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The gospel also remarks that Jesus fed hundreds of people in the desert with five loaves and two fish.

The God Code: The Secret of Our Past, the Promise of Our Future

Then he broke the bread and handed it to his disciples. This number seven is sprinkled all over the gospels. It is saying God is present here. Christians, after all, receive seven sacraments, starting with Baptism. At Confirmation, boys and girls receive the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. You could say that seven is a signal in the Gospels that Jesus is working in the story.

Otherwise, the reader or the listener might miss out on the key point. Stars at Night If we look up at the heavens at night, the clearest stars with the clearest pattern are the Plough and Orion. For sailors, both were easy to find at night. Both were steady, immovable and that made their direction-finding easy too. Sailors might have to sit it out in stormy weather and cloudy skies while waiting for the sky to clear.

With the stars above their heads again, they could sail to port. So there is something going on with this number seven, whether it is a secret code for the Christian family to find God in their lives, or a guide to the universe on starry nights or a simple pathway in the darkness.

In the Christian way of life, it is all about finding God, otherwise it is a game of numbers for unbelievers. If the code does not prompt me to action, then I have missed the insight contained in the secret seven. Saturday, 29 June Does God want us to recognize His Son by comparing it to the image on the Shroud?

Examine excerpts of the following prophetic scriptures that imply Jesus' appearence will be the same in the future, as it was in the past. Zechariah Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends Acts Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into Heaven? This same Jesus , which is taken up from you into Heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into Heaven Paul ended chapter 4 as if it were a sworn affidavit, testifying to the evidence he saw.

In John , within the space of three short verses, John wrote of Jesus' burial linen clothes three distinct times. Three seperate times John kept pointing to the Shroud in those 3 short verses. It would have sufficed had John only written it once. For what other purpose would John repeatedly write about the linen clothes in 3 consecutive verses if he wasn't trying to bring it to our attention? Another curious tidbit was that in John , John referred to the Shroud as the linen clothes in the plural and not in the singular. But rather than refer to the cloth singularly, John's words suggested he had seen two things, which, in a sense, were divided but somehow connected.

The images of Jesus' body, both the front and rear sides, were transferred onto the surface of the Shroud, as if a divine power had created a scanned image without benefit of technology. In John , John wrote he and Peter saw the linen clothes laying in the tomb where Jesus' body had been. Note how John wrote in the plural when he wrote, linen clothes and not just linen cloth. This had to be the reason why John consistantly referred to them as the linen clothes and not just the linen cloth in three straight, short verses.

Not surprisingly, the shroud posed a grave danger for the disciples of Jesus by way of further persecution. Hushed rumors about the shroud's existence must have quietly circulated among believers at Corinth. Yet Paul steadfastly assured them of the truth. We Have a Treasure in an Earthen Vessel. In cleverly crafted prose, Paul skillfully weaved words of imagery , in a hidden pattern of repetitive codes, confirming he had witnessed the image on Jesus' shroud, as did all of the disciples.

However, Christ's disciples did not physically describe the Shroud image so much as they referenced it in words that would not have betrayed the medium in which it existed, a burial cloth. To acheive this, Jesus' followers used the spy craft of steganography in order to broadcast this secret message. But most Christians have never read the Bible through the eyes of an investigator, code breaker or cryptanalyst. Paul's message was designed to be understood by Christians but not by his enemies, whose attempts at spying involved intercepting such letters.

In 2nd Timothy , Paul told Timothy to bring 'the cloak ' with him. Paul did not say to bring, 'My cloak' but the cloak. Was it possible the Shroud could have been folded enough times, as to be hidden within a long cloak? While their choice of words implied a spiritual innuendo, few realized their implication signified a material object, the Shroud. Such an admission in writing would have been equal to a signed confession.

The disciples would have been crucified before the Christian church could take root. Once decoded, the real message by Paul was: I have a transferred figure. The significance of the disciples' coyly written words would be lost to Christ's enemies who would remain ignorant to the truth because the Shroud's existence was invisible to them.

How could they grasp something that had been hid from them? As Paul wrote, the minds of them who believed not in Jesus Christ were blinded by Satan. The disciples conveyed their sense of sight when writing of Christ's image, as if they were looking at the Shroud in their minds' eye when writing of Jesus' image.

And, it was not some delusion of their imaginations.

The Poor Clare Nuns sewed patches of new cloth to cover scorched holes in the Shroud in The carbon dating attempts, in the final analysis, combined both old and new material of the Shroud when the tests were carried out. Shroud fibers from the 1st century had been intentionally carbon dated with fibers from the repair job of the Shroud, whereby cotton was weaved into the much older flax material of the Shroud. Regarding Jesus' thoughts about not refilling old wine bottles or wine skins with new wine because it would ruin the flavor of the new wine, that part of the parable may have alluded to the Shroud fibers being soaked, washed and rinsed with strong chemicals in preparation for the carbon dating tests in It was not until when the same samples of the Shroud, which had been carbon dated in , were proven under microscopic examination by physicist Ray Rogers, to contain an usual blend of flax and cotton that had been intricately joined together during a reweaving of an area damaged by fire.

Under the microscopic, Rogers showed that the Shroud sample that was carbon dated in actually consisted of not 1 type of cloth but 2 different types of cloth. The fiberous ends of these cloths were joined together undetectably with two different weave patterns. Such an unusal distinction in the two patterns clearly showed an uneven trajectory, contrary to one another. Their weave patterns in the area of the Shroud sampled for carbon dating were not pointed in a uniform direction as a solid piece of cloth with one weave pattern would normally be.

The carbon date tests of sought to hide these aspects from the public since their secret plan was aimed all along at debunking the Shroud. It has since been learned that the newer cloth from the repair job was also dyed to match the Shroud's color, making it impossible to see the microscopic differences with the naked eye that the carbon date tests sought so successfully to suppress. Even if the Shroud samples had been individually separated from one another, the tests would still be deemed unreliable because of microscopic cross-contamination between the two materials with the differences in age.

The words of Jesus that became a prophecy was long thought to be merely a parable, but J. Watts believes this parable by Jesus was not only a prophecy but a Shroud Code as well. In Shroud Codes of the Bible, J. It was a Shroud Code given by Christ Himself in the four gospels, while at the same time, being a parable about spiritual misalignment.

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Nowhere else in the New Testament were there any examples of Christ giving household tips in upholstery or garment repairs or wine bottling methods. Theologians have long believed this parable about garment patching and new wine had been written in the gospels to illustrate how a new spiritual faith would not blend in with an older type of spirituality. And yet the disciples never explained Christ's motivation for relating this parable. Strangely, it was not so much the clergy as it was the secular-minded people from the world of science which kept the Shroud in the public eye.

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Pete Schumacher, Dr. Petrus Soons achieved by proving the Shroud is a virtual 3-D hologram, encoded with multi- dimensional properties, not found in photographs or paintings. The 3D images of the Shroud that Dr. Soons recreated restored the full bodily image of Christ, prior to the way it looked before , removing the scorch marks caused by fire, which made it impossible to appreciate the full spectrum of the Shroud.

In , cloth patches were sewn over the gaping holes in the shroud, though the searing scorch marks that covered the upper arms of Jesus r emained emblazoned like frozen flames of fire. This money was donated by an anonymous source, whose intent was obvious from the start, to dilute faith in Jesus by diluting belief in the Shroud, though this was not admitted publicly since it was public perception of the Shroud they were trying to alter, to promote atheism. Scientific carbon dating equipment costs a fortune. Did the companies who manufactor such equipment pay the one million pound reward to debunk the Shroud to help sell their carbon testing equipment to universities across the world?

Didn't those companies, who remained in the shadows, have the most to gain by this deception? The Soviets were known to spend millions of dollars for various types of propaganda ruses, in efforts to combat religion. Some conspiracy theorists suspect the Communists wanted to propegate evolution through carbon dating, which would allow carbon dating proponents the chance to further their cause in universities across the Soviet Bloc while being rewarded financially. Why did Dr. This repair job protected the shroud, creating a new perimeter around it, filled the gaping holes left by the fire and helped to bridge some seams together that came apart or were destroyed.

It is explained in this film that the Shroud itself did not consist of cotton but flaxseed material. See the photo link above in the center column for the Rogers DVD. Note the scriptures beneath the professors' photo in the right hand column where they sit in front of a blackboard. He fulfilled Isaiah Jesus' secret disciple, the wealthy attorney, Joseph of Arimathea, played a key role in Bible prophecy. Did Joseph provide the bitter tasting hyssop for Jesus to sip, possibly hastening his death, fulfilling Psalm ? Was the hyssop tainted with a lethal poison? Why did Jesus die right after tasting it?

Was God merciful to his Son, sparing him further agony so his legs would not be broken as Psalm foretold since Christ was crucified for six hours prior to the Passover? Did Joseph of Arimathea literally carry out a mercy killing to save Jesus from further pain but in the process, also inadvertantly ensure Christ's body would be inside the tomb, in time to rendevouz with the Resurrection that was foretold?

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We are about to witness the literal fulfillment of the most horrendous prophecies ever recorded in the Bible but most are unaware of this, remaining ignorant of the dangers ahead. Some say prophecy is too difficult to comprehend. But if Bible prophecies were never meant to be understood, then to what end did God reveal them? Then the seals would be broken or decoded from scriptures, signaling a sequential chain of God's judgements against mankind. This period is called the Great Tribulation in the Book of Revelation.

Recent events in the world provide strong indications the countdown has started. This is the stark reality about these prophecies. They are as plain as day, having not been white washed nor sugar coated to sound pleasing. Many well known Bible prophecy authors claim that the next prophecy to be fulfilled will be the rapture of the church when Christ snatches His believers up to Heaven.

How will they survive persecution by the Antichrist during the tribulation before Christ returns? Should we believe our faith will never be tested? Many Christians who bought into the Left Behind myth want it both ways. On the one hand, they believe a rapture will occur before the Antichrist arrives. They cling to the idea of being saved from a time of calamity by believing a myth.

Unlocking Divine Messages Hidden in the Bible

Are we in the west so confident to assume our faith will not be tested in some dire way? Shocked Christians in the west will sooner or later realize their faith in Christ will indeed be tested, while others will still refuse to face reality. It will happen in incremental stages, worsening as time goes by, according to the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation.

The Left Behind authors promote the pre-Trib rapture theory because it sounds like the perfect escape hatch without our faith truly being tested. Begin prepping ASAP! Pre-Trib Rapture teachers base their beliefs on 1st Thessalonians But if you also examine 2nd Thessalonians , it warns of a falling away of many believers whom false teachers will deceive, effectively blinding them to the perils ahead, tragically catching them unaware. Does Rev. Will those who have the seal of God in their foreheads also wear green garments to better protect themselves against attack from these locusts?

Could a color provide safety? Moses told the Jews to wipe lamb's blood on their doorposts on the night of Passover to save their firstborn. Prosperity preachers will make them think the Mark they will be confronted with will not be the same Mark that John wrote of in Revelation but it will be.

Yet, in Revelation , Christ warns his true believers He comes as a thief at that stage of the tribulation. Jesus warns these believers to keep their garments of faith on. The implication was to avoid believing in heresy, which would cause them to fall away from the true tenets of the faith.

Revelation 19 depicts the marriage supper of the Lamb occuring not before, but after Antichrist's rise to power. The Tribulation will begin well before what the Lord Jesus Christ called the Harvest, what many refer to as the Rapture. We should call it the Harvest, as Jesus did because the word, rapture, was inspired by Satan to promote the false timing of Christ's return for His church. Many will make the mistake of accepting the Mark of the Beast, not recognizing it for what it is because they were expecting the rapture first. In Matthew , Jesus warned of the horrifying events of this period.

Sadly, millions of Christians have been deceived by the Left Behind Series, which twisted the Book of Revelation out of context in regard to the timing of events. How can such a scenario occur unless it were Satanically inspired? And why beheadings as the method of death? To harvest organs for transplants?

If Christians see the President of the U. In Matthew , Jesus said that the generation who was alive during the time of the end would not pass away until all of the prophecies he spoke of would be fulfilled. Many prophecy experts have been taught that the first generation of Jews in the reborn state of Israel of would be the same generation Jesus alluded to in Matthew But now, in , many people are re-examining the text of Matthew Some are wondering if Jesus had indeed referred to the Jews of or or had He actually referred to a generation of Jews born after that time period?

As current world events continue lining up with Bible prophecy, we will find ourselves seemingly trapped in an escalating series of nightmares. The last battle of this world war will be fought in the wilderness of Israel at Christ's return. Would Christ motivate such men, even if they did not believe in him because of their longstanding Jewish traditions that denied Jesus was the Messiah?

Think twice before you say no. Avoid Replacement Theology:. Blasphemous televangelists encourage us to think we're gods because we came from God. The Roman Caesars also said they were gods. It is Satanic teaching. As if to reinforce this is the same nation,. The League of Arab States is encoded.

Scientists Discovered Message from God in Human DNA Code!!

Yet they appear in abbreviate form as simple Bible Codes within 1 word, Jerusalem. Blueprint For Armageddon. A world at war is not led by one single government. Satan has many Christians blindly looking for false signs to confuse them. Many will not. Some will escape. Whether this mark will be in the form of a sophisticated tattoo, implantable microchips or an elastic form of synethetic skin patch remains to be seen. If this Mark becomes an extension of the ObamaCare laws, it will become a federal crime to refuse this Mark.

It is possible this Mark will be limited to only the United States? And that no American? However, when John wrote that the antichrist tried to cause all men to take the Mark, he did not necessarily say that this was going to be the case in every nation across Earth. The Antichrist will not be a global dictator but a regional one whose control of his citizens will be limited to his nation or political union, perhaps a continent, but not worldwide. John's vision may have been limited to just one geographical area where it became law for all the people of that nation to accept the Mark.

Will God judge the U. Do not forget that identity chips were first introduced in the U. John may have actually meant to infer the Antichrist will cause all Americans to bear the Mark at some point during the Tribulation, if he turns out to be a U. In effect, the political leadership of the United States is trying to outlaw God Himself with their socialist agenda. Even as John wrote Revelation as Christ revealed it to him, much of what John wrote of, were terrifying visions, which he did not fully understand.

The technology for those things did not exist in John's day. But they exist now, in our time, twenty-one centuries after John foresaw them. It appears the Blood Moons of and were signposts of Jesus' prophecy in Matthew 24 since that same trajectory of eclipses won't occur again for over years. We should never attempt to divine the future with any Bible or Torah Code software.

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God did not intend it for that purpose. Any presumed codes that are found in such a way could never be substaniated unless and until an event occurs. T he Bible Code was designed by God for one reason, to prove that the prophecies of the Bible are a reality.

Professor Eliyahu Rips led a team of codebreakers to prove Rabbi Michael Dov Weissmandl's theory that hidden codes existed in the Torah. Weissmandl had discovered simple codes in the Book of Genesis prior to World War 2.