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Ken Elephant. Acrylic , Epoxy Resin , Iron.

Key Ring. Sold Out He is very accepting of Ema's entry into the house, but is somewhat befuddled by her on occasion.

He tries to be her shoulder to cry on, so to speak, and wants to keep her happy, often giving her flowers depending on her situation. He is very reserved when it comes to his feelings for her, choosing to act subtly instead of being forceful.

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He states in the finale that he will "risk it all to love her. Kaname is the closest brother to Iori because Kaname was able to understand him in some situations especially when the death of his girlfriend Fuyuka game only. Due to a change in circumstances though, he started to hate Kaname talking to him, feeling like he is trying to interfere with his personal life. But, at the end of the novels, they make up with each other. In the anime, their relationship is not nearly as tense, because Iori's ex-girlfriend presumably does not exist.

However, Iori is still often the one who reigns in Kaname when he becomes too flirtatious, especially with Ema. Iori is very accepting of Ema when she joined the family and tends to give her flowers relating to her current situation. He tries to be there for Ema when she needs someone to talk to, and often makes her feel better as a result, which makes him happy. He is protective of Ema, and shows subtle hints of jealousy whenever his siblings, mainly Kaname, flirt with her. Iori is often the one who tells him when he's gone too far and is bothering Ema.

Whenever she is involved, he has no qualms about showing his warm and caring side. Later, it is revealed that he is also in love with her, shown best when he gave her an iris, not only for good luck, but it also means that Iori "will risk everything to love her". Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Image Gallery.

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