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Nor is it influenced by any elements you may think influence my thoughts due to being close to the development of this book. The moment I read the beta version of the book, my mind screamed out for me to give a five-star rating. The changes that occurred, the growth I have seen, simply made me love the book even more. It remained a solid five-star read, ensuring Bound By Shadows holds the spot as my current favourite read of the year. In fact, I believe it may hold the title by the time the year ends, as it will take a truly mind-blowing book to top this. Whilst Bound By Shadows is the second book in the McAllister Justice series, know it is perfectly fine to read this book as a standalone novel.

Although not necessary, Digital Velocity will help in your understanding of the male lead in Bound By Shadows. A lot of what Caden experiences in this one, a lot of the background in understanding his fears, can be understood through reading the first book. Not to mention, the McAllister Justice series is shaping up to be a wonderful series, and it is best to read them in order. You get to see how things have developed for the characters in the first book, you get to watch all the characters as the series progresses.

Bound By Shadows has all the trademarks of a wonderful Reily Garrett read. There is plenty of action. There is a great mystery. There are hot moments. There is a lot of chemistry. There are great characters. There is more than enough to keep you turning page after page, ensuring you receive everything you expect from a wonderful romantic suspense book. Those who have read a prior Reily Garrett book will have an idea of what to expect, and this book provides these things in large quantities.

The first page pulls you straight into the action, kicking the story off with a bang. Without a doubt, the thriller elements of this story are my favourite out of all my Reily Garrett reads thus far and I only have a couple of her books I still need to read. It develops at a wonderful pace throughout, giving you ups and downs as you try to work out how everything ties together.

Throughout all of this, the romance slowly builds. I had a massive internal debate about whether Caden and Kaylee are my favourite Reily Garrett couple. You see, Conner and Kendra hold a special place in my heart, as their story in Carnal Obsession blew my mind. It was a close call, a very close call, but I think Conner and Kendra are still hanging onto that spot. It really is a wonderful romance between the two of them, they work so well together as characters, and the chemistry is fabulous.

I really could rant on and on about how much I loved this book. The only read to have earned a five-star rating from me, and I doubt November or December will manage to hand me a truly shocking read to replace Bound By Shadows as my number one read. I honestly cannot wait for the next book in the McAllister Justice series — but, seriously, I will read whatever Reily Garrett brings us next.

View all 4 comments. Nov 26, Aly rated it it was amazing. What a great series so far! I am glad I get to read such great books and I get to write these reviews so others can pick up great books as well. Kaylee is trying to move on with her life after a deviating loss of her twin brother. But she runs into more trouble of a different kind. Kaylee is a strong character I admire and I loved this book very much. There were ups and downs for her but I loved following along to see how she dealt with everything. Great book! Amount of sex 2.

This romantic thriller can be read as a standalone although I believe you will have a greater foundation and appreciation by reading the series in order. In the first book, Caden went through a difficult ordeal along with Lexi. The incident itself is not pertinent to know for this story, but knowing what happened will Amount of sex 2. The incident itself is not pertinent to know for this story, but knowing what happened will help to understand Caden and his PTSD.

Garrett does a good job of updating the reader if you have forgotten or decided to start with this one. I find Ms. A definite add to your TBR list! Oct 31, Books Laid Bare rated it it was amazing. Mystery and magnificence are the two words that totally spring to mind when trying to put my thoughts on the screen about how I feel about this story, there was action on every page and angst that had me desperately flipping through those pages. Their chemistry was captivating and when their physicality scorching!

From the very first chapter the author immersed me as the reader into a world that felt so real, one that hit the ground running and never let up, the mystery that unfolded was thrilling, it was one that engulfed my day and kept me rooted to my chair as the minutes ticked by and the pages followed at a steady pace. I must say that what totally hooked me was the desire to decipher what was going on, and frustratingly I will admit that it took me too long to get a handle on what was happening, why and by who!

This is not the first work I have read by this author, but I will say that in my opinion it is her best work, I thought the story was beautifully written, wonderfully descriptive and magnificently engaging, this is a story that brings a quality romance to the page all the whilst being wrapped up in the most creative mystery. I recommend reading the first two together. I loved Caden in Digital Velocity so I was excited that he got the next book.

Kaylee just wanted a fresh start. She had no idea that within a week of being back to a town she lived in as a child, she would be kidnapped and trapped in a cage underground. She is the child of a cop. She is not letting these creeps run her out of the city she just came back to. She needs to seek justice and save the future lives of other victims. Just two months ago his life was forever changed and now it was time to protect another woman. Not just any woman. A strong, stubborn, and sexy woman who could bring him to his knees.

Not until she is out of danger. Will he keep her safe and fall for her all at the same time?

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I love a good suspense romance. The puzzle of finding a murderer. Figuring out who is behind the veil. And having a love story in between is the cherry on the top. I not only enjoyed the couple but also his brothers. But at the same time they are protective, collective, and smart. Kinda like a cat.

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Too many women make a game of it. Settle in and enjoy. Dec 04, Rosie Amber rated it really liked it Shelves: thriller , romantic-suspense. Kaylee Tate recently moved to Portland. She wakes-up in a cage, finding herself a victim of a kidnapping. Her head is fuzzy with the drugs she must have been given. The cage is underground and Kaylee is not alone; another girl urges her to wake-up. When Kaylee walks into a police station, she meets members of the McAllister family, brothers who are either policemen or are connected to policing.

Kaylee is relieved to see these friendly faces that she knew from her school days. They discover clues of a possible sex trafficking ring, but the girl and the cages are gone and, as a witness, Kaylee is still vulnerable. Whilst protecting Kaylee, Caden faces some of his own fears and the pair find a deep mutual bond. The tension builds through-out the story to an exciting and satisfying ending. I enjoyed the mix of suspense and romance. Characters from book 1 return and the cameraderie and banter between the McAllister brothers was fun. I will look forward to further adventures and romance from more books in the series.

Nov 20, Jennifer Pierson rated it it was amazing. Bound By Shadows is the second book in the McAllister Justice series, and while it can be read as a standalone, I really recommend reading Digital Velocity first, as it will make more sense with the added details.

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Kaylee is in Portland for a fresh start after a tragedy nearly derailed her life, but never did she think that she would be kidnapped there. She's drugged, wakes up in a cage, and barely manages to escape. However, she really didn't take into account that the sadistic killer would keep Bound By Shadows is the second book in the McAllister Justice series, and while it can be read as a standalone, I really recommend reading Digital Velocity first, as it will make more sense with the added details.

However, she really didn't take into account that the sadistic killer would keep trying to get her, so she's really not too keen on letting anyone help her. Caden McAllister is just 2 months out of dodging of sociopathic murderers best attempt at killing him, and isn't able to move forward. His quiet life explodes into serious chaos when he comes across Kaylee after escaping her prison. Now they are in a race to figure out who kidnapped her before they take her out, but will he be able to keep her safe?

Bigger mystery, more action, tons of intense suspense, and some angst thrown in for good measure. And the entertaining cast of secondaries are the same with a few new ones which kept me laughing until my sides hurt. The diabolical twists were around every corner, and I spent the majority of my time dropping loud f-bombs. Nov 29, Robert Enzenauer rated it it was amazing.

The books starts very quickly with a kidnapping and escape , and moves very quickly after that. She is helped by a very interesting hero - Caden McAllister and his unique band of brothers. Her writing is vivid in its details about cruelty and torture, but not pushed to the point of being grotesque.

This is an excellent murder mystery thriller that will be interesting for most men, and just enough romance to interest the men's s This is my second book in Reily Garret's McAllister Justice Series. This is an excellent murder mystery thriller that will be interesting for most men, and just enough romance to interest the men's spouses. Lots of action and intense suspense. The characters are well developed, and very interesting, including Caden's brothers. I agree with other comments that the book is a good sequel to earlier efforts.

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But this book also stands alone very well. I liked this book enough to gift to my adult daughter. Bound By Shadows by Reily Garrett unfortunately needs a complete overhaul. You want a book that will grab a reader no matter what level they are and this is not it. If Reily Garrett put as much effort into the actual story and outline as she does writing an overly descriptive sentence, then she could have something solid.

Nov 08, Mary Meredith rated it it was amazing.

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Kaylee is starting over, her past won't define her. I loved her character development over the story. She is trying to overcome so much and find herself at the same time. Her strength and grit to fight back makes her a strong heroine. While she doesn't need saving, it's nice that she was given a vulnerability to embrace the strength given to her.

I don't want to spoil this story but I liked how smart she was. Reily writes really strong, smart, and capable heroines in her stories.

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Sure they find Kaylee is starting over, her past won't define her. Caden is back and I enjoyed that we got to see him in a new light. Wow he was given such a genuine weakness but it turned out to be a strength in the time of need. Family, while annoying, means everything to him and they will stop at nothing for Caden. I love the dynamics he has with each brother and the bond. With out a doubt you know that Caden is loved even if he wants to throttle them all. He really steps up for Kaylee and becomes the guy he imagined he would be.

This story has action, suspense, romance, and so much more. I cannot wait for the series to continue. If you want thriller and romance get this novel today. Nov 09, Petula rated it it was amazing. Kaylee Tate decided on a new start after the death of her twin brother. She returned to the town of their childhood. What she certainly didn't expect was to be kidnapped a few days later. Caden McAllister is a P. He is visiting the police station when a traumatized woman stumbles in.

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There follows a life or death investigation that will carry on for weeks and involve lots of people from the town. Our hero is suffering from PTSD and finds many of the things he had to do for this case dragging up his nightmares. Our heroine is a strong and independent woman. Or is at least trying to be. A wonderful romantic suspense with lots of danger and scary moments. I was completely hooked from the first to last page. It is part of a series but you don't need to have read the previous book.

I have read it and that is just as scary. The characters are all brilliant and I can't wait to read the next book in the series. They are some seriously sexy brothers. I loved it. Nov 04, Danielle Fulton rated it it was amazing. In this second installment of the McAllister Justice series you are brought on the ride Kaylee and Caden.

As she still hears from people wanting Logan and Addie's story, Anne hopes someday to write that, too. But not just yet. If you've ever tried to keep all these folks straight, a timeline and family tree pages might help. We'll be putting it up as we get things sorted out. The Stardust Cowboy Code of the West. Cowboy on the Run Code of the West. Imagine what would happen if you wrote a romance and the man on your cover — your hero! That's the sort of thing Anne thinks about when she's staring at a blank screen!

But then Jack had a friend called Carter, and Carter fell in love with Diane. But Nick was already in love with Diane. And if Nick got Diane, Carter had to have a love of his own. Anne — and a whole lot of readers — figured that out. So then there was Annabel. And her kids. And a baby. And a goat. Carter got more than he expected in that book.

There were a couple of anthologies, too. One about what happened at Nick and Diane's wedding and another that took place back in Boone's Corner, Vermont several years later when Lucy Potter accidentally took Holt Braxton home for Christmas. Anne is very glad Boone's Corner is still there. She never knows when a small Vermont town will come in handy! Imagine Book 1. Marry-Go-Round Book 3. I Thee Wed Book 2. Never Say Never Book 5. Anne spent her formative years on southern California beaches.

And while she imprinted on a cowboy, she can't quite shake the sand from her toes. There are a few old family stories dressed up in new clothes. The books were a delight to write because they allowed Anne not only to go back to old haunts and reconnect with old friends, but to do lots of fun "research" into making sand castles, rehabbing a baseball player's broken arm, becoming a priest, being an umpire, finding one's roots on the Navajo reservation, restoring a Victorian house, getting a divorce in Alameda County, getting arrested for soliciting a prostitute, soothing the painful gums of teething babies, stealing a Porsche, being a hero in pursuit of losing his virginity.

Oh, there's no end to the amazing stuff writers get to learn — and no end to the kind and interesting people they get to meet while doing so! The amazing thing is, these characters hung around. Joanna Hancock-Smith was determined that Chase Whitelaw was going to be that man. He was. Lots of the Quicksilver folks came back to visit, too. It was like "old home week. Quicksilver Season Book 1. A Chance of Rainbows Book 2. Body and Soul Book 3. Marry Sunshine Book 4. Gifts of the Spirit Book 5.

Late last year Anne got call from Sophie Weston inviting her to join in writing a four-book series about couples whose stories grew out of an English village wedding. To say she was thrilled to work with such stellar writers as Sophie and Jessica Hart and Liz Fielding is an understatement.

She could hardly wait. But she had to, because about a week after she signed on, she broke her wrist. Then Liz, in a fit of entirely unnecessary oneupsmanship, broke her arm! Things got put off.

The Boy Project: Notes and Observations of Kara McAllister

The holidays came and went. There were weeks when no one thought the books would see the light of day. But in March, with broken bones knitted and casts removed, all four writers got together in Castle Combe, often called the 'prettiest village in England' where they went to work out the final logistics and details, while soaking up the local village atmosphere, sharing an elegant lunch, and, not least, enjoying each other's company.

Anne loves research anyway, and this was the best kind of all. The stories have come together at last, all revolving around the wedding that took Combe St Philip which, let's face it, owes a lot to the beauty of Castle Combe by storm because it wasn't just a wedding, it was a royal wedding -- the royal wedding of Prince Jonas of San Michele and local girl, Hope Kennard, who was not royal at all. Hope did, however, have a backbone, and when she said she wanted to get married in her village church, even though the San Michele royals were not pleased, Jonas, having finally found the love of his life, was determined to make that happen.

Hope's decision had a huge impact on her older brother, Max. He was not expecting Hope's friend Flora to take over his kitchen -- or his life. It is great fun. The first of the four books to be finished, Jessica's book set the bar very high. Liz Fielding met it. Her story, The Bridesmaid's Royal Bodyguard, is a delight. Her characters, Ally and Fredrik, jumped off the page. They jumped into Anne's story, too.

The Best Man's Bride, Anne's story, grew out of conversations she and Sophie had about a book they considered writing together long ago. In it they had ghosts and parrots and grumpy old earls. They had a young dashing hero and the woman he was going to sweep off her feet, and for once, far too much plot. Trouble was, too, Anne had written a scene with the heroine's ex in it and, frankly, he kept hijacking the story. She and Sophie never wrote the book. The ghost wouldn't cooperate.

Neither would the ex, Jack. He wouldn't go away, either. And he turned up the minute Sophie invited Anne to join the series. She barely got off the phone with Sophie when she looked around and there he was, leaning against the doorjamb, looking supremely satisfied. Anne knows when she's been beaten. She wrote Jack's story. She wrote Celina's story, too. Celina wasn't the heroine from the first story.

She was quite different. Jack had changed a bit, too.

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He wasn't giving up, that was for sure. He loved Celina. He needed to make her understand that. Anne thought he needed to shape up a bit, too. They had some discussions over the course of the book. Celina had some input, too. That's what heroines are for, she reminded them: to make heroes realize they can be even better than they already are. The Prince's Bride Book 1. The Baronet's Wedding Engagement Book 2. The Bridesmaid's Royal Bodyguard Book 3. The Best Man's Bride Book 4.

Lightning Storm. The Marriage Trap. A Cowboy for Christmas. Call Up The Wind. The Eight Second Wedding.