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Now Playing. Media player Media playback is unsupported on your device. Video Tourette's boy is 'not making it up' A family with two sons with the neurological condition Tourette's have suffered online abuse since appearing in a TV documentary.

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Must See. Most watched. Why you can trust BBC News. To draw up and execute in a suitable form: make a will. To arrange or agree to: make a date. To arrive at; reach: made Seattle in two hours. To reach in time: just made the plane. To attain the rank or position of: made lieutenant. To acquire a place in or on: made the baseball team; made the newspapers. To gain or earn, as by working: make money.

To behave so as to acquire: make friends. To score or achieve, as in a sport: made a field goal. To assure the success of: Favorable reviews can make a play. To favor the development of: Practice makes a winning team. To be suited for: Oak makes strong furniture. To develop into: will make a fine doctor.

To draw a conclusion as to the significance or nature of: don't know what to make of the decision. To calculate as being; estimate: I make the height 20 feet. To consider as being: wasn't the problem some people made it.

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To constitute: They make a great team. To add up to: Two and two make four. To amount to: makes no difference. To cover a distance : made miles before sunset. To constitute the essence or nature of: Clothes make the man. To cause to be especially enjoyable or rewarding: Your being along really made the outing.

To appear to begin an action : She made to leave. To act or behave in a specified manner: make merry; make free. To begin or appear to begin an action: made as if to shake my hand. To cause something to be as specified: make ready; make sure. To proceed in a certain direction: made for home; made after the thief.

Slang To pretend to be; imitate. Used with like: made like a ballerina. To undergo fabrication or manufacture: This wool makes up into a warm shawl. To rise or accumulate: The tide is making. The style or manner in which a thing is made: disliked the make of my coat. A specific line of manufactured goods, identified by the manufacturer's name or the registered trademark: a famous make of shirt.

The origin of a product's manufacturing: a bicycle of a French make. The physical or moral nature of a person: found out what make of man he was. The physical nature or build of an animal or person: a horse of a beautiful make. Slang Identification of a person or thing, often from information in police records: Did you get a make on the thief? To have or produce a particular effect or result : small details that make for comfort.

To help promote; further: makes for better communication. To discern or see, especially with difficulty: I could barely make out the traffic signs through the rain. To understand: could not make out what she said. To write out; draw up: made out the invoices.

Informal To represent as being: made me out to be a liar. Informal To try to establish or prove: He made out that he was innocent.

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To get along in a given way; fare: made out well in business. To change or transfer the ownership of, usually by means of a legal document: made over the property to her son. To put together; construct or compose: make up a prescription. To constitute; form: Ten years make up a decade. To alter one's appearance for a role on the stage, as with a costume and cosmetics.

To devise as a fiction or falsehood; invent: made up an excuse. To make good a deficit or lack : made up the difference in the bill. To compensate for: make up for lost time.

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To resolve a quarrel: kissed and made up. To make ingratiating or fawning overtures. Used with to : made up to his friend's boss. To take an examination or course again or at a later time because of previous absence or failure. Printing To select and arrange material for: made up the front page. To bring into use: a flirt making with the eyes. To put forth; produce: always making with the jokes. To carry off; steal. To carry out successfully: made good his escape. To fulfill: made good her promise. To make compensation for; make up for: made good the loss.

To succeed: made good as a writer. Informal To achieve a goal; be successful: finally made it as an actor. To engage in amorous caressing. To go forward; advance. To be coherent or intelligible: an explanation that made sense. To be practical or advisable: It makes sense to go now. To put in an appearance: made the scene at the party. To participate in a specified activity: made the drug scene.

To travel at a specified rate: We made good time getting to town. Slang To make progress toward attracting someone: tried to make time with the new neighbor. To give room for passage; move aside. Aggressively striving for financial or social improvement: a young executive on the make. Bridge bridge to fulfil a contract by winning the necessary number of tricks. Electronics electronics to close a circuit permitting a flow of current.

Compare break Gambling, except Cards make a book to take bets on a race or other contest. Nautical Terms make heavy weather nautical to roll and pitch in heavy seas. This is my favourite brand of cereal. This is a very popular make of bike. I think that I made the wrong decision.

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Asha makes all her own clothes. You've got to make him listen. You'll make a great teacher. She couldn't tell what make of car he was driving. Switch to new thesaurus. Everest but not all summit". Your idea will make a good book. That makes six in all. We have to make New Orleans by nightfall. Quotations "God has given you one face, and you make yourselves another" [William Shakespeare Hamlet ] "Most women are not so young as they are painted" [Max Beerbohm]. To cause to come into existence: beget , breed , create , engender , father , hatch , originate , parent , procreate , produce , sire , spawn.

Idiom: give birth to. To be the cause of: bring , bring about , bring on , cause , effect , effectuate , generate , induce , ingenerate , lead to , occasion , result in , secure , set off , stir up , touch off , trigger. Idioms: bring to pass , give rise to. To create by forming, combining, or altering materials: assemble , build , construct , fabricate , fashion , forge , frame , manufacture , mold , produce , put together , shape. To cause to be in a certain state or to undergo a particular experience or action: get , have.

To select for an office or position: appoint , designate , name , nominate , tap. To cause a person or thing to act or move in spite of resistance: coerce , compel , constrain , force , obligate , oblige , pressure.