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When you are ready to return, email our support team with your order number and we will email you the label to attach to the parcel. Simply attach and drop off at your local post office. Once your parcel arrives at our warehouse we will email you to let you know. For the most part this was a pretty good retelling, most of the elements of Hamlet work well enough in the modern day.

I don't even know how to review this one.

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It's Stacy Title and Jonathan Penner the team who brought you my beloved Bye Bye Man doing a modern-day Mafioso retelling of Hamlet and it's literally the most nineties thing that ever ninetiesed. I mean, this is complete nonsense. Gibberish dialogue, lots of post-Tarantino floppy-haired guys in suits waving guns and being quirky, impenetrable plot that would make zero sense if you didn't know Hamlet and makes little even if you do. This is a hot mess and a half.

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It's absolutely unwatchable. I know I've defended, multiple times now, The Bye Bye Man which is also a hot mess but that's a hot mess that pours itself all over my heart by being full of things I love. This one I feel like I just want to leave it in the bin.

But then, I really hate the nineties. This modern retelling of Hamlet features a lot of daffy mafia nonsense and some killer dialogue, plus Buffy's horrible boyfriend from the movie. It's a shame it doesn't quite come together. When she sees him sleeping, she leaves. The queen returns and finds the king dead. She becomes hysterical. The killer comes back with three others and calms the queen.

The body is carried away. The killer woos the queen with gifts. She is cold toward him for a while but then relents and accepts his advances.

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Marry, this is miching malhecho. It means mischief.

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By Elodie. Original Text. Modern Text. The dumb show begins Enter a King and a Queen very lovingly, the Queen embracing him and he her.

  • Note to HAMLET, "let the devil wear black".
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