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Ongoing support and supervision. Volunteers with a high regard for young people, setting a good example for others. They also maintain the support system for existing groups within RYP, analysing and resourcing the needs of each group, providing ongoing training and other opportunities for young people and volunteers.

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Junior Leadership Training : supports club development by supporting young people to become effective leaders in their club. The YSS worker offers support to new groups and clubs, ensuring good practice by supporting them to establish their overall structure and sustainability. Drawing on an extensive knowledge of youth services, the YSS worker identifies gaps in service provision for young people in Rialto.

Working with a range of community-based groups, they support the development of new, innovative clubs and services in the area. The work includes advice, facilitation and ensuring that new services are developed within recognised standards and best practice for youth work. Establishing the management structure to ensure funding is available and all aspects of the group are transparent and managed. Developing the group mission statement, aim and objectives. Clarification of roles and responsibilities of the Management Committee Training. End of year evaluation: identification of work completed, gaps and issues needing attention, Assessing short and long term support needs.

Ensuring the development and support of new services for young people in Rialto within the framework of standards set out by the National Quality Standards NQSF for voluntary-led clubs and groups. The Youth Service Support worker is based in St. The YSS worker links in with a range of community services which are an essential part of the work in terms of developing positive working relationships, placing volunteers and supporting young people within the various clubs and groups.

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Child Protection Training sessions are demand-led, responding to build ups of new volunteers or CE workers in the community with some engagement with young people. Typically in June there maybe 2 or 3 sessions to facilitate volunteers for the Rialto summer projects. Roles and Responsibilities Training sessions happen twice yearly for volunteers working in clubs and groups and for the summer project teams in June.

A Junior Leadership training course happens once yearly for a 4 week period 2 hours per session. Junior leaders beginning their leadership experience during the summer project attend a mini workshop to raise their awareness of child protection and how to be a responsible youth leader. We value our volunteers.

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As an organisation we aim to value young people and volunteers on an equal basis. We are committed to volunteers and their role in youth and community development. We encourage volunteers to take a professional approach and develop personally in order to deliver a quality service to young people.

We are committed to identifying and meeting the needs of young people and supporting them to understand and express their own needs. We believe in supporting individual needs, interests and talents within the child and young person and volunteer. We aim to place the needs of young people at the centre of planning and process. We value good leadership with an emphasis on accountability and responsible governance. As someone who has come through the Rialto Youth Project I can see the value and the necessity of the services provided.

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The YSS worker connects with the face-to-face team in St. In addition, the YSS worker makes broader links with the community, identifying needs and extending the YSS work into the regional services. These tools enable the planning and development of the Youth Service Support programme.

The IMS gives us the capacity to extract quantitative and qualitative data, enabling the planning and support of work from a strong evidence base. Volunteers are an integral part of Rialto Youth Project. Over the past 30 years, they have made a fundamental contribution to our work with young people. Find out how to volunteer…. Rialto Youth Project, St.

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P: 01 E: Linda. Videos Contact Us Volunteer Home. Ger Healy, Volunteer A rewarding experience which has given me great satisfaction through volunteering in Rialto. Youth Service Support Philosophy. Valuing Volunteers.

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Youth Work Principles. In addition, the YSS worker liaises closely with existing community and voluntary organisations, encouraging the promotion of an integrated service. Through needs analysis the YSS worker also facilitates the implementation of relevant programmes. These include social, recreational and educational activities, as well as the nurturing and development of new, innovative youth services in Rialto. If you are between the ages of and need help, click here.

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