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„Geschmacksverirrungen im Kunstgewerbe“, Gustav E. Pazaurek, 1909

Competitive Fly-Fishing. An Autobiography. Hulsean Prize Essay Cambridge University, Graphic Novels. Foreword by Brian K. PAX A. Alles over dienstweigeren. Herderlijk schrijven over oorlog en vrede van de R. Geloof in de revolutie. Reisimpressies uit Nicaragua van zeven Nederlandse religieuzen. Een documentaire. Mensen op transport. Een rapport over gedwongen verhuizingen in Zuid-Afrika. Mensenrechten in El Salvador. Een rapport aan Pax Christi Internationaal. Rapporto sui Diritti dell'Uomo. PAX E. PAX F.

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Mary Paxson: Her Book, The Person and Work of Christ. The Relation Between Christ and the Christians. With a Copious Index. Isaac Watts, His Life and Writings. Volume 3. La France de Vichy. Everyman's dictionary of abbreviations. Christianizing Death. Sheet Music. A Play in Three Acts. Toorak As I Knew It. Of The Prahran Historical Series. Fencott, near Islip [original auction poster]. Little Chesterton, near Bicester [original auction poster]. Ludgershall [original auction poster]. Shipton on Cherwell [original auction poster]. The Manor Farm, Purston [original auction poster].

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Birds of a Feather and Other Aesop's Fables. Englebert the Elephant. Ramblin' Boy and Other Songs. Read April 20, Calendar Book-plate for the Marquis of Carabas. Bookplate for Thomas F. Bookplate for Lily Garnish. Initialled in the plate. Printed Proof on card. Catalogue Proof of a Cover Design. Dance Card. Printed in Orange and Green. Pencil Ruled. Birt, Theodor, Zur Geschichte des antiken Buchwesens. Harri sse, Henry, Christoph Colomb et la Typographie espagnole. Haebler, K. Wolter, E.

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