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Topics covered range from ubiquitous interfaces and multimodal dialog systems for different applications to the implications of connecting users with impairments in social networks. The Workshop on Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Ambient Intelligence AITAmI'10 aims to stimulate the development of human-like effectiveness within the artificial systems that provides support to humans. The event is not focused on a specific application area, although it welcomes reports on applications given the value to inform the community with regards to solutions for specific cases and to extrapolate strategies across areas.

The overall emphasis is providing a forum in which to analyze the potential of Artificial Intelligence to make smart environments smarter. Learning, reasoning, adaptation, user preferences and needs discovery, sensible interaction with users, and many other topics form the regular agenda of this event.

Ebook: Workshop Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Intelligent Environments

The content of this section includes the abstract of one keynote speaker, and papers accepted for oral and poster presentations. All these contributions are from recognized professionals in the area who are reporting on their latest reflections and achievements in the improvement of the decision making capabilities of intelligent environments.

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The Creative Science Workshop CS'10 is the first in a series of workshops exploring the use of science fiction to motivate and direct research into new technologies and consumer products. In particular, CS'10 applies a methodology we call Science-Fiction Prototyping SF Prototyping which uses stories as prototypes to explore a wide variety of futures. In these proceedings we present two invited contributions from Brian David Johnson who coined the term SF Prototyping and defined the methodology.

Interestingly, in this first workshop many of the stories fall into what might be called explorations of mixed reality technology. Finally, the seventh paper takes us full circle and back to the reality of ourselves and examines some of our most basic understanding of being human, consciousness and free-will, by means of a discussion on the design of future reception robots. We hope you will agree, that this first Creative Science workshop has produced some stimulating ideas with the potential to challenge and push the boundaries of science.

If you have enjoyed reading this first set of science fiction prototypes, why not write one yourself and join us at our next Creative Science event? See creative-science.

Call: 1st International Workshop on Human-Centric Interfaces for Ambient Intelligence (HCIAmI’10)

This volume offers a glance at the latest developments in key areas of the development of Intelligent Environments. It compiles the latest research by active researchers in the field, working to extend the boundaries of science and focused on achieving the deployment of intelligent environments in the real world.


The efforts of these professionals will influence the way we live in tomorrow's world. We hope that, as a reader, you will enjoy the content of this volume as much as those who attended these workshops enjoyed the live presentation of the papers and the thought provoking discussions which emanated from them.

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However, market uptake is slow and not many of the system have been adopted or the results have not been as optimistic as first imagined. This keynote will examine some of the issues surrounding the development of this systems and focus on methodologies and tools which can help our community to develop systems which are more fit for purpose. He's an Honorary Associate Professor. Within 4 years, he completed Ph. He has published 3 books as sole authors and the editor of 2 books on Cloud Computing and related technologies.


He gave 16 keynotes at international conferences. Abstract The rise of Cloud Computing and Big Data has played influential roles in the evolution of IT services and has made significant contributions to different disciplines. He will explain how the unique services can improve the quality of our life by understanding the complex biological and physiological science and ensuring the best approaches of treatments and actions can be adopted.

These include development projects and successful deliveries in brain segmentation and learning, proteins and body defense mechanisms, tumor studies and DNA sequencing.

Human Centered Machine Learning November 2017

Research and enterprise contributions to other disciplines are available which include Business Intelligence as a Service to provide accurate and up-to-date tracking of risk and prices with regard to the investment, as well as contributions for weather data visualization and forecasting to inform the general public about the consequences of the extreme weather. Abstract Sound is an often neglected carrier of information when it comes to computer interfaces.

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This talk will focus on how sound can contribute to improve the interaction of users with their environment, including the information environment, with tools, and with each other. Auditory Display and Sonification will be introduced and examples will illustrate how information can be made audible using non-speech but also synthesized vocal sounds. Selected examples of systems developed at CITEC in Bielefeld show how interfaces can be designed to control and interact with sonifications. This leads to sonification systems that make the behaviors of the human user itself audible, for instance to help to avoid unhealthy behaviors or to support sports exercise.

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  7. Sound plays also an important role in organizing attention: a system for using sounds to increase joint attention of cooperating users in an Augmented Reality condition will be shown. Furthermore, some recent developements of our research at Bielefeld University are shown that use 'Blended Sonification' and 'Auditory Augmentation' to couple information spaces to the physical environment.

    The Centre was established in September is funded by Atlantic Philanthropies with a specific remit to establish interdisciplinary teaching and learning in Gerontology, Rehabilitation and End of Life Care in UCC and to raise the standard of care of the elderly in the South of Ireland.

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    Since his arrival in U. A recognised expert on capacity he has published over peer-reviewed articles and several books. It has had 25 editions and is published in several languages and has recently been published in Ireland for the first time. Abstract More people with multiple co-morbidities and complex needs are living longer in the community, increasing the demand for limited healthcare services.