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Source: LiveChatInc. So if you want to win over new loyal customers, you need to make sure your message is carried across in the right way. Source: Adscode. Content is arguably the most powerful marketing strategy of every business. The more credible your content, the greater the trust your brand will enjoy. Source: Forbes. Source: Imforza. Source: Radiance Solution. The rate of emails opened by mobile devices will continue to grow in the years to come.

Source: Direct Sales Marketer. Email is the most cost-effective marketing form. The reason behind such high ROI is that email provides a follow-up opportunity, which, in turn, boosts sales. Also, email is still one of the most engaging forms of communication, allowing you to build strong relationships with both current and future customers. Despite the fact that social media network platforms enable users to communicate easily and effectively, email remains extremely popular.

Digital marketing growth statistics show that before the start of , there will be over 3. The growth will continue, reaching 4. Source: Waterford Technologies. This figure is expected to grow exponentially, reaching about billion daily emails exchanged in Nowadays consumers value personalization, relevance, and benefits, which forces businesses to focus on catering their emails to the specific expectations of their recipients. This requires a lot of investment, leading to a significant growth in spending on email marketing.

Source: Colibri Digital Marketing. Email accelerates the customer journey from one stage to the next more than paid traffic, content creation, or video creation. In other words, email is the channel generating the highest digital marketing ROI. Source: Strategic IQ. Even after the introduction of different communication channels, email is still the primary option for business purposes as it provides users with more meaningful engagement.

Source: Juvlon. Source: Mann-co. Personalized direct mail can help you avoid this. Forget about generic direct mail and send highly targeted content to gain loyal subscribers. Source: Customerthink. Mobile should be a priority.

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So double check whether emails look good on all devices and optimize the images and subject lines so that they read well on smaller screens. Source: Campaign Monitor. This is one of the most fascinating digital marketing facts! Source: Above the Fold Agency. Source: Business 2 Community. Of our statistics about digital marketing , this one is pretty obvious when you take into consideration the above-mentioned statistics.

Ensure your segmentation strategy caters to the needs and expectations of your audience, and success will inevitably come. Source: IN2sight. To be more precise, they have an open rate of The spam rate and unsubscribe rate is notably low—only 0.

Source: Crcreativeco. Source: Esdale Printing. Source: Heartbrain Marketing. The subject line is the first impression your email makes, and it can make or break your effort. Source: Snap Agency. Gone are the days when you could write a word blog post and get Google to like you. Nowadays, you need to create longer, meaningful content to rank better. Source: Content Marketing. A picture, infographic, or video adds value to articles by clearly illustrating a point and adding more emotion. Source: Lemon Light. Source: Shopify. Newsletters can provide excellent value that goes beyond sales.

It informs your customers about your content and helps you establish your brand as trustworthy. Of course, in order for you to see results, the newsletter should be crafted according to the preferences of your target audience. Source: Omnicore.

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So make sure to optimize your blog for readability and capture their attention while also communicating the most important information. One of the most widely known digital marketing facts in is that marketers are ready to make adjustments and updates to their old content in order to meet new and changing customer needs. People trust authority blogs and consider them the most important source of information to make buying decisions. When people look for information online to make a decision, they want to read options, compare products, and hear about customer experiences. Based on this digital marketing data , blogs offer an amazing opportunity to satisfy their needs, and marketers can pose as a credible source by offering a unique take on the specific problem they solve.

This one is pretty obvious, right? You need to establish a specific strategy in order to be successful. These bloggers understand the importance of digital marketing statistics. Source: Seoteric. This is partly because the competition for video content is still much lower than that of text pages, making it easier to rank well. Source: AWC Media. Source: Shmuelhoffsmanblog. Source: Tubular Insights. Video is one of the fastest-growing marketing forms, and its domination on overall internet traffic is set to continue in the years to come.

Source: My SMN. So make sure to keep your videos short and sweet; tell the story you want while also maintaining clarity. Source: Dental Marketing Expert. A video makes information more digestible and engaging, communicating it in a more understandable way. Source: The Marketing Blog. If you care about your digital marketing ROI , keep in mind that simply creating a video is not enough—you have to do it right.

Also, according to consumers, an explainer video should be one minute long.

5 Online Marketing Strategies for a Tight Budget

Source: Page One Click. But this stat only demonstrates the importance of digital marketing statistics. Regardless of the niche, if your business involves customers, you need to have an online presence. As a result, retailers are doubling-down on their ecommerce efforts at a rapid pace. This trend is expected to evolve at an even faster pace as brands are embracing omni-channel options and adopting voice search. Source: Ignite Visibility. In regards to this piece of digital marketing data , the difference is mostly because fewer people use Bing as their ad engine, resulting in less competition and cheaper costs per click.

Source: Blue Corona. Purchase the best, most profitable keywords for your content. Instead, display relevant products or a specific product page related to their search and get the most out of it. Source: Google Economic Impact. See, these digital marketing ROI statistics show that placing search results for your website on a search engine results page by paying for them can be very profitable for your business.

Paid advertising offers an amazing opportunity to reach parts of your target audience that are otherwise unreachable. Source: Marketeer. So if your goals are immediate conversions, testing, or product sales, PPC is the way to go. Source: FoundationINC. LinkedIn users are more likely to do business with someone they find on the platform. With this in mind, LinkedIn is the perfect place to generate more leads and build up your customer list.

Source: Online Marketing Gurus. PPC campaigns can help support a specific service or product, and even a campaign or the launch of a new website, with immediate turnaround results. Source: The DMA. Source: Another Brilliant Idea. Source: Recode. More and more people are adopting voice search, taking advantage of this technology on a daily basis to perform a wide range of activities.

According to recent voice search stats , million people are already searching through the internet using voice search, and—if you want to take advantage of these digital marketing facts for and on—know that this number will grow dramatically in the years to come. Source: Emarketer. But with ad buyers relying more and more on programmatic to enhance their campaigns with third-party insights, this number will grow rapidly. In July , Facebook reported a total of million active users in India, compared to million in the US.

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LinkedIn Groups are an amazing place for businesses aiming to cultivate a valuable community; hence the huge popularity. Younger generations are well saturated. Therefore, people moving into old age are doing so with a lot of technological sophistication. Surprisingly, customers prefer email over online chat with companies. To put it into context, if your company has 1, employees, there will be 40, business emails sent daily from your team, which translates into a staggering 10,, emails annually.

Images make your tweet look appealing and stand out in the user streams. The more colorful the image, the better! Source: CNBC. This figure roughly matches the combined offline ad spend, including billboards, TV, and print ads. Over the last decade, digital marketing industry growth has been huge and continues to evolve. Running a successful business is all about leveraging the right kind of marketing techniques to reach your target audience and eventually convert them into leads or customers.

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