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This is insane. What did you ever do for them? I worked my ass off for 20 years to gain 2 million followers. So how can we work together? How can we collaborate? Obviously at this point there is not a whole lot that I need. But there are plenty of people with larger followings than you who might need a hand.

Do something about it. If you have followers, you need to message every single person in your city who has more followers than you and see if you can provide them value. Find a way to work together and get to it. Trading work for exposure is the quickest way to grow. When you are already an influencer, hashtags can be a powerful thing. Whenever anyone searches coffee — The top 9 most engaged and most recent posts appear.

If you can be in the top posts for a certain hashtag each day, you are going to win.

Everyday Power

This is a big deal. If you have 50K and you want to grow, then keep collaborating. At this point you have some influence so things will get a lot easier. The same methodology applies.

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You need to keep hustling and make it work. You really need to post every day. The biggest miss for people trying to grow their account is frequency. If you are posting and engaging constantly, you will grow. This section will be about building a community vs having a following. So many people can amass a following. They can get 10, people to like them on Facebook.

They can get a ton of followers for their account. But none of them actually build a community. None of them actually care or engage. I guarantee that the VaynerNation engages more with my content at 2 million followers than most people who have 10 million. I make room for my community and I engage with them every second I can. I know my community has my back.

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Whether you have followers or ,, the biggest mistake you can make is not engaging with your community. Say hello, say thank you, ask them who they are and where they are from.

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All of this matters. Start acting like one. The more 1—1 engagement you provide, the more people will care about what you create. I literally mean writing 7 to 15 to 25 sentences in order to create three to four, to five paragraphs of written content within your feeds that people will consume.

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I just started to post my articles on Facebook natively as a status. My engagement is up 2—3X. This is all you need to figure out. How can I connect? How can I engage? How can I entertain and how can I get people to care? The key is simply providing other people more value.

It blows me away and it is absolutely the only way to win. Either you pay in Facebook ads, Instagram ads, sponsorship deals, YouTube pre-rolls, or ads against people of your interest i. Search hashtags, click them, look at the account, then see how you can bring them value. DM them, go in soft, bring value, rinse and repeat two, three, four, 5, times. You try, and you learn.

Maybe this could be the whitepaper? Start fucking executing. So what does that mean? That means you should write a Medium blog post every week. Content, podcasts, video, written, quotes, pictures, and then focus on distribution. Are you willing to bust your ass for 34 views? Dreams Inspirational. You are not accidental. The world needs you.

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Without you, something will be missing in existence and nobody can replace it. Destiny Fate Existence original Uniqueness Inspirational. More Quote Catalogs. You have to become the kind of person who deserves the life you want. This same world that cries, rebuilds. This same world that is shattered, heals. I also believe that introversion is my greatest strength. No matter what mayhem is happening around me, I know I can always turn inward. Most people never pick up the phone, most people never ask. You gotta act. And you gotta be willing to fail.

Be thankful for what you have and you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough. Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be. Inspirational Success Self-motivation positive-thinking. All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better. Life risking experiment Experiences risks Inspirational Motivational life advice Aphorisms.

Open your heart to the sky. Life Inspirational Open Heart. The only obsession everyone wants: 'love. The Platonic union of souls? This includes all humblebrags , indirect brags, brags disguised as a rant, etc. On one hand, these people are at least self-aware enough to cloak their brag in something. On the other hand, they have the same exact core motivations as the blatant braggers and looking at these examples actually makes the first group seem almost lovable in comparison. Description: A public expression of your extremely positive feelings for your significant other or an anecdote signifying the perfection of your relationship.

The image crafting and jealousy inducing motives here are transparent. But really?

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Description: A post that makes it clear that something good or bad is happening in your life without disclosing any details. The fun part of these is watching the inevitable comments and then watching how the author responds to them, if at all. This process slots the author into one of four sub-categories:. Core reasons for posting: Loneliness; Narcissism; Thinking a status update is supposed to be an actual status update. What are you looking for here? Finishing your paper is green territory on the above chart, or if you had been working on it for a couple months, it might scrape the outer edges of the orange.

Off to the gym, then class reading. Who exactly are you telling this to? I really want to get to the bottom of this. At some point between leaving work and arriving at the gym, you had an impulse to take out your phone and type this status. Then you put your phone away. Tell me what was accomplished. A weird part of the life of a major celebrity is that people are obsessed with everything about them, even their blue territory. Description: A public posting from one person to another that has no good reason to be public.

My grandmother aside, there is no good reason to ever do this. Good is the key word. There are lots of very annoying reasons to do this. The one possibility I enjoy is that the message is written to be jealousy-inducing specifically for one individual who will likely be seeing it, whether it be an ex or a friend they hate. That kind of malice is so extreme it crosses over the far line and becomes awesome. Description: An outpouring of love for no clear reason and aimed at no one in particular.

Example: I just want to say how thankful I am for all of you who have touched my life.


I refuse to believe you feel a genuine outpouring of love for your Facebook friends. Hug me! I am one who knows the secrets of life—allow me to teach you so that you too can one day find enlightenment.