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Unfortunately, the youth of my generation is sometimes correlated with laziness, unawareness, apathy, and shallowness.

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We have grown up in the age where comfort is an easy and a necessary commodity. We cannot imagine what writing an essay would be like without Wikipedia and Google search. We laughed at our teachers saying that they had to do engineering calculations with slide ruler back in the days.

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Facebook has become our closest friend. Thus, the lack of eagerness to find solutions by ourself and less awareness to our surroundings. There is sort of a 'chicken and egg' debate on this generalization that has been stamped on Generation Z which could be loosely defined as those born since around , but especially after Did the world where we were born into spoilt us so much and taught us to grow up with apathy, or did we as a generation misuse the comfort and privileges to become a spoilt cohort?


Either way, despite this perception of the current youth, we have to remember that generalization is the root of suspicion and conflict. It is good as a prediction model and a step to be cautious of the trend that we have heard, but almost every issue in this world have to be seen in a case by case point of view. If I were to point to some optimism, I could actually come up with a very long list. From Wai Hnin Pwint Thon, the 22 years old Burmese activist, to Alanda Kariza the 21 years old Indonesian youth champion, to Dimas Okky the 20 years old student from Surabaya who wowed the crowd in the second Indonesian scientific writing competition in Paris recently.

I could also mention the whole attendees of the One Young World , hold in Zurich a couple of months ago. Such example of young people and youth movements clearly show that we are not lazy, nor are we careless and inattentive. But, at this critical and awkward phase of life, we are just a ball of excited nerves full of untapped energy.

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The people I mention above are lucky enough to have found an outlet of that energy in a positive way and found adults who are nice enough to let them fill up their thirst and discharge some stupidity. Many other youth are not as fortunate. Eaten up by peer pressure, confusion about life and hormone imbalances, they directed their energy to daily clubbing, excessive spending, gossiping, or other unproductive and shallow activities. The point is, in either case, youth needs an outlet. We have too much energy. In a poem entitled "Not Just Another Math Problem", young poet Sarah Kay expresses what she thought to be the representation of the current youth.

She said, "It's not that we're shallow.

Is generation Z glued to technology? ‘It’s not an addiction; it’s an extension of themselves’

No, it's that the surface of a lake won't move unless provoked. But throw in a stone, and you will see how deep these waters are. Without any intention of blaming, maybe, it is exactly the lack of positive provocation that is the root of the problem. The generation MTV was not shaped by the anxious teenagers rocking out some music, rapping, or cursing in songs; it was shaped by the older ones in their 40s and 50s who made decisions on what kinds of music should be broadcasted and what video clip concepts would draw teenagers. The love for celebrity gossips in Indonesia and spending money on branded clothes; isn't that just a product of what is largely available to the Indonesian youth: junk TV and mushrooming malls.

And those are not in the hands of teens to decide what should be available to them.

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It is the giant corporations filled with the more mature individuals who worry about profit and loss. But, no, we are not shallow, we just haven't been provoked right. As young people, rebelling is the one thing we all are good at. But in each rebel, lies the analysis of making an independent decision and discernment of thoughts. Believe me, with every "no way" that we say, we learn to think for ourselves, shaping an identity that would later bring us to a more mature state.

Hopefully, we can also bring that rebellious spirit to causes that are really close to our heart, like what Wael Ghonim did for Egypt. Generation Z takes place some time after a zombie outbreak. The world lost two billion people, but managed to survive. The Rezort is an island where people pay for the experience of killing zombies in a safe environment.

Zombies, Popular Culture and Educating Youth

Melanie Jessica de Gouw has come to the island with her boyfriend Lewis Martin McCann , hoping to deal with some emotional issues stemming from what she went through during the outbreak. Unfortunately, while there, a computer virus shuts down the security systems on the Rezort, letting the zombies run free. Millie and her group have to trek across the zombie-infested island before the entire place is bombed into oblivion. The movie has pretenses of being more than just a story about people killing a mindless force of monsters.

Represented in this film is a theoretical ethical question about killing the already dead. And in fact, the plot does play that out, revealing in the end that there might be more to the Rezort than people might think. The film presents a scenario that requires the entire world to be completely blind to a basic numerical impossibility.

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And in the end, as much as the movie seems to present a case against the indiscriminate killing of the zombies, the main bulk of the story is basically the indiscriminate killing of zombies. In short, the movie has its cake and eats it, too. It still clings to the basic thrills of the violence that comes with this genre of film, all while poo-pooing the very concept of enjoying the said violence. It takes the modern tack of having these zombies be incongruously quick, and gives them the inexplicable ability to sneak up on people.