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The Best of Enemies. Guy Hamilton , Alessandro Blasetti. Cacciatori di dote. Capitani di ventura. Che femmina Cinque leoni un soldo. Cronache del ' Dichiarazione d'amore. Divorce Italian Style. Pietro Germi. Don Camillo monsignore ma non troppo. Donne brutte. Drakut il vendicatore.

Dynamite Jack. Esploratori a cavallo. The Fascist Il federale. Fertilizzanti complessi. Fra' Manisco cerca guai. Gerarchi si muore. Giorno per giorno disperatamente. Gli addii. Gli amici dell'isola. Gli incensurati. Gli scontenti. Gli stregoni. Goliath Against the Giants. Guido Maletesta. Goliath and the Vampires.

Sergio Corbucci , Giacomo Gentilomo. Gordon, il pirata nero. Guns of the Black Witch. Hercules and the Conquest of Atlantis. Vittorio Cottafavi. Italian-French co-production [13]. Hercules in the Haunted World. Reg Park , Christopher Lee. Hercules in the Valley of Woe. Mario Mattoli. I 10 del Texas. I due marescialli. I giganti del cielo. I magnifici tre. I sogni muoiono all'alba. I soliti rapinatori a Milano.

I tartari. Il bar di Gigi. Il brigante. Il cane di pietra.

Antoneddu Antoneddu

Il carabiniere a cavallo. Il colosso di Rodi. Il conquistatore di Maracaibo. Il fiume di Roma. Il gigante di Metropolis. Il giustiziere dei mari. Il ladro di Bagdad. Il mondo di notte numero 2. Venice Award. Close to Italian neorealism. Il ratto delle sabine. Il re di Poggioreale. Il segreto dello sparviero nero. Il sepolcro dei re. Inchiesta a Perdasdefogu. Io bacio Italia ' Journey Beneath the Desert. Jean-Louis Trintignant , Haya Harareet. Kanjut sar. L'adorabile Giulio. L'amant de cinq jours. The Ladykiller of Rome L'assassino.

Marcello Mastroianni , Salvo Randone. L'ultimo dei Vikinghi. L'uomo in grigio. L'urlo dei bolidi. La corona di fuoco. La facciola. La fille aux yeux d'or. La giornata balorda. La grande olimpiade. La grande vallata.


La guerra di Troia. La moglie di mio marito. Michelangelo Antonioni. Won the Golden Bear at Berlin. La padrona di raggio di luna. Girl with a Suitcase La ragazza con la valiglia. Claudia Cardinale , Jacques Perrin. La ragazza di mille mesi. La ragazza in vetrina. La ragazza sotto il lenzuolo. La regina dei tartari. La tragica notte di Assisi. La trincea. La vendetta della maschera di ferro. The Vengeance of Ursus. Luigi Capuano. The Last Judgement Il Giudizio universale. Laura nuda.

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Le avventure di topo Gigio. Le capitaine Fracasse. Le comte de Monte Cristo. Le grand barrage. Le italiane e l'amore. Le magnifiche sette. Le meraviglie di Aladino. Le miracle des loups. Le rendez-vous. Le stagioni. Le triomphe de Michel Strogoff. Le vergini di Roma. Leon Garros ishchet druga. Les godelureaux. Les grandes personnes. Les hommes veulent vivre. Les trois mousquetaires: La vengeance de Milady. Lettera dal Venezuela. The Lovemakers La viaccia. Lui, lei e il nonno. One day, a good -natured stray dog by the name of Italo wanders into the small Sicilian town of Scicli.

Everyone except Meno, a precocious 10 year-old, who is lonely and introverted. Since the passing of this mother, Meno has shut everyone out, including his workaholic father. It will take the unconditional love of a special dog like Italo to force Meno out of his shell, leading him into a series of adventures that will teach him the difference between acting like a grown up and actually becoming one.

Ispirato a una storia vera, Italo Barocco racconta la tenera amicizia tra un cane straordinario e un bambino solitario. Nessuno tranne il piccolo Meno. She has worked as editor and postproduction coordinator with several journalists, producers and directors, making special reports, investigative documentaries, and short films. It is the age of Imperial Rome. Unfortunately, Timo is not exactly gladiator material. However, when Timo encounters the lovely Lucilla, he decides to change his life and bring out the valour within himself that was never harnessed before.

Roma Imperiale. He directed various animated TV series, including the Winx Club, which became a worldwide success and is now broadcast in over countries. He is the writer and director of three animated feature films. To save his family and defeat Morodian, Ivan must learn what it means to be a true Games Maker. He studied and worked in England, France and Spain. In he joined actively the film and advertising industry, taking under his responsibility diverse projects of feature films and series of TV.

He lacks the confidence to leave his home, no matter how much Bug, his labybird friend, tries to convince him to go out into the world. Attempts to toughen him up have had little success, so Bug seizes an opportunity that leavesYellowbird unexpectedly finding himself the new leader of the flock that is migrating to Africa. Still, lacking faith in his own abilities and with danger and imminent failure lurking around every corner, our feathered hero is forced to either find the strength required to work with the team or bow out and stay hidden away forever. Yellowbird vive tra le macerie di una casa in rovina.

With over 20 years experience in cartoons for television and cinema, he initially started as a traditional 2D animator, then as a storyboard artist and finally as a director. Following the footsteps of the Phoenician hero Cadmus, the mythological creator of the Greek alphabet, year-old Nicola takes his year-old brother Elia on the trip of a lifetime. They travel to Italy in search of a new language and give everything new names while reinventing language itself. Through their travels, they face the painful memories and reality of historical events.

The road traveled becomes one of learning and exploration of the imagination. On the border between documentary and fiction, this film tells a story of hope and of a country that could be. In collaboration with:. To reunite them, Luke enlists the aid of Muktuk, an Inuit guide who knows the unforgiving polar bear territory very well. The pair must learn to defend themselves and the cub from all the perils of this gleaming, snowbound wilderness, to get Nanuk home safely.

Since the s he has directed a number of notable films and television productions, including Under Fire and the James Bond film Tomorrow Never Dies. His career spans over 27 years in which he has produced and directed over documentary specials for both European and American networks, including the Discovery Channel and National Geographic. Programming Partner University of Toronto. Renowned for such international hits as Johnny Stecchino, Life is Beautiful and The Tiger and the Snow, the first couple of Italian cinema joins us for an onstage conversation about their lives, the creative process behind their films, and their memorable collaborations with Jim Jarmusch.

This event is Free. Tickets are distributed at the venue two hours before the start of the event 1 ticket per person. When she dies, he is sent to an orphanage, which he leaves as a teenager. Among them is a traitor who informs the wealthy Mr. Mobbi about the oil that the misfits have found on the land. This sparks Mr. Mobbi to want to get rid of the outcasts. With its magic power he holds off the evil forces of Mr. Anna lives alone with her daughter Morgana and works in a big firm. She likes her work, but the day the company is bought by an international firm, everything suddenly changes.

The company slowly but inexorably makes her an outcast. Roberto Benigni stars as a dreamy visionary searching for the source of the voices he hears just below the din of modern life, in the last film by the great Federico Fellini. In many cases, regionally-themed refreshments will be matched to specific films. Ficarra and Picone From Italy to Toronto, this comedic duo has been making audiences of all ages laugh since Ficarra and Picone take comedy to a whole new level as they direct and Vincenzo Nisco Vincenzo Nisco is the artistic director of Rainbow.

Since then, he has gone on to work with Disney Sydney in Australia where he worked handson in the production studio working on Peter Pan 2, Tarzan 2, Bambi. These two creative geniuses began at cabarets and small theaters as they worked their way into the hearts and televisions of Italians all across Italy, becoming two of. His ability to adapt to new and fresh ideas while also being able to keeping true to some well loved classic drawings has made Nisco a true artistic gem.

He has traveled the world to work for some of the most popular TV and cinematic companies. His ability to bring drawings to life is a gift we are excited to be sharing with you this year. Tuesday, May He is an ItalianCanadian film producer who has taken the world by storm. Edoardo has come a long way since his days of fake resumes and desperate job searches.

This was. Iervolino takes his job as a film producer to the next level with a meticulous,. A well respected actor and director in Italian cinema, his lead roles in Smetto quando voglio and Noi e la Giulia truly showcase his fantastic thespian chops. Tuesday, June Impacciatore also boasts a considerable television resume, having starred in such TV series as Le Ragioni del Cuore, Disokkupati and Due mamme di troppo. In one of her last trips back to Italy, Oriana decides to re-organize her journalistic and photographic materials stored for years in the old family home in the Tuscan countryside.

To do so she contacts the University of Florence, which sends an aspiring journalist named Lisa. Lisa is well-intentioned but has no specific skills. She has simply accepted the job to get better acquainted with Fallaci, whom she idolizes.

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He got his start in the industry by helping various other directors with their projects and made his own directorial debut with the short films La Sveglia and Coincidenze Presented by:. Now that this naive period is ending, they will have to become responsible adults. Each of them will go in a different direction, making choices that will change everything.

Some will stay in their hometown, others will leave to work abroad. Una metafora di una generazione chiamata ad una sfida. He plays by the book and defends the forgotten and lost. However, after his daughter Tea gets romantically involved with Francesco Corvino, a young member of the Camorra crime family, his life takes a dangerous turn for the worse. After assisting Luca Buglione, the head of the Camorra, Perez decides to strike a deal. Buglione agrees to frame Corvino from inside the criminal organization, but only if Perez helps him recover some precious diamonds.

Perez quickly realizes that he must take control, while crossing the line between law and crime, to protect his endangered family. Si trascina nella vita, lasciando che siano gli altri a scegliere per lui. In un giorno come tanti a Napoli assiste Luca Buglione, capo camorrista che ha deciso di collaborare con la Giustizia ma alle sue regole. Determinato a recuperare una partita di preziosi diamanti nascosti nella pancia di un toro, Buglione propone a Perez uno scambio. He has worked on many short films screened all across the world.

His first feature film was Mozzarella Stories In De Angelis directed his second feature film Perez. Presented by Co-Presented with. Claudio finds an unlikely friend in Paul, a physical education teacher who will do anything to help him out of this crisis. Silvia is not only beautiful, but is also into sports.

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She appreciates Claudio and all the little romantic gestures he loves doing for her. The perfect woman! Il film racconta le vicende di Guido, romantico sognatore e professore di letteratura al liceo, la cui vita va a pezzi quando la sua fidanzata lo lascia per un altro uomo. Ma la donna perfetta esiste? Con questo interrogativo dovranno fare i conti i nostri protagonisti, compresa la bella Giada, vicina di casa romantica e innamorata segretamente di Guido.

He started off in theatre where he wrote the play Happy Family. He then adapted that script for the screen in Their endeavors are an overwhelming success, but things get complicated when they earn more money than they know what to do with and attract the unwanted attention of a serious drug kingpin. He started his filmmaking career by producing shorts with a childhood friend, his first being the film Iris Blue His father was a screenwriter whom Davide had a tumultuous relationship with.

Intrigued by the idea of getting to know him better, and also getting better acquainted with the beautiful publisher, Ludovica, Davide decides to write the autobiography himself. Il padre era uno sceneggiatore con cui Davide ha avuto un rapporto tumultuoso e poco comunicativo. He is a respected filmmaker within both the Italian and international film communities.

Dino Morosi is the tattoo artist next door who sweeps her off her feet. The two fall in love while looking for a valuable treasure hidden in a mysterious upholstered chair. They are immediately met with a perceived threat by the imposing priest, Father Weiner, who looms over them as they pursue this precious prize. Although rivals at first, the three of them soon become allies and embark on an incredible adventure which takes them from the depths of the Venetian Lagoon to the snow-capped peaks of the Dolomites, where they find a remote valley inhabited by a bear and two men.

He will be fondly remembered for his work as a screenwriter and director on dozens of films throughout his year career.

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His final film was The Chair of Happiness Tra diversi alti e bassi, i due troveranno la vera ricchezza. Co-Presented with. Italians from all over Italy were asked to submit videos or images captured on smartphone, still cameras, camcorders, etc, of their hour day on October 26th, Wishes, dreams, fears, reflections, and views from balcony windows were sent in because that is what each individual filmmaker found interesting to them. For Italians, this became an emotional diary of fragile moments, of happy moments and moments of distress.

Hanno chiesto agli italiani di inviare dei video realizzati con qualsiasi mezzo telecamere, smart phone, fotocamere Desideri, sogni, paure, riflessioni, qualsiasi cosa considerata importante che accadeva quel giorno o anche, semplicemente, quello che si vedeva dalla finestra di casa. Salvatores has directed many acclaimed films, including Oscar winner Mediterraneo. His screenplays are described as an escape from reality, with a sense of nostalgia. Nobody would say he is popular at school nor is he a brilliant student nor is he very good at sports.

But deep down, he does not care.

Ambasciata d'Italia - Singapore

Michele would settle for catching the attention of Stella, the girl he cannot help looking at in class, but he has the feeling that she is totally unaware of his presence. One day, the monotony of normal life is shattered by an extraordinary discovery: Michele looks in the mirror and finds that he is invisible. The most incredible adventure of his life is about to begin. Salvatores has directed many acclaimed films including Oscar winner, Mediterraneo. Ma a lui in fondo non importa.

Eppure ha la sensazione che lei proprio non si accorga di lui. Ma ecco che un giorno il succedersi monotono delle giornate viene interrotto da una scoperta straordinaria: Michele si guarda allo specchio e si scopre invisibile. Family Operated. Since Preserved like a Roman ruin, the surf of the Italian coast now carries surfer, artist, and environmentalist Chris Del Moro on a pilgrimage back to his ancestral homeland to explore a culture where old-world convention and traditional craftsmanship have matured into a modern surf lifestyle.

Bella Vita ritrae il legame ricco e autentico tra la cultura italiana e un equipaggio di surfisti in cerca di avventure. Failure after failure cost him his savings. Through his outlandish and bold intuition he discovers curling, an un-popular sport in Italy, and decides to start a team in preparation for the Turin Winter Olympics.

The team Assault Penguins is born, ready to fight their way through obstacles to reach the podium. Will these underdogs make it? He debuted in front of the camera when he was only 18 years old. His trademark acting style hinges on his typical Roman charm. In he made his directorial debut with the acclaimed feature film, La mossa del pinguino. This land belongs to the local Mafioso Nicola Sansone and is assigned to a group of amateur farmers. Although they are not professionals, they begin farming the boycotted land. When they find themselves needing help, they are sent Filippo who has tried to combat the mafia for many years.

The only problem is, he has only done so behind a screen. Through his desire to protect the land and the people on it, he will have to face his fears. With the help of Rossana, they work towards their ultimate goal. He started his career as an assistant director before making his directoral debut in with the comedy Se fossi in te. His most recent work, La Nostra Terra, tells the story of a collective who come together to grow organic food on land confiscated from a powerful Mafia boss. Bartali worked within a secret network alongside thousands of others who risked their lives to save those being persecuted from capture and death.

Bartali, like most of the rescuers, never sought recognition or reward for his efforts and few of those he helped knew his name or what role he played in their rescue. He has also won a Jefferson Award for best New Play adaptation. In Partnership with. They decide to leave the big city and make a new start for themselves in their small hometown of Monteforte, Sicily, where the cost of living is much more affordable.

But initially, this small-town seems less than promising for these two broke friends. A place which once supported a lucrative orange trade is now in an economic depression. Inhabited mostly by elderly residents, the pair feel out of place and unable to find work or make any real money. That is, until Salvo and Valentino discover how to turn a profit from the sizable pensions these old people collect. Initially stifled by his overbearing father, Leopardi writes his first works exploring the human condition and the insatiability of happiness before finally embarking on his journey.

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Unfortunately, Giacomo feels let down by his experiences and becomes entangled in a love triangle between his friend Antonio Ranieri and Countess Fanny Targioni Tozzetti. He and Antonio move to Naples and settle in a villa at the foot of Mt. However, a cholera outbreak leads Leopardi into a crippling physical decline and results in his eventual death. Returning to the 71st Venice International Film Festival, Martone entered his film Leopardi, continuing his critically acclaimed legacy. Una storia di genio, sofferenze, poesia, amori e avventure.


Now one of the most famous red wines in the world, in the eighties Barolo went virtually unrecognized even in its production region of Langhe, in northwestern Italy. After almost 30 years, what is left of that experience? Barolo Boys. The Story of a Revolution traces the short but intense trajectory of a group of producers who indelibly changed the world of wine. Barolo Boys ripercorre la traiettoria tracciata dal gruppo di produttori che ha segnato per sempre la storia del vino. Casalis is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose past works include Langhe Doc and The Last Kilometer Gaia specializes in wine publications, having contributed to over articles on wine, biodiversity and eco-gastronomy to Slow Food publications.

He currently works as a freelance professional in the publishing field. They do so despite the knowledge that the country they live in, Italy, does not accept homosexual unions. This film tells the story of an engaged couple and their journey to the altar. It is not simply a tender love story about an Italian-Swiss wedding, but a social critique of Italian prejudices and civil rights.

It hopes to point all of us in the right direction, towards this wedding in the woods and the coming together of two families that are joined through the true meaning of love. A multidisciplinary artist, she operates in the fields of filmmaking, visual arts and social practice Just say yes, Fosca, Radical Intention. With his life turned upside down, Mickey tries valiantly to resolve his issues but hooks up with the wrong people who blind him with anger and hate.