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It is also a hopeful tonic: there's life out there after divorce -- rough, tough, and realistic, for women and men alike. Garry Hynes directs O'Kane, a comedy stand-up artist who clearly shows her background in straight theatre, in a partnership that shows both to advantage, timed to perfection, delivered with gusto, and performed with real emotional understanding.

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For a theatrical performance? Because it's not a play: it's clearly got its sights on the sale of film rights. That's its weakness.

Its strength is that it's a bit of gas, and will appeal to a movie generation deeply suspicious of the suspension of disbelief required in live theatre. Set in southern America trailer trash-land, it tells the story of Agnes, a drunk and coke-head, who lives out her life in a motel room. Her violent ex-con of a husband arrives to give her a good thrashing, only to be interrupted by the "mysterious" drifter Peter, who goes on to give the play its title as he erupts in seemingly inexplicable wounds and sores.

That's the nice bit; from there on it's all downhill for Agnes and Peter, for RC, Agnes' lesbian hooker friend, husband Goss and psychiatrist Dr Sweet who thinks he can sort it all out.

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The acting throughout is admirable, the direction, after a slow start, suitably funky. Nobody except Alexandra Moss as RC looks American not surprising, since she is but that's a small point. Charlotte Bradley is Agnes, descending into delusion with eye-blinking rapidity; Les Martin is Peter, the sensible-sounding paranoid schizophrenic; Art Kearns is the loutish husband, and Gerry O'Brien the inversely-named Dr Sweet. Sign Up.

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She is even reduced to calling the helpline for "people experiencing suicidal tendencies" PESTS , and, the daughter of a doctor herself, she also suffers as her GP points out, from a number of maladies engendered by LAMB Laymen with Access to Medical Books This is a funny, funny piece, and wildly politically incorrect: there's no pussy-footing around with a "wronged woman" syndrome.

Good fun. Irish News Video.

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