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The addition of cups and scoops to help with pouring, scooping and digging. This water tray by Mum Central includes blue coloured water, shells, stones and sand for a realistic setting for Under the Sea small world play. The water is great for making ripples and waves just like in the real sea and also discovering which objects float or sink.

Writing numbers, letters or sounds onto shells and then hiding them in a tray of sand is an interesting way to turning learning into a game and give children the opportunity to improve number and letter recognition and practice counting. Spades and perhaps buckets for collecting their treasure is all that the children will need to get started. Something to sift the sand will add another fun aspect to this activity. Having a very different texture and properties to water and sand makes it a great medium for children to experiment with and well as being great for just making a mess!

For very young children, a natural treasure basket offers an opportunity to explore texture.

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Natural resources from under the sea including pebbles, driftwood, shells and natural sponges would all make great additions for an under the sea natural treasure basket. Modelling dough allows for children to get creative and make their own under the sea world using fish toys and shells. There are so many opportunities for children to learn by creating patterns by stamping the shells into the play dough and discussing how they will make their underwater world which could include caves for the creatures, seaweed and added glitter to make it sparkle! The children then had great fun rescuing the sea creatures by melting the ice with salt and water and tools for scraping and chipping the ice.

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Please share them with us in the comments below. Paint the underside of the paper bowl then leave to dry. Make a hole in the top of the bowl and thread […]. Coloured sugar-coated chocolates are great for exploring changes in water density. As well as being fun and tasty, they can be used to understand many naturally occurring phenomena, including the ocean currents. This experiment can be performed by a wide range of age and ability groups, with the science behind […].

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