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The dramas and the casual conversation at Fort Hood and in Iraq, while sometimes compressed for script purposes, feel credible and real.

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That in turn is a compliment to Martha Raddatz of ABC News, who wrote the meticulously researched book on which this series is based. Featured characters here include Lt. Shane Aguero E. Bonilla , leader of the unit, and his deputy Sgt. Eric Bourquin Jon Beavers.

THE LONG ROAD HOME Trailer (2017) National Geographic Mini-Series

The only way to stay safe, he figures, is to distrust and if necessary neutralize them all. Aguero reports to Lt. Once those Americans start rebuilding the country, he declares, the Iraqi people will respect and thank them. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Troy Denomy. National Geographic. National Geographic E. Bonilla as Lt. National Geographic Jeremy Sisto as Sgt.

The Long Road Home: achieving durable solutions to displacement in Iraq

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In addition to his full-time job at Jasper Engines and Transmissions, James would spend most evenings doing maintenance work at the Jasper Inn to help pay for a portion of their hotel room cost. James worked on repairing door locks while Katie watched videos on her device. Despite James working the two jobs and Melissa working at least one, the Knoxes still struggled to keep their family afloat. Often when they thought they might be getting ahead, something happened that pulled them behind again.

In the year that the Knoxes lived in the Jasper Inn, the family had to change rooms and move their belongings five times. On the fifth time, the hotel owners allowed the family to use two rooms next to each other. Katie followed along behind James as they moved their belongings into the new rooms. Melissa lay on a heating pad to help with her back pain while she and Katie watched TV. The Knoxes moved from one room to another room in the Jasper Inn for the fifth time, which proved to be stressful for Melissa. For several years, Melissa struggled with abusing pain medications and has gone through rehab for the issue.

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She has been clean now for 18 months. During the move, Katie found the fake rose and gave it to her mother. In order to maximize what little space they had in their hotel room, the Knoxes fit their items into bins that could fit in every available space from under the sink to under beds.