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Pertains strongly to the inquiry of, "What the fuck were you thinking?! After walking in on your girlfriend hooking up with someone else: " What the fuck is going on here?!

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This is lunacy! A slightly more musical way of saying "insanity".

It was once an accepted medical term, but like "retarded" and "dwarf" it has fallen by the wayside. The word derives from the belief that mental illness is somehow related to the phases of the moon, a conviction widely held until it was debunked by the advent of modern medicine.

Seward to Renfield , Bram Stoker's Dracula. Luna-cy unknown. The art of intentionally understating one's strength, see sandbagging with the intention of deceiving one's opponents, he then can reveal a hidden strength to take the opponent by surprise. And when confronted with factual information, deny everything throw as many people under the bus that you can fit. Did you see Luna-cy got caught with another stacked team? Yeah he got caught though and cried the entire way home.

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Hard day Proll Taylor Swifting Circuit Queen Mentionitis The imputable areas are less in focus then the icons, should be the other way. The inputted values are more important.

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Icons could be reduced in size to make that visual importance. A-ha, I see your point. You like it as it is, and prefer to follow the usability guidelines. That makes a lot of sense.


This looks really well done and I don't mean to diminish, but if you had to bet on a horse wouldn't you go with Figma here? Figma works anywhere, has collab features, prototyping, imports from sketch, etc. Given that this is a Windows-only app, I think this is supposed to be for allowing Windows users to collaborate with teams already bought into Sketch.

We like many of these platforms. Still, we believe Sketch is a default platform for design. Also, it's a great tool with a vast community producing the tutorials, plugins, resources, and the third party software, including Lunacy. Recap: not only Sketch is popular, but it's moving forward faster due to the community's effort.

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I've grabbed and installed already for those rare cases I need to do something with a sketch file. Might tinker when I've got more time. Designer News is a large, global community of people working or interested in design and technology. I need help.

A Sketch for Windows? Maybe.. Meet Lunacy

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