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Last Name. Institutional Email. Confirm Password. Please Specify Role. Helena St. Zeitschrift Marxistische Erneuerung, No. Das Obama-Projekt: Krise und charismatische Herrschaft 2. Barack Obama: Neuer Roosevelt oder neuer Clinton? Arbeiterbewegung Reloaded? Occupy Wall Street Krieg gegen einen Integrationsunwilligen?

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View on amazon. An Introduction] more. Wolfgang Fritz Haug, Ingar Solty et al.

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Das Obama-Projekt. Krise und charismatische Herrschaft [The Obama Project. Crisis and Charismatic Rule] more. More Info: Supplement of "Sozialismus", Vol. American Politics , U. Frank Deppe, Ingar Solty et al.

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  7. In , the world is entering the sixth year of the global crisis. In those six years, sparked by the unfolding events, there has developed a burgeoning literature regarding the origins, conjunctures and regional manifestations of the In those six years, sparked by the unfolding events, there has developed a burgeoning literature regarding the origins, conjunctures and regional manifestations of the crisis.

    In many ways, this debate evolved from long-term disputes regarding the nature of the current phase of capitalism and its periodization monopoly-finance capitalism, post-Fordism, finance driven accumulation regime, financial-market capitalism, neoliberalism, high-tech capitalism etc. However, as Magnus Ryner has pointed out, with a few notable exceptions, the debate has shed insufficient light on the political articulation of the crisis and the interrelations between the political and the economic sphere. With regard to not only the origins of the crisis but also and particularly the viability of exit strategies from it, the struggles over hegemony occurring during the crisis are essential.

    Hence, complementing the Marxist and Marxian crisis debate, it is the goal of this paper to shed some light on the political articulations of the global crisis and assess the interrelations between global leadership efforts seeking exit strategies from the crisis and the hegemonic struggles underlying their agencies.

    While in looking at the struggle between left and right projects of leadership references will be made to numerous core and non-core capitalist countries, the main focus will be on the two dominant actors in NAFTA and the EU, the United States and Germany, which have shaped the politics of exit strategies from the crisis in North America and the Eurozone. The relationship between capitalism and democracy has historically been a complicated one whose contradictions were reinforced by capitalist crises. In this context we address the following key questions: 1 how have the relationships In this context we address the following key questions: 1 how have the relationships between capital and democracy been constituted during the principal organic crises of historical capitalism?

    In so doing we develop our principal hypothesis concerning the crisis of democracy today: while the crisis of Fordist capitalism in the s was a crisis of too much democracy at least from the particular perspective of capital , the crisis of neoliberalism today from the perspective of the political economy and of society in general is a crisis of not enough democracy.

    The crisis of democracy in this sense constitutes the principal impasse for sustainable exit strategies from the contemporary organic crisis. After Neoliberalism. Left versus right projects of leadership in the global crisis more. This chapter debates the future possibilities for global order and governance by mapping a political sociology of the current global crisis, and specifically the crisis of neoliberal capitalism.

    It looks at the political and class The chapter considers the prospects for several sets of long-term ruling strategies e. These are explored as they are actually being developed by the different right and left agencies of global leadership, especially in the United States and in Germany. View on ebooks. Publication Date: Publication Name: junge Welt. Die Frage stellt sich: Ist aus der heutigen Formationskrise bereits ein neuer Kapitalismus entstanden?

    Post-democracy in Armenia? How the new Constitution will depoliticize Armenian society more. A conversation. Donald Trump's USA and global beggar-thy-neighbor capitalism] more. In an anti-establishment election in the midst of a deep crisis of representation, Donald Trump won the U. His triumph raised the question of whether his realpolitik would lead to a shift towards economic nationalism, undermining the liberal framework if the international economic order and a structural transformation of globalization. His presidency allows us to study what the nationalist far-right actually does when it rules.

    To some, the trade war indicates such a shift in the international political economy based on selective protectionism and partial imperial retreat. On the contrary, Trump's economic and foreign policies embody a neo-Reaganite approach to intensifying world market integration, while his bilateral transactionalism is merely the strategy to achieve this particular goal.

    Hence, Trump's economic approach is in fact a continuation of, not a rupture with, Barack Obama's foreign economic policy goals and merely radicalizes Obama's competitive-austerity approach in a global beggar-thy-neighbor capitalism. Der bilaterale Transaktionalismus ist lediglich ein anderer strategischer Ansatz zur Erreichung dieses Ziels.

    Kasseler Schriften zur Friedenspolitik. Kassel: Jenior, pp. The Green New Deal, understood as a means to reestablishing US hegemony, has failed and given way to a global austerity turn. This has significant consequences for the ability of the US state to fully and hegemonically integrate China US foreign policy faces a dilemma. On the one hand the financial dependence on China rule out direct confrontation, on the other hand the perpetuation of US hegemony depends on averting that the increasing regional integration in South East Asia emerges as a challenge to the US-dominated world economy and its monetary configuration.

    The US are therefore pursuing a risky strategy that seeks to achieve its goals through utilizing existing tensions, most notably around the South China Sea, in order to increase US military presence in the region. The article contextualizes the current NATO intervention into the Libyan civil war in the debates about the new imperialism and the crisis of global capitalism. It poses the question as to whether it can be interpreted as an act of Based on an analysis of the political economy of Libya from decolonization to the contemporary Gadhafi regime, it argues that the integration of Libya into the world order of global capitalism had already occurred as an act of free will.

    Therefore other reasons must have led to the hesitant decision to go to war. More Info: Pt. Strutynski, Peter Ed. Die Welt ist in Bewegung geraten. Quartal , S. Forces of Labor. Stephen Hawking sucht Rat bei der Kollektiven Weisheit. David Hawkins sagt, dass der bedeutendste Bewusstseinssprung 1 der Menschheit stattgefunden hat, was das umfassendste und bedeutendste Ereignis der gesamten Menschheitsgeschichte gewesen sei. Das All-sehende Auge , S. Damals sei unbemerkt vor den Augen und Kommentatoren der Welt die Wiederkunft des Christusgeistes geschehen.

    Hawkins avisiert einen weiteren Anstieg des allgemeinen Bewusstseinsniveaus innerhalb der ersten Dekade des 3. Quellen: Das All-sehende Auge , ; Truth vs. How to Tell the Difference , ; diverse Mitschnitte von D. Wie der Physiker Stephen Hawking u. No quick fixes on the expectation of finding an ultimate "answer". Chaos theory, critical point analysis, attractor patterns, M-fields. Audio sample: Ego and karma , YouTube film, minute , minutes duration, posted May Every problem is caused by its solution.

    So therefore, let's go for it. Video interview with Dr. Die Rose ist ohne Warum. Sie achtet nicht ihrer selbst, fragt nicht, ob man sie siehet. Instinctively, Gretchen had identified Mephistopheles as a negative, unloving, corrupting force whereas Faust defended him complacently. David Hawkins suggests to ask following core questions:. French philosopher, mathematician and early political scientist Nicolas de Condorcet discovered: The power of collective thinking supersedes individual thought processing.

    He proved that a group of minds was more often correct than a single mind thinking independently. The British physicist and mathematician Stephen Hawking, Ph. Attributed as Lord of the Universe , he admitted: I don't know. August Beginning July Hawking had publicly raised a survival question addressed to the Yahoo newsgroup:. More than 25, different E-Mail responses were delivered within a period of six weeks.

    At the time being, this was a response record. Genius Hawking had tapped into the collective wisdom. Humbly he admitted NOT to know the answers to the collectively relevant question he had raised. Fletcher Lynd Seagull was still quite young, but already he knew that no bird had ever been so harshly treated by any Flock, or with so much injustice. There was no lying to this magniflcent skillful being, no matter how proud or how hurt a bird was Fletcher Seagull.

    Subsequently he and fellow first-time filmmaker Diane Powers interviewed fifteen temporary wise men and women on twenty of life's big philosophical questions resulting in the independently produced documentary movie One. The Movie , issued in Decisions , actions, and consequences. Social justice. Culture : values, beliefs and rituals. Adversity, conflict , and change. Utopia and dystopia. Chaos and order. Constructing identities. Freedom and responsibility.

    Good and evil in the world. Heroes and "she-roes". Human condition and spirit. Language and literature. Love and sacrifice. Nature in the balance. View of the world. Past, present, and future. The pursuit of happiness. Relationships and community. Be patient toward all that is unresolved in your heart. Try to love the questions themselves like locked rooms and like books written in a very foreign tongue. Do not seek now the answers, which cannot be given to you because you would not be able to live them. And the point is, to live everything. Live the questions now.

    Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer. Paradoxical situations, synchronicities, koans and philosophical questions cannot be solved in short term, they can only be embraced by many for a prolonged period of ambivalence. In our life — there is "if" In our beliefs — there is "lie" In our business — there is "sin" And in our bodies — there is "die". Change Management — simply explained; Key question : "What would you do if you would not be afraid?

    Inhaltsverzeichnis verbergen 1. Fragentypen 2. Hawkins 3. Empfehlungen im Umgang mit Fragen — D. Hawkins 4. Entweder-oder-Fragen 6. Essentielle Fragen an gesellschaftliche Katalysatoren 7. Beispiele: Fragen und Antworten 9. Lehrsysteme Trivium und Quadrivium — Fragen stellen in korrekter Reihenfolge Die Kunst des Fragenstellens Die Fragen Probleme lieben Zentrale Fragen The Movie — Ward Powers Der Tisch der freien Stimmen — Dropping Knowledge Unbequeme Fragen — Robert Stein Hawkins Englische Texte — English section on Questions Stelle bevorzugt "Wie"-Fragen.

    April Ich kann mich weiter entwickeln. Ich kann unvoreingenommen sein. Ich kann wirklich lieben. Aus ihnen erfolgt keine Antwort. Verlangen, Gier BW Kann ich das haben? Angst BW Ist das sicher? Eine Ausbildung, die auf Buchwissen basierte, wurde ihnen verwehrt. Trivium Dreiweg — Sprache Das Trivium ist ein inklusives Lehrsystem, das vorwiegend von dem griechischen Philosophen Aristoteles entwickelt wurde. Die Reihenfolge der Lernschritte einzuhalten, ist essentiell.

    Unordnung verzerrt die Wahrheitserkennung. Grammatik Wissen bzgl. Bestimmung Schicksal 2. Streitsache Leidenschaft 3.


    April , YouTube Film, Dauer, eingestellt 4. Juni Referenzartikel engl. Von Menschen antwortet etwa einer auf diese Frage mit: Frieden in mir und der Welt. BW oder mit: Dass Gottes Wille geschehe. BW Was gibst Du? Die Antworten offenbarten den jeweiligen Reifegrad der Teilnehmer. Welche Beziehung besteht zwischen Wissenschaft und Religion? Wie kommt es, dass so viele Menschen an Depression leiden? Wie erlangt man wahren Frieden? Was lenkt uns am meisten ab? Was geschieht nach dem Tod? Beschreibe den Himmel und wie man dort hinkommt. Was ist der Sinn des Lebens? Beschreibe Gott. Was ist Weisheit und wie erlangen wir sie?

    Sind wir alle EINS? Quelle engl. Hawkins, Das All-sehende Auge , S. Die Evolution des Bewusstseins beschleunigt sich, nachdem sie sich lange Zeit sehr langsam bewegt hat. Hawkins, Sedona Seminar Emotions and Sensations , Das Reich Gottes kommt nicht so, dass man es beobachten kann; man wird auch nicht sagen: 'Siehe, hier ist es! Lukas 17, NT. Erkenntnistheorie Was kann ich wissen? Ethik Was soll ich tun?


    Religionsphilosophie Was darf ich hoffen? Anthropologie Was ist der Mensch? Aufzug, 1. Wieso drucken Banken ihr eigenes Geld , welches sie dann gegen Zinsen an die Regierungen verleihen? Warum gibt es Krieg , wenn es nur Verteidigungsministerien gibt, jedoch kein einziges Kriegsministerium? Warum werden Lebensmittel und Impfstoffe mit hochgiftigen Schadstoffen wie Fluor und Quecksilber vermengt? Truth , January Richard P. Aber warum fragen wir 'warum'? Was wollen wir eigentlich wissen, wenn wir so fragen?

    Die Frage entsteht immer dann, wenn ein normaler Ablauf unterbrochen wird. Ihr Ziel ist die Wiederherstellung des normalen Ganges. Geschichte und Wiederentdeckung des Ideologischen Denkens , S. Interessant ist, dass selbst so "konkrete Fragen", wie namentlich 'Warum scheint die Sonne und leuchten die Sterne?

    Juli Auf eine Warum-Frage gibt es keine finale Antwort. People's reactions to the Presence embodied in D. Hawkins Visitors who had traveled many miles to ask questions suddenly knew in the Presence of that aura the answers which came about through inner understanding that made the original question irrelevant. This occurred because the Presence recontextualized the illusion of a 'problem' and thus caused it to disappear.

    Reality and Subjectivity , S. Jesus sprach: Fragt man euch, woher ihr kommt , dann antwortet: Wir kommen aus dem Licht, wo es aus sich heraus entstanden ist; es machte sich auf, und erschien in vielen Bildern. Fragt man nach dem Zeichen eures Vaters an euch , dann antwortet: Bewegung ist es und Unbeweglichkeit. So erforscht die Gottheit ihr eigenes Selbst — durch dich. Also stell' deine Fragen, unternimm' deine Forschungen. Du wirst dein Selbst finden und du wirst Gott in deinem Selbst finden, weil es nur das Selbst gibt. Auflage Die Frage "Wer bin ich? Du begegnest ihm, weil er dir entspricht.

    Konfuzius [BW ] v. Neugierde hat ihren eigenen Existenzgrund. Es ist mehr als genug, wenn man lediglich versucht, die kleinen Ungereimtheiten des Tages zu verstehen. Verliere niemals diese heilige Neugierde. Auflage 1. Umnebelnd Himmelsglut. Das sind so Fragen, wie sie das Leben stellt. Man kann sie im Ernst nicht beantworten. Viktor E. Eine einzige Frage kann mehr Zunder enthalten als tausend Antworten. Jetzt Was bist du? Dieser Moment. Dan Millman danmillman. August