and today Iuliana Ionele uses the same material f In black with bands of fuchsia and grey, the earflaps are knitted of baby alpaca meaning the first fleece of the season known for its softness and lightweight warmth. The earflaps are knitted of baby alpaca, which is the first fleece of the season known for its softness and lightweight warmth.

In black with bands of fuchsia and grey the earflaps are knitted of baby alpaca meaning the first fleece of the season known for its softness and lightweight warmth. For an attractive cold weather accessory this Peruvian hat is knit of soft alpaca blend wool for a pleasing texture.

It features a Rogelio Quispe designs this marvelous hat. Against a feminine rose color geometric patterns and the image of rainbow-backed alpacas are knit into a lovely hat. Working with From Puriqwarmi this gray neck warmer promises soft warmth and trendy elegance. The circular scarf is knitted of a rich alpaca ble Featuring a solid white color with braid patterns this lovely hat is knit of alpaca blend yarns featuring a design by Peruvian art She gives the hat a turned-up brim and a pompom on the top.

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Classes in knitting, weaving, felting and spinning wool. Feather Lace Neck Warmer. Feather Lace Neck warmer is a super quick neck warmer that can be knit in any type of yarn. Simply change the needle size to the appropriate size for the yarn needed. Lagoon Neck Warmer. Here is a quick and fun project that is perfect for all types of yarn.

The scarf can be knit super long if desired or in the neck warmer shorter length. Cascading Cable Scarf. Cascading Cable Scarf is an easy cable scarf. The scarf is worked completely in knit and the dainty lace look is achieved from dropping stitches in the bind off row. Cone Flower Scarf. Not Your Average Beginner Scarf. Everyone will find great success in knitting this easy scarf. The pattern is created when you bind off so no need to carry patterns with you or memorize stitches. Mint Leaves. Mint Leaves Scarf is a simple and quick scarf that creates a knitted fringe on both ends.

Circle Scarf. Circle Scarf is a fun, fast moving chunky scarf that you can snuggle up to. The bulky weight yarn mixed with cables and dropped stitches creates a great lacy, chunky scarf. Lana Scarf Pattern. Lana Scarf is a fast moving, easy scarf project that is knit with just one ball of yarn. The scarf can be knit in any weight of yarn from lace to bulky just by changing the needles to accommodate the yarn.

Chunky Daisy Cardigan. I wanted a fast knit cardigan that had a bit of lace to accent it. Chunky Daisy Cardigan is exactly what I needed. The super chunky yarn helps speed up the knitting time while the fun daisy stitch adds just a little texture. Rebecca Cardigan. Rebecca Cardigan is knit from one side to the next, binding off and casting on for the armholes.

The edging, knit in simple garter stitch creates a frame and adds a delicate drape. Green Leaves Cowl.

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Green Leaves Cowl is a quick but fun knit. The scarf is knit with 1 ball of worsted weight yarn and allows you the option of knitting the scarf long or short just by adding additional yarn. The fun leaves knit up quickly and allow just the right amount of interest to keep you knitting. Chevi Scarf.

Chevi is a quick but versatile knit scarf. You can knit it long or short depending on your needs. The scarf may also be knit in any type of yarn desired, just change the needles being used. Traxs Cowl. Traxs is a fast cowl to knit. The stitch pattern offers an unusual sweeping movement.

The cowl is knit in one piece and then stitched together to create the fun cowl look. A longer scarf could be knit with additional yarn. I used the entire ball of yarn to create this cowl, knitting to the very end and binding off. Genevieve Cowl. Baby Cable hat and fingerless gloves knitting pattern is a quick knitting project. Knit the set with just one ball of Berroco Vintage DK yarn.

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Petal Scarf. Petal Scarf is a fun to knit scarf that uses dropped stitches at the end to create a dainty lace look. Sideways Leaf Cardigan. Sideways Leaf Cardigan is a fun cardigan worked sideways. The leaf pattern is created by a combination of knit and purl stitches. I wanted to create a cardigan that could be eas-ily altered. If you want it a bit bigger just knit a little more until the next section of the pat-tern. If you need it a bit smaller then change sections faster than l Flutter Cowl. Flutter Cowl is knit with 2 balls of Kiwi yarn by Zealana.

This lace weight yarn knits up in a delightful light and airy yet warm cowl. The fun fluttery lace stitch matched with some dropped stitches creates the perfect cowl. Apple Leaf Scarf. Apple Leaf Scarf is a quick but fun knit. The scarf is knit with 2 balls of DK weight yarn and allows you the option of knitting the scarf long or short just by adding additional yarn. Pinwheel Scarf. Pin Wheel Scarf is a great project that will keep you snuggly warm during the cooler months. The delicate pinwheel design adds texture and interest. In contrast the garter stitch edging gives the knitter a well deserved break.

Drops Scarf. Drops Scarf has a fairly simple lace pattern that creates a unique look. The lace resembles the first drops of a summer rain when they gently hit your windows. Knit with one ball of Madelinetosh DK yarn the project could be knit longer with more yarn or shorter to knit a cowl. Spokes Cowl. Spokes is a cabled cowl that uses ribbing and cables to create a fun unique cable.

The cowl is knit with one ball of Berroco Vintage yarn and is a fairly quick project. Ebb Scarf. Ebb is a light and airy scarf that is knit with one ball of Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic. The pattern works great with the striping yarn and creates a slight chevron look. Dropped Plaid. Dropped Plaid is a fun, textured scarf that is created with just knits and purls. The fun dropped stitches are completed at the end of the knitting project and add a breezy, lacy touch. Flame Cardi. The dainty lace pattern is easy to knit and memorize while providing an elegant look.

Cabled Garter Scarf. This fun and simple keyhole scarf is create in all knit stitches with a combination of yarn-overs and cables to add interest. The keyhole is created by using the opening of the cable. Feather is a super easy lace scarf that is knit from one skein of Malabrigo lace weight yarn.

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The lace yarn creates a super warm, soft and light as a feather scarf that can be worn in any climate. Flowing Floral Scarf. Flowing floral is a fun, fast moving scarf that creates a lacey design in a simple way. The dropped stitches cascade down the scarf bringing the dainty leaves to life. This scarf is knit with sock yarn but can be knit in any type of yarn in your stash. Dropping Keyhole Scarf.

Mini Twist. The scarf may be knit with any type of yarn simply change the needle size to reflect the new yarn selection. Victorian Confetti. Victorian Confetti is a simple but elegant scarf to knit. Dainty yarn overs add a Victorian feel while the pattern is a terrific solution to lace and textured yarns. Cabled Keyhole Scarf. Cabled Keyhole Scarf is a fun, simple cabled keyhole scarf that is sure to keep you warm and cozy in the winter. The scarf is knit in one piece from end to end.

There are 3 cables that switch to one center cable allowing it to be knit quickly. Leafy Garter Keyhole Scarf. Ribbed Keyhole Scarf. Ribbed Keyhole Scarf is a fun, simple ribbed keyhole scarf that is sure to keep you warm and cozy in the winter. The scarf is a quick knit and is knit in one piece from end to end. Fern Scarf. Fern is a simple to knit, leafy scarf. The scarves leaves are created with a series of drop stitches which adds a light. Lacy Vine Scarf. Lacy Vine is a fast moving, fun scarf to knit. Dainty leaf lace accented with a center cable and drop stitch details adds a Victorian feel to the scarf.

Dahlia Scarf. Oats Scarf. Oats is a quick moving scarf that can be knit in any type of yarn. Large leaves are created with a series of increases and decreases while a simple cable is used in the center. Garden Wave Scarf. Garden Wave Scarf is an easy way to create a beautiful without mastering complicated stitch.

Knitting easy pattern scarf neckwarmer. Do yourself. abepivurev.tk

The scarf is all knit with a decrease and increase stitch which creates a delightful wavy look. Loy Shawl. Loy Shawl is a great way to use up left over yarn. I enjoy knitting socks and scarves and often find that I have various left over yarn. Often, they are in similar color ways. Loy is a. Anne Cardigan. Anne Cardigan is a super comfy cardigan, knit with lofty Martha Stewarts Alpaca yarn. The super soft yarn is a bulky weight so the cardigan knits up super fast and has great.

Leaf Lace Cowl. Leaf Lace Cowl is a fun fast moving delicate cowl that may be knit in any type of yarn. This cowl could be converted to a full length scarf if desired. Modern Twist Cowl. Modern Twist Cowl is a quick cabled cowl. The cowl is constructed of two main cables twisted to allow for a fun modern look. Blu Ivy Scarf. Blu Ivy is a great, easy to knit scarf that adds a little twist to your winter wardrobe. It is super long but the knit leaves add just that special touch to keep you wanting to continue on. The large swooping cable in the middle gives the leaves something to hold onto and allows the scarf to have a bit of texture.

Men's Basic 2 Needle Sock Pattern. Here is a fun and easy way to knit socks with 2 straight needles. Enjoy knitting your socks without purchasing double points and managing 3 to 4 needles at once and wear your new fancy 2 needle socks with pride. Simply Ribbed Scarf. Simply Ribbed is just that—a simple ribbed knit scarf. Unlike a straight knit and purl rib there is a little twist that adds a bit of.

Julia is a touch of Spring at anytime. A super quick project, Julia may be knitted in an evening which is great for gift giving. A simple band of cables slowly work around the center leaf. The fun border is created with a drop stitch once the scarf is knitted. Big Baby.

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Sprigs is a fun and fairly easy pattern to knit. Knit in one piece there are no sections to sew on or seam up. The rib texture in the scarf allows for no right or wrong side and the scarf can be knit into a long or short scarf depending on your needs. Ruffle is the perfect accessory item for those that like to have options. Ruffle allows you to knit a shawl, cowl or long scarf all with one pattern. Boysen Berry Cowl. The cables and leaves create a wonderful combination that adds interest and a graceful flow.

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The pattern continues to change each repeat which helps to create a delightful natural definition. This can be sewn at the bound off edges to create a cowl or left open for a more traditional scarf. Leafable Pullover. The Leafable Pullover is a fun, easy pullover that looks similar to a cabled sweater.