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But when I wrote a blog post about the desirability, when going on a job interview, of setting out to portray oneself as exactly the person the prospective employer is looking for, having exactly the experience being sought, regardless of the truth of the matter, a headhunter wrote to say this was dishonest. Putting aside the obvious question about how much dissembling can be sustained, is this behavior dishonorable?

7 Reasons Why You Should Never Pretend To Be Someone You're Not

Is it ethically proper for a skinny guy who wishes to enter the Air Force to stuff himself with bananas in order to pass the weight test? I certainly think so. If he gets into that service, he will not be injuring anyone. I think that someone pretending to know Excel, or some other business program, in order to get a job is not going to hurt anyone except in some tortured meaning of that word. And that seems to me the crux of the ethical issue.

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Is it okay for that same individual, who wants to be a pilot in the Air Force, to memorize the eye chart in order to pass an eye exam? I do not want someone who has bad eyesight flying an airplane. So, I think it is not always sensible to settle for being the person we have always considered ourselves to be—but it is not possible, or desirable, to be just anyone. It may be reasonable to pretend on a job interview; but not everywhere else, or generally.

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Similarly, women should not try to present themselves as aloof and disinterested. Unattainable is not an appealing image. Neither men nor women should pretend to know all about various arcane subjects, whether about wine or about stock investments. Lecturing on any subject becomes annoying. Implicit in these comments is the fact that certain kinds of pretending are very hard to sustain. After a time, they are likely to seem counterfeit.

On the other hand, it is possible to pretend to be interesting, poised, cooperative, and sympathetic. Certainly, it is possible to pretend to be kinder than you feel naturally, or friendlier. It is even possible to learn to be charming, but I think that is too much work. It is reasonable, if we are deficient in some important way, to strive to be better—and, along the way, pretend for a while that we are better. In these matters, we become the people we pretend to be.

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Persons with a secure sense of themselves can pretend-- in certain situations, in certain ways—to be someone a little different without feeling untrue to themselves. It is like putting on a costume and playing a role—and then, later on, stepping out of the role when the play is over.

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Some pretenses are very hard to do, or are not worth doing in the first place: I think it is reasonable to sell yourself on a job interview. Once you have the job, you can with an effort become proficient at it. I do not think it is reasonable to try to sell yourself to someone you are dating.

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It is desirable to spend the rest of your life with someone who likes you just the way you are. Neuman's blog at fredricneumanmd. This has to be some of the worst advice I have read from this site. This article should have been written by someone other than a sociopath who believes that it is okay to lie if you're not injuring someone.

It's never okay to lie. If an employer is looking for someone who knows excel then don't lie about knowing it if you don't. You are hurting them if that's the type of person they're looking for and need and you're someone who isn't proficient and lies about it. Go learn it. A person will continue to lie if it gets them a reward and this isn't the type of person you want as a friend, colleague, employer or mate.

The article could have been a bit more polished and perhaps that is why you did not get the point. The author is NOT encouraging people to lie. The author was simply saying you can learn to grow into a role by acting the part, which is absolutely true.

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When someone tells you to behave as a professional during a job interview, if your natural predisposition is to be a goofball, no one would accuse you of "lying" if you conducted yourself in a professional manner and gave the interviewer the impression you were always a professional and serious-minded individual. Artists - C.

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