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The Chalet Girl , snowboarding Cinderella story, coming soon to a theatre near you. If you like this story, consider signing up for our email newsletters. I was freaking out, as a she had to get that good, and b not hurt herself! They kept asking if the actors would really be doing it themselves, or would they double all the time. I fell over and smashed my head.

Sex, skivvying and squalor. My life as a REAL chalet girl | Daily Mail Online

She flew back to New York and went straight to hospital! We scrabbled around for someone who could stand in, and found a year-old boy who was bumming around the slopes. Someone translated into German, and he went jah! So he did it, and he was brilliant! Actually, stopping Ed Westwick stripping himself! Anton, at the Krazy Kangeroo. No, what do I do now! I was in a hotel, and the minicab came. The receptionist said the cab is here.

Tales of catastophe, sex and squalor from the Alpine Underbelly...

Laptop off, check mobile, get in lift. Finishing the last day of the 7 weeks of shooting in Roehampton with Felicity trying to open a Dom P champagne bottle seemed kind of apt as endings go. There was a feeling of great triumph as we wrapped the feature and even tears from our darling producer Harriet Rees as the final take was captured on film of the baby that she started to nurture all those months ago.

With hugs and kisses flying across the room we all gathered up our things and piled into cars to get over to Soho. Rushing up stairs with boxes from the shoot we managed between us to get everything piled in to our tiny office on Wardour St. With a quick change of clothes in my bag and a slap of the juicie tube upon my lips I used my already mangled hair to my advantage and went for the Kate Moss just rolled out of bed look and slipped into my heels… with 5 minutes to go and only 5 steps down the street to our first location…. We had all the most important people there… Pippa, Harriet, our fabulous director — Phil, Ed Wild the slightly sexy DOP cough a few of the crew and my buddy and photographer of the last 6 days shooting — Stu McCardle.

The party had arrived and food was needed well it arrived after a few delicious french martinis, a mojito and a glass of water for good measure… but both the cocktails and the dinner were just what we needed. I think it was perfectly timed and I especially was delighted when the cast of Miami Vice walked in… my boyfriend and his friends.

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So we then ate mussels, haha — not theirs — drank more wine and got fairly jolly… Felicity our leading lady, starlet, beauty and new best friend swaned in around 11pm — oh so fashionably late — No no, she had been at an engagement party and then as promised had dashed from her artist boyfriend caught a cab and got stuck into the wild excitement that was the party to end all parties. Seeing as it was 11pm we kind of thought it was best to take Miami Vices advice and catch our own cab over to the final destination, or so we thought… Mahiki!

That funny club that makes you feel like you should be in Hawaii, were the bar men wear flowers on their shirts and grass skirts… but all the same it seemed like a great option for dancing. As we pulled up I jumped out of the cab and announced the parties arrival to the fairly friendly looking gay guy in fur at the door, how very sex in the city — he escorted us to our table where the champagne was to start to pour!

Unmaterial Girl Fashion Hack - The Little Black Dress

Location 3 — perfect!!!! Picking up a bottle of wine and some cigarettes we swayed arm in arm down the cobles of Carneby st, home. I wrote this yesterday but had no internet at the top of the Zugspitze!!!! Writing from on top of a mountain at metres. The last three days have been utterly incredible and most beautiful of my time out in Garmicsh… The Zugspitze an unpredictable and yet striking when sunny, has delivered us both a great day today and a stormy day on Tuesday where the whole crew and cast were evacuated from the mountain.

Driving around on a skidoo with Felicity in a white out was hilarious the very cool boarder drove at high speed at the horror to the 1st AD and DOP who found this all rather dangerous… I suppose it was — but so much fun! We had to wait an hour for the train in the restaurant at the top so we ball had a wrap beer and took the party train back down the mountain. Wednesday was a big day for me personally. So I got taken in to costume were I was placed in a biker jacket given silver hoops and an orange bikini top to wear under a strappy black top so that I had a little colour.

Hehe I thought I looked pretty funny! But the cast were really proud and supportive. I did and believe I was ok! So funny being in scenes when you know the cast and crew so well.

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You just have to stay so professional and just take a leap of faith and go for it… as for me, if it makes the cut — I had achieved some short beats, a few mere seconds with a fantastic actress — miss felicity Jones! We are going to give him the sign as a present for sure! OMG — yes she came back after what was a month away in the UK shooting another film.

Georgia is one of those girls who is just the life and soul she is so funny, kind and giving as a person and lights up a room when she walks in. I literally leaped out of the car when we pulled up to set on the Wednesday morning and bounded over to my fabulous friend!


No shock there — I am always far too over dramatic and many of the crew laughed as they ate their breakfast. Sharing the stories of the last four weeks and what tam, felicity and I had been up to Georgia was keen to make up with lost time and got stuck in. It was just so cool to have the girls all back together again on set! I bloody love going up the mountain… there is a difference in the feeling with the crew and cast, especially when it is as beautiful and crisp as it has been today.

With 50 sunblock on, I still have managed to burn my nose. I made a promise to never forget these moment and the amazing memories I have made whilst being on location for the last 2 months. Its one of those things that when you miss you family, friends — boyfriend…. You sometimes want to jump on the first plane home for a hug after a long week — but when you look around and realise that today you get to ski to the office!