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The thing is, nobody else found it very funny. Photos and videos from the beginning of the event show Gooding Jr. Paulson was greeting co-star and good friend Kathy Bates, who had just walked onstage. In the still photos, it looks like Paulson is laughing it off or even playing along.

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But footage of the unsettling incident see below makes it very clear that Paulson was distracted laughing and giving an animated hello to Bates — and the second she realized what Gooding Jr. Gooding Jr. A man doing that to a woman is shameful," someone wrote. Total disrespect to a woman," reads another tweet. Somebody pointed out, "Cuba Gooding Jr. Leave the women alone.


Some people will say it was a playful moment between good friends and colleagues. But common decency prevails whether you know the person or not. Exposing a woman's body in public, against her will, is never okay, nor is it funny. Think about it: this kind of behavior would be condemned as sexual harassment in any office.

The fact that Gooding Jr. Put it between the girl's legs. Then, have her drape her right arm over your right shoulder. Place your head under the girl's armpit and wrap your arm around her right knee. Squat down and have the girl lean on your shoulders. Now that you're in the position, squat down. Have the girl lean her body over your right shoulder, shifting her weight onto the right side of your body. Then, take her right hand with your right hand, pulling her torso around your neck. Lift the girl. From here, you can stand up. The girl's torso will be draped around your neck, with her legs on the right side of your body.

You'll be holding her legs and right hand with your right arm. Her head should be leaning on your left shoulder. Once again, make sure to lift with your legs over your back. Due to how weight is distributed, you should be able to carry a girl for a fairly long distance using the fireman's carry. However, the positioning may feel awkward or uncomfortable for the girl.

She may ask to be put down if she feels uncomfortable being carried like this. Method 3. Go slowly to avoid strain or injury. If you're not a weight lifter by practice, you should go slowly when lifting someone. Lifting with your legs can reduce the risk of back strain, but it does not completely eliminate it. Go slowly when lifting. Pay attention to your body. If you feel strained, you should stop.

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Avoid picking someone up in an emergency if you lack professional training. The fireman's carry is primarily used to transport injured victims during emergencies and accidents. You should avoid using it if you do not have professional training. You could inadvertently make someone's injuries worse. Only use the fireman's carry for fun. Make sure someone is okay with being picked up.

Not everyone likes being picked up. Even if you've been dating a girl for awhile, she may not find being carried fun or romantic. Make sure to ask if it's okay beforehand, especially if you've never lifted her before. You should also pay attention to body language. If she's standing with her arms folded or stepping back, you may be invading her personal space. Be careful picking someone up in public. For a lot of reasons, a girl may dislike being picked up in public. Some people are uncomfortable with public displays of affection. Also, if the girl is wearing a short skirt, you do not want to accidentally expose her underwear while picking her up.

A girl wearing a short skirt may want to keep her hand on her skirt when being picked up. Before picking a girl up in public, ask her if it's okay first.

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Bend down in a squat, have her jump onto your back or shoulders, and hold her legs. Lean forward for support. Be cautious when straightening up with her weight on your back so you don't hurt yourself. Yes No.

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Not Helpful 1 Helpful Natalie Walters. The fireman style would probably not be the best. I suggest bridal style instead, which is the first lift shown, as it would perhaps be easier on her tummy. What if other people show disapproval or try to stop me from carrying her?


If she's okay with it, tell the other people to mind their own business. If anything is making her uncomfortable, put her down right away.

Keep in mind that it is inappropriate to carry someone around in certain situations, like church, school, etc. Don't try this anywhere you're supposed to be serious and focused on something else. Not Helpful 0 Helpful A fireman's carry is best when running since her weight is distributed over your shoulders and you can have a hand free to balance yourself if you pick her up correctly.

Thank you.

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