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Given that the dissemination of enlightened thought in Europe was mostly effected through translations, the present collection of essays focuses on how its cultural adaptation took place in various national contexts.

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Resulting in shifts of meaning, translations offer a key not just to contemporary translation practice but to the discursive network of the European Enlightenment in general. The case studies united here explore both how translations contributed to the transnational standardisation of certain key concepts, values and texts, and how they reflect national specifications of enlightened discourses.

Hence, the volume contributes to Enlightenment studies, at least as much as to historical translation studies. Within translation studies books on translating conceptually dense texts, such as philosophical or theoretical writings, are remarkably few. Although the translation of literature has been a favourite topic for many decades, the translation of theories on literature has been neglected. The book addresses these gaps in translation studies and in literary studies for the first time by examining two specific cases where translation strategies and patterns crucially influenced the reception of imported schools of thought.

By examining the importation of structuralism and semiotics into Turkish and of French feminism into English, it invites the readers to think about the impact of translation on the transmission of ideas across linguistic-cultural borders and power differentials. It is, therefore, of particular interest to the scholars working in translation studies, in literary and cultural theory, and in gender studies.

Translation Translation. Editor: Susan Petrilli. Translation Translation contributes to current debate on the question of translation dealt with in an interdisciplinary perspective, with implications not only of a theoretical order but also of the didactic and the practical orders. In the context of globalization the question of translation is fundamental for education and responds to new community needs with reference to Europe and more extensively to the international world.

In its most obvious sense translation concerns verbal texts and their relations among different languages. Bern-Berlin-Bruxelles-New York, etc. ISBN: What Is American? New Identities in U. Berlin etc. The European Emigrant Experience in the U. US Icons and Iconicity.

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Lewiston, N. Costerus New Series The Wooster Group and Its Traditions. Dramaturgies Series: Texts, Cultures, and Performances, vol. Sam Shepard: Between the Margin and the Centre. Contemporary Theatre Review Vol. Seit bin ich aktiv in der wissenschaftlichen Gemeinschaft mit Forschung vertreten. Die individuelle interne Referenz des Nutzers wird durch kognitive Prozesse der Assimilation und Akkomodation stets angepasst.

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