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Let's let him speak for himself:. It would be easy to give over Joyce to Chapter XV , his technicolor fantasia on darkness.

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It would be even easier to take the chapters thereafter, with their increase of legato and their worrying slowness, their care to nodding, slow-booted reading. One might even give it to the end of Ulysses , Molly's meander into sleep, but there is no darkness there: the word never escapes her mumbling lips. No, the real darkness is in Finnegans Wake , the crepuscular masterpiece. It is all darkness, set at night, and Joyce's "Book of the Dark", and the word darkness once appears: " It might mean everything, it may mean nothing, but for Joyce to place a word in his own kaleidoscope of meaning so pertinently can't mean nothing, Or doesn't it?

To all depressives, here, today and everywhere, at least know someone else has trod this path. The real darkness was never a matter of light. And more must, in yet longer light's delay. With witness I speak this. But where I say 5 Hours I mean years, mean life. And my lament Is cries countless, cries like dead letters sent To dearest him that lives alas! I am gall, I am heartburn. God's most deep decree Bitter would have me taste: my taste was me; Bones built in me, flesh filled, blood brimmed the curse.

Selfyeast of spirit a dull dough sours. I see The lost are like this, and their scourge to be As I am mine, their sweating selves; but worse. Shakespeare There's a dissertation to be done on Shakespeare and darkness. Milton "No light, but rather darkness visible": in 10 syllables Milton conjures the paradox of Hell. Alexander Pope Dark is also Dark Ages; and Pope describes the horror of cultural apocalypse better than anyone.

Let's let him speak for himself: In vain, in vain, — the all-composing Hour Resistless falls: The Muse obeys the Pow'r. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. A fallen angel who swears and kills A vampire who actually drinks human blood instead of animal like the fashion is these days This isn't sweet. There is killing here, and the MCs actually do some of it. Not one character here is miserable and suffering their poor misfortune.

From Darkness: Fallen Into Shadows Book One

They all deal with it the best they can. I have to say I really love the writing style of this author, and I'm definitely going to read all her other series. I like it that she doesn't sugar-coat everythi A fallen angel who swears and kills I like it that she doesn't sugar-coat everything, there are no brooding heroes like in some PNR, everyone is tough and they fight for what they want. They get hurt in battles, they suffer sometimes, they have hot sex and fall in love well this is romance, let's not forget that. There are bad guys in this one who will somehow redeem themselves, and I am dying to see how it happens!

Sam Off to the next one View all 64 comments. Nov 02, Catherine rated it it was amazing Shelves: first-reads-arcs-won-a-copy , romance , lots-of-sex , read , fiction-vixen-reviews , vampire , fantasy-paranormal-sci-fi , to-buy , were-shifter , angels-guardians.

Despite popular belief, angels were not the favored ones. They did not have choices like the humans. Angels only had duty. Well hello, Cynthia Eden. I liked the way she kept me guessing through the story. The Despite popular belief, angels were not the favored ones. The uncertainty of it added a nice tension to the read. Keenan was a very interesting character. He was an Angel of Death for years and had no life beyond his duty. Until Nicole. For some reason she got to him in a way that no other person had.

He lost wings and powers and found himself bombarded with human emotions and sensations that he previously lacked. I liked this aspect of their relationship. Keenan and Nicole both had to learn to love the woman she had become, vampire baggage and all. I really liked the way this book was setup.

Speaking of "City of Angels"-- Why? Why would you do that to me at the end???

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That was so upsetting. Keenan falls and gets to discover the wonder of life and emotion with Nicole. It was a small niggle, but I would have appreciated a little stronger of a foundation. Once they were together it was smooth sailing for me. I loved watching them learn to trust and rely on one another and then eventually fall in love. The uncertainty of who to trust was very well done. Keenan was walking in unfamiliar territory and had no clue of what to expect, let alone who was telling the truth.

I found myself bouncing back and forth between believing Sam and believing Az. It helped that they both seemed to have a thread of truth running through whatever they said. The only time I felt that I might have been missing something was when Nicole spoke about her past torment at the hands of another vampire. I have no idea if that tied into something else, but I felt that there was more to that story that I was already supposed to know.

Favorite Quote: "Some things in this world were more important than duty, and some things were even stronger than death. View all 4 comments.

Sep 03, willaful rated it it was ok Shelves: series , virgin-hero , ping-pong-conversations , on-the-road-on-the-run , psycho-jealous-protective-possessiv. A fallen angel and the woman he fell for Unfortunately it all devolved into repetition -- constant cycles of bad guys coming after them and Nicole whining about how she didn't mean to kill anybody and Nicole and Keenan having sex. In between, there are endless conversations that go nowhere. Dec 21, Saly rated it really liked it.

I really enjoyed this, our hero the perfect Angel of Death instead of killing his prey the heroine, interferes and kills the vampire attacking her and falls, his wings burnt. He tracks her down six months later and finds a different woman, no longer the school-teacher instead someone who is being hunted. Nicole never wanted what she got but she wants to live, she had done bad things because of her blood-lust and doesn't understand who Keenan is at first.

Keenan meanwhile is experiencing emotions I really enjoyed this, our hero the perfect Angel of Death instead of killing his prey the heroine, interferes and kills the vampire attacking her and falls, his wings burnt. Keenan meanwhile is experiencing emotions for the first time and Nicole is someone he will do anything for. I enjoyed seeing Sam and Az as well and man Keenan was an awesome virgin, protective hero. Feb 09, Julia rated it liked it Shelves: best-couple-or-chemistry , heroine-id-like-to-strangle , virgin-hero , paranormal , annoying-characters-plot , best-hero , writing-that-s-bad , epic-love , not-working-for-me-boring , hottest-sex-scenes.

Cynthia Eden is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors but this book didn't do it for me.. Which is totally fine! Since this book came out in , I can see how much her writing has grown. The hero was amazing but I couldn't finish the book because the heroine was a total block-head.

She yells "I'm an independent woman!!!! Use the brain that god gave you, you "strong independent woman. Apr 28, Steph rated it it was ok Shelves: paranormal-romance , paranormal-setting. Even writing this I'm sighing because I really wish I enjoyed it more than I did. I could see people really enjoy this, as it is an easy read, and some of the characters are good. But, that being said, overall for me, I found I didn't care for the lead characters Keenan and Nicole, and the story left a lot to be desired.

In this one, Keenan is an angel of death. He's there to take the soul -with a single touch- when someone's life is ending. When he is unable to essentially end Nicole's life, he is cast out and down to earth as a fallen angel. After six months of searching he finally locates Nicole in Mexico, where he discovers that not only is she now a vampire but she is also being hunted by Carlos, a shifter, among others. A good portion of this book is Keenan and Nicole on-the-run, and it is as they are trying to avoid the bad guys that they learn one another including their mutual lust-filled attraction.

Beyond just the the two of them and Carlos, we also meet Sam. He is a fellow fallen angel who never seems to be quite good or evil he's one of the better more intriguing characters. There is also Az the mysterious head Angel of Death who wants Nicole to die since she never should have been alive this long to begin with and with her death may restore Keenan's angel status. While there are other minor side characters, to be quite honest, they simply weren't that memorable or really worth mentioning.

I think some of the reasons I couldn't love this was because I was very unsatisfied with various developments - story and character-driven - throughout. When Keenan becomes fallen, he learns emotions for the very first time, and this is including but not limited to anger, jealousy, and let's not forget lust therefore it's safe to say the angel's a virgin. So when he demonstrates the skills of man with a lot experience with Nicole when they first hook up, and its explained that its because he's seen a lot, sex included, from watching people as an angel of death, I was like "puhh-lease".

I understand that PNR's have accelerate timelines and are generally unrealistic on many many fronts, but sometimes it's simply too much and way over the top. In my opinion this book had a lot of cop-outs like that to explain various situations and holes, and this is simply one of the most memorable examples I can think of right now.

I preferred Az because he had that devoid of humanity attitude but cracks-were-showing air to him, and as a reader you were curious yet disliked him for the right reasons. I can see the author potentially making him a lead in a future book as it seems these fallen angels are described as anti-heros.

And then there was Carlos. Carlos had to have been one of the most annoying worst villains I've ever read. Even though he already hated and hunted vamps, he was extra pissed because Nicole killed his brother there is a small backstory for this and now wanted revenge. His scenes were so redundant, where the same things were said and done over and over and over every time he hit the page. It's the one time I will say that with a villain like this, this book could have been condensed into a novella because if you take many elements into consideration, he never should have lived as long as he did.

Although, to be fair, Nicole was a big reason why that idiot Carlos lasted as long as he did. She was an ok heroine, but there are much much better female leads out there. And to be frank, without Keenan she could and would have bit the biscuit in pretty much every fighting scene. I'm not big on talking poorly about a book, and I didn't hate it, but I was disappointed. I just get the impression that this is a bit of a lazy-man's PNR: not enough effort to properly develop the overall story, its plot, subplots, and characters.

But as mentioned, it is an easy read, it's not complex in the least, and some characters did peak my interest Sam and Az. It's also the first book of a series, and I usually find them to be the weakest of the series. Sam's book is up next. As mentioned, I didn't mind him as a character. He's been a fallen angel for a while now, was also an angel of death, and he is mysterious and does flirt between good and evil, so maybe it will be better than its predecessor.

I don't know if i'll read the next one. Time will tell. View 1 comment. Sep 07, Laura the Highland Hussy rated it it was amazing. I have been looking forward to this book for about a month now, and the wait was totally worth it. Keenan is an Angel of Death, and one of his charges is a lovely, innocent, and nice school teacher named Nicole. When it comes down to the moment where Nicole is meeting her death by vampire in a dark alley, she fights. Nicole fights until she has nothing left in her. Keenan is an unfeeling angel who has seen it all.

They don't lust, or hate, or love, or anything yep, virgin hero-yay! And yet now, he feels , he wants , he breaks the rules. By killing the vampire instead of Nicole, Keenan is cast from heaven by Azrael, and is now Fallen. First item on his list? Find out if Nicole survived. He was cast out of heaven for saving her, she damn well better be alive. Six months later, when he finds her, he can't believe that his sweet little school teacher is the same woman as this seductive vamp trolling for victims.

Frankly, neither can Nicole. But she's been on every demon-hunter's wish list for a while now, and every bounty hunter at Night Watch knows all about her, she thinks she just has really bad luck. She's not wrong. But to Keenan, she's his key. Key to what? You'll have to read to find out. It seemed he would have a bigger role, than what he had. Or more of what he'd done to Nicole. I like how with Sam, you never know if he's your friend, or frenemy. I hope we see much more of him.

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I also totally had the bad guys backwards in this one. Sam really isn't a bad guy, Fallen Angel, sure, but bad guy? Sam and Keenan made a pretty impressive team, one Azrael won't forget With fast-paced action, and great characters, this was such an intense book that I got sucked into it and could hardly put it down.

So into it, in fact, that I burnt dinner. It's a really good thing my husband doesn't read my blog, or I think he'd be mad at the real reason we didn't have twice baked potatoes last night. Virgin Hero Do I need to say more? Yes it is! Aug 07, Melanie rated it it was amazing Shelves: aint-he-sweet , bite-me , warrior-dudes , favorites , kindle , once-is-never-enough , badass-hero , angelic-delights , paranormal-romance , vamps-are-my-dental-fantasy.

Just wow! A dark and sexy story set in a gritty world of fallen angels, honest-to-goodness blood-drinking vampires, savage shifters and evil demons with vices. Honestly, I was blown away by just how much I enjoyed 'Angel of Darkness' - needless to say the rest of 'The Fallen' series just topped my to-be-read list! View all 3 comments. Oct 16, Katherine rated it liked it Shelves: contemporary , for-a-challenge , reviewed , don-t-give-me-the-l-word , where-s-the-condom-dude , screw-the-love-just-fuck-already , i-want-that-cover , vamp-for-all , para-super-normal-natural , he-is-so-hot.

This is my first Cynthia Eden book. There were things I liked and some I just Ugh get it over with it. For starts this feels REAL long. I thought it was instead of pages only. Keenan is a angel of death, he carries the soulf of those who dies to another plane. Nicole is one of his charges, and he must carry her soul. Only he hesitates and she lives - or dies - to become a vampire. Now he's fell from the heavens and he wants her.

At first it was weird why Keenan was after Nicole. It seemed he was angry with her because he was now a fallen, when she had nothing to do with that. This girl really knows how to collect enemies. I lost count of how many people wanted her dead throughout this book. I mean what's so special about her? And then when the end came I was just Unfortunately there weren't much details regarding the city, beyond the French Quarter, and a small mention to Katrina.

Since this is New Orleans we're talking about, there are a lot of magical beings that I'd like to know more, however they're just thew in it and I had to cope to follow the storyline. And for last but not least I think somethings were just way too fast for my tastes. For this reason some stuff just makes no sense for me. Can't wait for his book. Review from www. I haven't read any Cynthia Eden books before but I really liked the look of this one and boy am I glad I read it because now I have lots more books to add to my ever growing TBR list.

I really liked the idea of this book. The storyline sounded a little different to what I've been reading recently. I haven't read any Angel books for a while so was particularly looking forward to this for that reason Review from www. I haven't read any Angel books for a while so was particularly looking forward to this for that reason alone. We start with Nichole being viciously attacked in an alleyway by a vampire. Keenan, an angel of death, is watching from the shadows as he prepares to take Nichole's soul to the afterlife.

But when it comes to it, he hesitates, he can't seem to take her life and instead touches the vampire who is trying to kill her. By breaking the rules, Keenan falls and it's not a pleasant experience. Because of her unfortunate new life, she has made some enemies who are determined to kill her. Of course Keenan isn't about to let that happen an while he's not used to experiencing emotions, he can't seem to stay away from 'his' vampire. He couldn't let her die in that alleyway and is certainly not about to let her die now.

Angel of Darkness is an action packed story with something happening on every page. The storyline is fast paced and easy to read. I liked the character development in this book. Nichole isn't happy with her new life style and has done some things she's not proud of due to bloodlust, but she gets on with it. It seems everyone wants a peace of her and all she wants is to stay alive and to be left alone. Keenan has fallen but he's still got powers and eventually realises this. As the story progresses, and his feelings for Nichole start to become quite clear, he becomes stronger and is determined to fight the bad guys to the death if it means keeping Nichole safe.

The romance is enjoyable, it's not too sickly sweet and is, at times, enjoyably hot. All in all, I enjoyed this first book of The Fallen series and will definitely be checking out Cyntha Eden's other work. This is the first time I read a lengthier story of her in that genre my experience with her on novels is with her romantic suspence, "Deadly" series. Keenan used to be an angel of death -- he fell because he failed in taking one life of Nicole St. That fateful night, Nicole looked at him, begging for help, he hesitated, and ended up taking life that is not supposed to be his job.

Then, after h 3. Then, after he roams to Earth to find Nicole, turns out she is 'technically' died anyway, since she is turned into vampire -- and she has been having death threats on her trail. I find this plot interesting because of the unique prologue. Nicole begged Keenan for help, but because of his duty, Keenan only watched. Definitely not a good way to start a relationship, huh? With a Fallen, that just stands there while you were dying :. I like how Keenan discovered the emotional part of being human, like pain, pleasure, rage, love He spends his two thousand years of being an angel not familiar with those.

I also like how Keenan rediscovers his power, even after he fells. Nicole as heroine is not as interesting, though. She's either running away or trying to justify that she kills because she is being controlled. She doesn't impress me much. Although it is quite fast-paced, some of the scenes are repetitive -- the running, the encounter with either human or shifters who want to kill Nicole, the fight seems easy and quick to end only to start again with similar threat. Especially because they seem to be walking on gray area but at the same time they are plotted to be the hero on the sequels.

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