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The Hebrew Prophets: An Introduction

Jonah preached a message of judgement to Nineveh before the defeat of Israel in BC. Nahum celebrated the destruction of Nineveh by the Babylonians in BC.

Introduction to Prophets and Prophecy

Southern Kingdom of Judah Jerusalem. Micah spoke against both Israel and Judah between c. Isaiah , son of Amoz, spoke between c. The second part of the Book of Isaiah contains words of comfort to the exiles in Babylonia following the fall of Jerusalem in BC Chapters , then encourages the exiles who have returned to Jerusalem after BC to be faithful in their worship of the LORD Chapters Habbakuk, speaking before the fall of Jerusalem in BC, asked why God allowed the cruel Babylonians to succeed.

Ezekiel , exiled to Babylon in BC, predicted the fall of Jerusalem in BC and, later, spoke about the return of the exiles to Israel. Daniel was in exile in Babylon at the same time as Ezekiel. He was persecuted for his faith during the period between and BC see Daniel interprets dreams and riddles. Obadiah foretold the punishment of Edom after the country took advantage of Jerusalem's fall in BC. Post-exile Judah Jerusalem. Haggai and Zechariah spurred on the returned exiles to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem in c.

Malachi , writing after the completion of the Temple in BC, urged Israel to be faithful as God's people.

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Joel, writing some time after the exile in the 5th or 4th century BC, promised hope after a plague of locusts. Go to next page.

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Dating events in the Old Testament Judah in exile in Babylonia Biblical sources relating to Judah in exile The middle years of exile BC Daniel interprets dreams and riddles Daniel's vision of the 'Son of Man' Daniel's vision of the 'end times' Obadiah foretells the punishment of Edom Introduction to the prophesy of Obadiah Obadiah prophesies the resurgence of Israel Seeking revenge or Offering forgiveness?

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