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A recently single woman hires a fake fiance to get through the holiday weekend with her family. A small town business owner meets a young boy who inspires him to believe in miracles again. Mariah Carey's Merriest Christmas.

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A beam of light shines down like a UFO, and it looks like it could beam up the entire nativity scene and blast off to another galaxy. Or possibly just the Christmas star shining brightly. I celebrate Secular Christmas almost exclusively, only occasionally making exceptions for Religious Christmas songs to burst in and make a cameo in my playlist. A brief scan through this made me wish for a second that I believed in this stuff so I could feel a connection to it.

However, I am semi-fond of the wordplay element of this title. If I had listened to this one first, I know it would have felt slightly better. This is the one where I started to feel as if I had locked myself inside Christmas Jail on Christmas Day and found out that every day would now be Christmas, forever.

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Does that make it better than if it was somewhere in the middle of the track listing? I have lost patience and the ability to tell good from bad. I will never catch up now. But you should definitely buy it after testing out on Spotify to make sure you like it.

There is a skull in the middle. Why not 20?

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Twenty is good number. I felt whole when we were at twenty. I mean, what else can I possibly say at this point? You know how I feel about this. She is blowing a dandelion into a night sky filled with stars and snowflakes, which I am unfamiliar with as a method of making Christmas wishes. Are there dandelions in winter? The cover is two pics of special guests Sutton Foster smiling and Hugh Bonneville wincing.

Christmas is complicated, some parts are happy and some parts are sad. It has certainly got more of lively energy than a lot the more basic studio albums on offer. Stream it! I guess because this is where I admit I have a problem and I am addicted to Christmas records even if maybe they are not good for me. Did you know I keep my tree up in my apartment until February? Partly out of laziness — it took me so much effort to put up, what do I care if my January is a notch too festive? Mind your own business! This record is fantastic. But bear with me, I think there is a good reason to include this one anyway.

And guess what, the two main colors are green and red, so this non-holiday album just got a little more Christmas-y. It certainly beats sitting in a white room on a sofa or in a blue room on a chair. Oh what fun it is to name your record in this way. This is a fun crop of Christmas originals, which range from genuinely beautiful to simple, dumb fun. So many of these records kind of feel like hard work, but Sia makes it seem easy.

I love it. The trip to Target is totally up to you, but you can sample them on Spotify first and see what you think. And it sounds impressive. No need to get creative when you have the numbers on your side. I trust them. I keep scanning because I know that I am never gonna be able to give my full attention to pieces of classical XMAS music no matter how much I try. My attention is gonna wander and even if I have this on repeat for a month, a lot of this is gonna become my fancy-pants musical wallpaper that I tune in and out of at will.

I scan ahead and am disappointed to see no Prokofiev amongst the tracks, but I see some Nutcracker and some other familiar holiday hits, and I am satisfied. Then again, I need to find out if there are liner notes, maybe I will end up buying it after all. Unless you count using the title of the TV special, in which case: Good Grief! COVER: Someone figured out long ago that if you put out this LP on different-colored vinyl or as a picture disc, holiday fools like me will keep buying it every year like an insane person.

It is the perfect Xmas record. If I could only rescue one and the rest were to be destroyed forever, I would not hesitate. And obviously it is completely unethical and inappropriate for me to include it here. The bar has been lowered, perhaps, forever. Very basic. Happy Holidays, everybody. Retroactively, the title tracks that refer to new, original Christmas songs get a pass from me, goddammit. Forgive my ignorance! I never claimed to be an expert, or to know anything at all, about anything! Okay, I think I know that song. Phil Spector may be a convicted murderer, but when his name is invoked talking about the way a record sounds, it still has a positive connotation.

An easy decision to add it to the ever-growing Spotify playlist. NOT a title track! I am unfamiliar with Whitehorse but I like them before I hear a note of it. I like how they use the name of their group in the title. VERDICT: I have to admit, anyone writing multiple new Christmas songs is unlikely to write more than a few which really stick, even if they are nice on first listen. Time will tell, but I think Whitehorse have written and recorded a few fine contenders. I am gonna stream it this year, and see how I feel upon returning to it in November …. If anything, it overtly demonstrates the desire to explicitly avoid one.

And this is a solid title. A Santa with a huge afro has his back to the camera. What a goddamn great new Christmas record! I may write that song myself for next year. It is the kind of album cover art you could convey over the phone to the person tasked with designing it and it would turn out alright. Sometimes moody, sometimes feisty, sometimes exotic-sounding, it rewards a casual listen as much as a close one. Eight of its nine tracks are perfectly reasonable modern interpretations of classic traditional songs —— wild but not too wild.

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Either way, I would put this record on at a party and I would also listen to it happily by myself, either while driving or walking or sitting alone in a crowded or empty room. Think The Americans , but a show that is still being made, and make it happen for next year, showrunners. This newly-formed holiday supergroup not only avoids having a title track, they have an excellent band name.

This art serves the title well. If you work for a radio station, add it to the playlist permanently, returning every December along with the Bing and the Mannheim and the Guaraldi. Partial credit. What do I know, anyway? A Twist of Christmas Lifetime, December 1 at 8 p. Sounds like One Fine Christmas. Christmas in Love Hallmark, November 11 at 8 p.


A Christmas in Tennessee Lifetime, December 9 at 8 p. A Gingerbread Romance Hallmark, December 15 at 8 p.

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What could possibly go wrong? Based on a true love story. As adults, can they grow a romance? Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out. Hilarie Burton and friends in The Christmas Contract. Photo: Lifetime. Tyra Banks in the long-awaited sequel Life Size 2.

Kellie Pickler in antlers. Danielle Panabaker in Christmas Joy. Ashley Williams, ambitious woman, inherits a reindeer farm in Northern Lights of Christmas. Alexandra Breckenridge in a local bookstore. One of these people bakes. Will this couple make you cry? Elizabeth and Mr.

Darcy in front of Pemberley Manor.