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I can see the logic in adopting such a straight-forward approach.

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And it cuts right to the heart of the character, which is important when you only have four issues. Indeed, the same ideas have formed the basis of some great stories in the past. Millar suggested that the Punisher was the equivalent of Captain America produced during Vietnam over the course of the Civil War crossover, so the idea of pitting Steve against his counterpart from that conflict is perfectly fitting.

Simpson beats Rogers, tortures him, lectures him, mocks him and subjects him to the screams of countless innocents murdered by America. The problem is that none of it seems nearly as dramatic as it should be. Part of the problem is that none of this feels legitimate.


There are plenty of reasons to take issue with American foreign policy, and Simpson has had decades to reflect on them. His arguments and critiques are the kind of poorly-considered surface logic that you see on internet message boards. In fact, Aaron seems to acknowledge this at the climax. I know all those stories. And a hundred more just like them that are even worse. This is a man in a bright blue uniform fighting international terrorism after all.

The rest of the miniseries could have used a similar sort of cheeky charm to it.

The Origin of Captain America's Son (Captain America Vol 1: Castaway In Dimension Z)

You can see it from the images attached. I am now anticipating the Jason Aaron Wolverine Omnibus even more than I was before, reminded of how skilled an artist Garney is, rendering both action sequences and quieter moments. Ah well… maybe Aaron will return to the character in time. Filed under: Comics Tagged: captain america , captain america first avenger , frank simpson , Garth Ennis , Jason Aaron , mark millar , marvel comics , marvel universe , nuke , ron garney , steve rogers , ultimate comics , ultimate comics: captain america , Ultimate Galactus Trilogy , Vietnam War.

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The 10 Best Captain America Stories Of All Time

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Sign me up! Firing on all cyllanders? Book 'em, boys Flagging this guy as a threat Norman issues his demands to the White House including his son, his company, one hundred million dollars, amnesty, and Nick Fury's incarceration! The escaped illegal genetic mutations capture Peter from S. D custody and coerce him into joining their plans. The Ultimates face the escaped convicts in a showdown on the lawn of the White House.

Peter has to decide quickly whose side he is on. Will Norman recognize his son in his genetically altered state? A being begins sending signals over the Internet, TV channels, and cell phone channels that has devastating impacts across the globe.

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Wolverine, Colossus, and Jean head to Russia to locate a mutant in distress. Both expedition teams meet resistance once they enter an old Russian installation. The S. D operation uncovers the reasons behind the underground bunker they are exploring. The small group of X-Men in the base battle a large prison full of cyborgs. The X-Men and Ultimates teams enter the same room to find what has been transmitting a signal.

They immediately attack each other, despite Fury's jurisdiction over the X-Men. Peter meets the girl of his dreams for a night out on the town and regales her with the story of how he met Dr. D tries to handle the backlash of the leaked documents confirming the identity of the Hulk as Bruce Banner. The organization seems to believe that Thor released the documents, and that puts him at odds with a previous ally when Captain America pays him a visit. Banner's trial continues on live television and the Ultimates feel something slightly less than loyalty to their one time ally.

Betty Ross deals with the impacts in her own way, and Nick Fury brings Banner a bottle of the finest. Things in Europe escalate quickly over Thor's outbursts in democratic nations. The Ultimates meet the 'Captains' from the European nations, and learn of how Thor came to power. Nick Fury prepares the Ultimate's Reserve lineup with as much power as he can muster.

The world's greatest hitman, Mr Nix, is hired to take Fury out because of these plans.

Ultimate Comics Captain America

Review Consent. Real Name: Steven Rogers. Occupation: Soldier. Birth Place: USA. Identity: Public. Origin: Augmented Genetic. First Appearance Ultimates 1 v1. Gender: Male. Weight: lbs.

Captain America Is 'Captain of Nothing' In New SJW-Themed Comic Book | Daily Wire

Eyes: Blue. Hair: Blond. Universe: Earth Comic Information.

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Cover Date : March Release Date: January Writer: Mark Millar. Art: Bryan Hitch. Cover: Bryan Hitch. Cover Date : April Release Date: February Cover: Paul Mounts. Cover Date : May Release Date: March Cover Date : July Release Date: May Writer: Brian Michael Bendis. Art: Brett Weldele. Cover: Michael Golden.

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Cover Date : June Release Date: April Release Date: November Writer: Ron Zimmerman. Art: Duncan Fegredo. Cover: Kaare Andrews. Cover Date : August Release Date: June Cover Date : September Release Date: July Cover Date : November Release Date: September Giant Man ". The X-Men, Part I ". Cover Date : February