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Civilians Guess Popular Police Slang

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Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi

Enhancements : Cosmetic surgery is also common—everything from breast implants to permanent makeup. Clients going to a day spa get "skin enhancements", which probably involves facials and exfoliation. Tattoos and body piercing are prevalent. Mavis Freestone is known to change her eye color, hair color and style, not only in every book, but in almost every scene.

Glides : Glides seem to be the equivalent of escalators and moving sidewalks. They are never presented in much detail, but are frequently referred to as an alternative to elevators. Glide carts : Street vendors, much the same as those in use today. Vendors stake out their own 'territories. They often cater to vehicles stuck in traffic as well as pedestrians.

A majority of the food is vegetarian such as soydogs and veggie fries. They seem to use some kind of hover technology rather than wheels. Recyclers : Nearly everything is recyclable at this time—fabrics, food, plastics, metals, etc. Recyclers are available nearly everywhere such as on the street, in offices and in private homes. They still depend on having the materials properly sorted; putting metals in the organics slot will usually jam the unit.

Air Rifle : A non-lethal weapon carried by patrol officers. From the description, they are compressed-gas weapons which fire non-lethal "rubber bullets. Anticancer vaccine : A man named Drake for which the Drake Center was named, as per Conspiracy in Death found a cure for cancer ; anyone diagnosed with the disease can get treated and healed with the vaccine. The only people who would likely succumb to it are those who do not seek health care. If there are any diseases left, most seem to be treatable via vaccine, for those who have access.

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  8. They range from small hand weapons to long-range rifles lethal at ranges of at least one mile. These are almost always illegal except for military uses. Many are still in circulation from the Urban Wars. Even collectors may not legally own functional versions of these weapons.

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    Body Armor : The more mundane version of the Magic Coat. Such armor protects police from stunners, blasters, laser weapons, bladed weapons, bullets, and shrapnel from explosions. This armor is hot, heavy, restrictive, and life-saving. Helmets capable of providing the same level of protection to the head are equally uncomfortable and echo , as well as providing communications, a head-up display, and some protection from flash, sound, and concussion of explosions and flash grenades.

    Communicator : An alternative to the Link, used for more formal and official police communications. Eve used her communicator in conjunction with Micro-Goggles in Camera Mode to send an image to a colleague in Brotherhood in Death. Gauge : A general-purpose electronic tool that is part of a Police Field Kit.

    It is used to determine approximate time of death, probable cause of death, and identify the victim. It's not quite a Star-Trek Tricorder , but it looks like a precursor. Identipad : A hand-held fingerprint reader used to identify suspects and victims.

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    Laser scalpels and laser knives : These seem to be exactly what they imply, laser-based cutting tools with ranges from a few inches to several feet. Just like contemporary cutting devices, these are ubiquitous and widely used for legal and illegal purposes. Magic Coat : Whilst not standard issue at present, since his relationship with Eve began Roarke had one of his companies develop a new lightweight form of body armor that can be hidden in the lining of standard clothes. Capable of blocking a stunner, blaster, and even bladed weapons, Roarke gives one to Eve for everyday wear disguised as a leather coat.

    She gets him a long black one in return for Christmas, with hidden pockets for carrying weapons. Eve and Roarke then also give one to Peabody, a long pink leather coat and a brown one to Feeney. Each has some personalized details, such as the buttons being a Lieutenant's badge for Eve, an Irish symbol for Roarke and Captain's bars for Feeney. As they are prototypes at present, the name magic coat has stuck. In January of the following year, Bianchi abducted two female Western Washington University students, Karen Mandic and Diane Wilder, took them to a house he guarded, raped, tortured and killed them.

    Fortunately, he left behind some clues this time; his car, which had California plates, was spotted and he was connected to the addresses of two Hillside Strangler victims. The next day, January 12th, he was arrested without incident. When Bianchi's photo was broadcast in the media in Los Angeles, the investigators received a call from a lawyer named David Wood, who had helped one of the two girls Buono and Bianchi had pimped escape.

    He tipped them about Buono, who was also arrested on October 22th Shortly before that, Bianchi had informed the investigators of his cousin's involvement in the murders. During the two years leading up to the Stranglers' trial, Bianchi formed a relationship with Veronica Lynn Compton , an actress and playwright with an obsession with serial killers, from behind bars.

    She sent him a copy of a screenplay, titled The Mutilated Cutter , about a female serial killer she had written, asking for his thoughts on the subject. She grew increasingly fixated with him until he managed to manipulate her into copycatting a Hillside Strangler murder in order to make it look like the killer was still at large, even smuggling out some of his semen out of prison in a rubber glove DNA evidence had no forensic use at the time, but semen could still be analyzed to show what blood type the man who produced it had.

    Compton lured a woman to a motel and attempted to strangle her, but was overpowered and arrested. In anticipation of his trial, Bianchi prepared to mount an insanity plead, claiming to have a separate personality named "Steve Walker" who had committed the murders Bianchi had watched the movie Sybil the night before he made the claim. He was interviewed by multiple people who specialized in multiple personalities and hypnosis, who attempted to find out whether he truly was insane.

    It was eventually determined that he was faking it he had been inventing more "alter egos" since he was told that it was uncommon for there to only be one extra personality. During the trial, there was a great deal of trace evidence implicating the two; there had been fibers from Buono's upholstery workshop and home on two victims, there was an imprint of a fake police badge on his wallet and there were hairs from rabbits he had raised on another victim.

    Bianchi also agreed to plead guilty and testify to his cousin's involvement, though he remained uncooperative throughout the trial. In , both men were found guilty of the murders they had committed and, in spite of the cruelty of their crimes, spared the death penalty and sentenced to life in prison. Buono died of natural causes while serving his sentence in at the Calipatria State Prison in California. Bianchi is still serving his sentence at the Washington State Penitentiary in Walla Walla, Washington and won't be eligible for parole again until The so-called Alphabet murders were a series of murders in Rochester, New York, Buono and Bianchi's hometown, between and The victims were girls of different ethnicities, aged ten-eleven who lived in the town and came from poor Catholic families.

    They were raped, strangled, and dumped in the wilderness. One thing that made the case notable was the fact that all three victims had double initials, i. The first victim, C armen C olon, 10, was found in C hurchsville. The second and third victims, W anda W alkowicz, 11 found in W ebster , and M ichelle M aenza, 11 found in M acedon , were killed in After that, the perpetrator appears to have stopped killing.

    There have been a few suspects, including a "person of interest" who killed himself six weeks after the murders stopped but was cleared by DNA testing in One of the most notable suspects is Bianchi, who lived in Rochester and worked as an ice cream vendor at the time of the murders. Though he denies having committed the murders, he remains under suspicion and there is circumstantial evidence against him; his car was spotted at two murder scenes and the third victim had told her father that she was going out for ice cream the day she disappeared. Another suspect was Joseph Naso , 77, who was arrested in Reno, Nevada in April on suspicion of a number of murders dating back to Some of his suspected victims in California, including R oxene R oggasch and P aula P arsons, had double initials.

    Another victim attributed to him was also named C armen C olon, like one of the Alphabet murder victims, and was found near Port C osta, California in While he was tried for his six murders, he was ruled out from the Alphabet murders when his DNA was tested against a sample from one of the victims.

    Buono and Bianchi initially targeted prostitutes, but later moved up to middle-class women.

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