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If you are suffering from fear, grief or loss, you may The idea behind this project is to create a safe space within the heart of the community where people are supported with conversations about death and dying. Death Cafes are a chance to eat, drink tea and talk about death in a safe and supportive environment. The event will be facilitated by one of our experienced social workers, Kate Wells, who works with people of all ages to help them process issues surrounding death.

We'll provide a Want a safe space to talk about death, dying, what it means? Can we talk about suicide? Thanks to Nice if you buy a We think it's important that people have the conversation about death and dying so please come along and join us. United States: E. Trow Ave. The Chelan Senior Center in Chelan Washington is donating a wonderful space for this program to have life. We are enjoying the opportunity to talk with our community members and share their insights to what is important in their personal plans. Many of our guests have come to all the gatherings, some just for the coffee and cookies, others for more insight to what they All welcome to drink tea, eat cake and talk about death.

No set agenda, participants choose what they want to talk about. Maybe we are caring for someone who's dying You will find us sitting at the back of the canteene , sometimes laughing like drains and sometimes deep in thought. United States: Augusta St. The event will be run in a circle We would like staff to come along to an informal, comfortable environment to ask questions. Our meetings are informal and inspiring and every time you think you have covered everything you continue to hear new things, gain new insights and a different perspective.

This Pop-up Death Cafe is one of a series of events Poppy's Funerals is organising for Dying Matters Awareness Week to encourage people to broach the subject of death and dying in a friendly As part of Dying Matters Week , we're hosting a Death Cafe - a place to drink tea, eat cake and discuss death. Death isn't always easy to talk about, but on Monday 13th This is the community service building on the corner of Prideaux and Fitzwilliam.

Please use the Prideaux St entrance. Doors will be open from - This is a secure building. United Kingdom: Eden Valley Hospice ,. There seems to be a growing need for those in the metro area to get together with other like-minded Jackson Street , Carbondale, IL , Interested in talking about death? There is no agenda and we are not trying to sell you anything, you At this death cafe mortals will gather to eat cookies , drink tea and discuss death. After hosting two Death Cafe's in , I've found that there is a real demand in this area to discuss death!

Every cafe, I make a special death by chocolate treat. I encourage Combe Grove is a beautiful and peaceful retreat haven 3 miles outside Bath kindly hosting the Death Cafe in The Orangery room. Places are limited to 12 spaces to help encourage informality and conversation. Please join us in a relaxed setting to discuss death, drink tea, and eat cake. Death Cafes are gatherings to share thought-provoking, engaging and respectful conversations on death. They are not intended as a bereavement Come join us, over coffee and cake, to chat about death in a relaxed and confidential environment.

It is not a support group for bereavement counselling. Through a facilitated group discussion, you will have a relaxed, informal space where you can talk freely and openly. Afterwards, feel United States: Maurice M. We're offering a Death Cafe due to local interest. This is a first-time event for us and it is being sponsored by Anne Wennhold.

This will be the second Death Cafe run at the Chapel. Ours is a liberal spiritual community with no hidden agendas. We welcome people of all faiths and none, to come and discuss end of I'm super excited to have an opportunity to hear a lot of young people's Bay Area Cancer Connections supports anyone affected by breast or ovarian cancer with personalized services that inform and empower. It's certainly convent and walkable, too. This is our aim to raise public awareness about death by hosting the conversation people have been avoiding at Death Cafe Murdoch.

We strive to create and provide an open and friendly environment for you Join us in lively conversation as we explore with loving curiosity and generous listening, "what death can teach us about living fully"--Frank Ostaseski, Author of "The Five Invitations". This is the first Death Cafe that I have run, but I shall endeavour to run further Death Cafe events on the second Wednesday of the month at different venues throughout the Wirral. I started this Death Cafe in whilst I was caring for my dementia'd mum. So I could learn more about end of life, signs to watch for.

How to accompany her in those We hope to provide a relaxed and informal setting to bring the subject of death out of the shadows. With open and honest discussion we aim to reduce death-phobia and find value in speaking honestly about a subject that is often taboo.

Welcome to this Portland Death Cafe, which will be downstairs in the Edward Gorey room with the bear! Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation. We are all in this together and no one Mexico: Calle Vidrio , Col. Americana , Guadalajara , Jalisco , Yes indeed! A new location has been secured and, having had a DC-H there on April 10, we really like it! For those who may be unaware, the restaurant we have been meeting at since This is the second Death Cafe set up by Gallaudet students.

The first was on-campus and private. Classroom space just did not feel right so we have asked the Starbucks Signing Store to be our Mexico: La Jacaranda , 4 Dr. Coss , Patzcuaro , Michoacan , Mexico , At a Death Cafe, we drink tea and coffee, eat cake, and discuss death. The aim is to increase awareness of death to help ourselves make the most of our finite lives. What's on Death Cafes provide a comfortable, informal setting in which to discuss a wide range of topics related to death and dying.

What's on your mind? Bring your thoughts, concerns, and curiosity to share with Since I was a child i have been fascinated that We all show up here on earth and then we all go away. Death Cafes are not therapy or practical. They are people getting together over a cup of tea and a slice of cake to talk about death. The Death Cafe will be led by the attendees, there will be no agenda and the only subject up for discussion is death and dying!! United States: N Dunton Avenue , For most of us, death is a taboo and uncomfortable subject.

Join us for a thoughtful discussion about the end of life and share your experiences, thoughts, and fears about death in a relaxed setting You are invited! Date, time and location Sarah and I are excited to host our 3rd Death Cafe!! Sunday May 5th The location! The conference room at DAIP on the 3rd This is the third Death Cafe in Teignmouth and we are back at the Alice Cross Centre who have agreed to sponsor the event.

Thank you Alice Cross! We're grateful to St. Paul's church for providing a comfortabel space for us to meet. We welcome all perspectives, and are not strictly a Christian group. I always provide some refreshments, including delicious Death Cafe Saratoga has been attended by people of all ages; from 20 somethings to 90 somethings have enjoyed this agenda-free space in which to express thoughts, feelings and concerns about a topic that most This Death Cafe is offered as a place to share, discuss and open to our personal insights and inner dialog about death and dying.

Together we bring this powerful conversation to light. Free registration we need to know how much cake to buy! Everyone welcome. Please contact the library Since my childhood I've always been drawn to the topic death as it fascinated me to know what happens after our life. Thats why I followed my mission and became a Soul Midwife to Das macht mich wirklich happy. This is not a support group nor a venue for bereavement. It is an opportunity for folks to explore their thoughts, feelings Spain: Pedro Enea San Pelaio.

Basque Country. This will be a special edition intended to become aware about the big gender difference around talking and thinking about death and dying, the grief process, frailty and taking care of others specially people with Death Cafe in Highton, Geelong is sponsored by The Healing Web to create an open-hearted and informal space for sharing stories about life, death and everything in between, so that we can live life fully East , Warren, PA , Well yes 'really'.

A Death cafe is a safe environment to chat, eat cake and drink tea. Not that we need a 'safe' place It's a privilege to offer a safe, informal space in which to talk about death and dying Death Cafe is a growing international movement of people who come together in a relaxed and safe setting to discuss death and drink tea. Conversation about whatever is on your mind regarding death takes place Maple , West Bloomfield , Michigan , Food and drink is available for purchase before the discussion begins. In addition to coffee, tea, and cookies, we will have fruit and nuts for those avoiding gluten.

Death Cafe of Loudoun County provides a comfortable, informal setting in which to discuss a wide range of topics related to death and dying.

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Share your thoughts and explorations with We are thrilled to be partnering with the Escondido Public Library again! Come with an open mind, a healthy curiosity, and It is an opportunity to share in dialogue around life, death, tranistion. It is a safe and confidential forum, free, with no other agenda I love the conversations which arise at our Esperance Death Cafes, and how much participants are free to ask questions and offer knowledge to others. The following cuppa and cake is a great way to United States: Indiana Interchurch , W. Using "Go Wish" cards, to facilitate, we hold space for personal discussion about attendees' feelings and thoughts about death and dying.

United States: , Leverett, MA , This death cafe is free and open to the public but you must RSVP: eemiller deathjewel. United States: Mt. No one gets out alive. We all have a sell-by date! Join us to converse thoughtfully, respectfully, and safely humor is invited, too. Bring your questions, fears, experiences, ideas, and plans. Bring a friend. Indonesia: Jalan Raya Singakerta , Jl. Raya Nyuh Kuning , Ubud, Bali , As this is now my third consecutive Death Cafe, I am really excited to see what comes up this time!

I have always been fascinated by the topic of death, and am excited to explore You are invited to eat cake, drink tea and talk about death. Death Cafe is not a bereavement group or a counseling session. It is group discussion with the aim of increasing our awareness of NW , Washington, D. I want to change the way we think about dying and thus the way we live.

Death Cafe has the same purpose and is filled with those who do. When I host a Death Cafe I like to facilitate really laid back events. Grab a seat and a refreshment, listen to me ramble off a brief indrocution, and then let the death discussion begin! We wanted to offer an opportunity for people in our area to have conversations around death and life in a comfortable setting where there are no pressures on anyone to decide, agree or do anything. A chat about death over coffee and cake might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it could get people talking about a subject that is still taboo for many.

In our Death Cafes Together we will strive to create a lively atmosphere as we explore values, creative options, and fun ideas. This space will provide an opportunity for individuals of any background, religion, culture or belief to meet together in a non-judgemental environment to talk openly about death and dying. Meetings are informal, insightful and far Join us Wednesday 24th April for an evening filled with life-affirming conversations about our mortality. We are delighted to be hosting this Death Cafe in The Green Shed, a friendly, cosy and informal space Virginia Beach Blvd , Norfolk , We are all dying, but are we all living?

Death is a part of life, so why is death such a taboo subject?

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Let's re-open the conversation. And of course there's always tea We are being generously hosted by San Francisco Unity but it has no overtones of religiosity. We begin with a poem and a moment of silence I am running the Death Cafe in Reno as a community service. I am passionate about the Death Cafe values and philosophy of openly talking about death which then enriches our finite lives. Mexico: Oliver Cafe , Av. Lazaro Cardenas , Morelia , Michoacan , Mexico , In small groups, students will facilitate disscusions about all things dying, death, and living!

There will also be cake. The death cafe will be overseen by Dr. Tullis to ensure that everything is appropriate and within the guidelines. This event's goal is to introduce a mainly student population to the concept of their own motality with an intersectional lens. The GITA mission is to create an environment that is comfortable and welcoming This is an open social forum. The discussion develops and flows based on the needs of the group. No bias zone! We are holding these death cafes to better comprehend community needs around death Cyprus: Aigialousis 1 , Kelia , Larnaca , Bringing Death into our small circles heals grief and suffering.

Join us for a thoughtful discussion about the end of life and share your experiences, thoughts, and fears about death in a relaxed and This is not a support or grief group, but it is an opportunity to share experiences, dreams, thoughts, fears, and hopes regarding death. NE , Albuquerque , NM , Passages is the leading provider of green burial and cremation products to the funeral industry. Camelback Road , Phoenix , AZ , Oketo , Harwood Hts.

We'll take the summer off, June - August and will begin our 7th season in Sept United States: Albemarle St. NW , Washington , DC , Visit Iona's website to get more information about how to participate in upcoming events. April 16th is National Health Decision's Day-- a time to reflect on healthcare decisions related to end on life care and advance planning--what better time to reflect on death and how we choose to confront hard choices. We are two trained advance care planning facilitators who aim to normalize the conversation in our community about death and dying, and help people learn how to plan for a good end.

A Spanish interpreter Washington St. Please join the conversation! We appreciate a response that you will attend so we can plan seating. Thomas , Sanford, FL , There are two certainties in life: death and taxes. Join us on Tax Day for our next Death Cafe. Remember, this is an open, non-judgemental group designed to discuss and overcome the taboo topic of This is an unsponsored event by a member of Odd Fellows. Our world is an uncertain place at the moment with a high incidence of opioid overdoses that is deeply affecting the demographics in our We want people to come together to share stories and thoughts on death and dying in a friendly supportive atmosphere.

United States: Lake St. Oak Park, IL , At this death cafe mortals will gather to eat cake , drink tea and discuss death. Death is generally considered a taboo subject in Western culture. Our objective is to increase awareness of death and explore how this may enhance our everyday well-being. We love talking about death!

We believe these conversations are healthy and enjoyable and allow us a greater acceptance of our own mortality. Past Death Cafes have included laughter, sometimes tears, and of course refreshments The Walworth Death Cafe will be held in a relaxed atmosphere at 55 East, a community cafe. Come along and talk about death in a relaxed non confrontational way. It is a confidential and safe A spring time Death Cafe, with lots of delicious cake and stimulating discussion! No need to book - just come along to share and listen and explore something that touches us all throughout our lives.

I am extremely grateful to have the Centers for Spiritual Living space for this event. We will be surrounded by local art We have been getting requests for the next one so on very short notice will be doing a second one We are enthusiastic to engage with members of our local community in conversation, coffee and cake!

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It is requested that all participants come with an open mind and respect all points Event is free, all are welcome, people are asked to pay for their own refreshments. Please note that L'Exquisit serve teas, coffees, herbal infusions and different milks as well as quality and tasty pastries and cakes! El evento es gratuito y todxs son bienvenidxs.

Cada unx paga sus propio refresco y comida. En el L'Exquisit se prepara deliciosos pasteles y sierven tes, infusiones Chicago Ave , Chicago, IL , However, talking about death early and often can help us confront our own fears and questions and help us make informed decisions for ourselves and Viterbo Univeristy will be holding a Death Cafe coordinated by students in its Death and Dying course. Doors open at , conversation starts at Feel free to bring a hand-held dessert or snack to share if you wish.

All are welcome and admission is free. Donations will be accepted An opportunity especially for people who can't make it to working-hours gatherings! If you'd like a chance to talk freely about any aspects of death, dying and bereavement, join us in the meeting room between 6 and 8pm. Back by popular demand!

At Death Cafe, Humboldt people drink tea, eat cake and discuss death in community. River Road , Manchester , This event is free but please support our hosts at Thyme by buying a drink and indulging in one of their amazing cakes gluten- free and vegan options usually available. Having explored internet and local arts venues and considered community interests we have invited the suggestion of hosting a death cafe to our local cafe, friends, family, colleagues and agreed we would love to open Mexico: Vidrio , Col. Obrera , We provide a space to allow Death Cafe participants to share their experiences with death, thoughts of the afterlife, and ask questions while contemplating how best to enjoy life!

Conversations will happen in circles of chairs. There will be sweet treats, coffee, and tea provided. Hello Death Positive People! As of today! Important details are below, please read. For those who may be unaware, the restaurant we have been meeting at since October All are invited to come along, relax, meet and greet others and engage in what Wildflower Ceremonies celebrant Ellie Brooks was inspired to run a Death Cafe at the Cargo Lounge in Broadstone after attending one during her celebrant training in Glastonbury. Ellie says: "Death is the one thing that will happen to all of us, yet for so many people, particularly in Western culture, death is a taboo subject.

So much so, that when people around us die, or Celebrant Ellie Brooks was inspired to run a Death Cafe in Broadstone after attending one during her celebrant training in Glastonbury. Center , This event is free and open to the public. Bringing awareness, comfort, and cake to conversations about one of the few sure things in life is important and fun. The Death Cafe approach of no United States: 11 West Passaic St. Let's talk about death, baby! Join us for coffee, scones, and good conversation on the incredibly important topic of death and dying.

Please, RSVP to energydancehealing gmail. Text when you arrive at Join us for Tea and Treats as we meet to discuss all aspects of death and dying. This is a safe, respectful space where you can share beliefs, curiosity, fear and stories. There is no Death Cafe is a safe, welcoming place in which people share their ideas, concerns, fears, and hopes about death as well as tea and cake.

Mit wem? Come and join us for mortality chat over a cuppa. Death Cafe is liberating, refreshing, thought-provoking - and often fun. I believe it's so important to talk about death, dying and grieving, to remove the fear and help us live our best lives. Death Cafe is also a wonderful way to meet local people with whom you may not otherwise cross paths. Please try to Death cafes are liberating, refreshing, thought-provoking - and often fun.

I believe it's so important to talk about death, dying and grieving, to remove the The day dawned, bright and sunny; The date was 2nd April, United States: Christiansburg Rec. Center , N. Franklin St. Together we can ease our fears and breathe life into our conversations about death.

Coffee, tea, sympathy, and treats provided. Our aim is to make the subject of death a little less intimidating and offer a safe place to chat while sharing a cuppa and cake. Free to attend and you may buy your own It's time we take Death out of the closet! Have you thought about it? Or is the idea of it too "scary" or "taboo"? Here's the thing we keep avoiding, none of us Julie and Sue became friends through their work.

We talk a lot together about death, dying, the funny and the sad. George's Episcopal Church , North Dakota , In my experience most people face death fearfully which results in avoidance. People who are dying need someone to talk to about their hopes, fears and beliefs. My hope is that everyone who attends a We are to facilitate a community conversation on the topic of death.

The reason why I wanted to become a part of the Death Cafe movement is because I feel happy in offering a safe and comfortable space for people to talk about death. I also feel United States: Simi Valley , I was always facinated to talk about death, but most people, do not. I was amazed when I discovered Death Cafes and immediately connected with the concept.

We would like to extend a warm invitation to anyone who wishes to join a conversation about death and dying in an open, non directive non judgemental forum.

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Belljar Cafe has delicious coffee, tea, beer, or wine, and you are responsible for paying for your own drinks. This will be our 13th Death Cafe in Toronto West. As before, it is open to persons of all ages, from students United States: Hurts Donuts , E. This is our inaugural event for Central Arkansas.

Our goal is to provide a casual, non-judgemental, safe, and fun venue for anyone who wants to dialogue about death. Death Cafes are part of a global movement to discuss death, dying and end-of-life concerns. It is an open format, facilitated dialogue rather than grief support or counseling. Join us in a comfortable, relaxed setting At Death Cafe, people gather to enjoy refreshments and discuss death.

We have no agenda for leading Indonesia: Jalan Raya Kangetan No. I have always been fascinated by the topic of death, and am excited to explore it deeper with the participants that come! It will be hosted at a quiet space at Yellow Coco Creative Nest Join us for lively conversation about all things death and dying. Sweden: c. All events are free or charge and organized by transfolks of all kinds. Before the Death Cafe come to the Cemetery Walk at Central Cemetery at 1 pm for stories about community members who are buried in the cemetery.

Ilene Cupit is our professor, and this is our final project. The objective of the Virden Death Cafe is to provide a safe space for people to discuss death freely without any expectations. This is not a grief support or bereavement group. There is no agenda but the space will be one where you can listen and share as much or as little as you want. During this time the content of a designated article will be discussed.

Come and join us for tea, cake and an opportunity to talk freely and openly about death in a safe space. Lombard St. Join a thoughtful discussion about death that is designed to increase awareness, and help people make the most out of their lives. If you are a UMB student or employee, please register for this event Russian Federation: Moscow, ul. All are welcome to join us Also because I found the perfect venue. I want to support Studio. I don't believe my hometown of Oxnard has ever had a Death Cafe. Since my husband and I have a big old house, we decided it would be helpful to open it to our All are welcome to attend.

Non-members, please stop by the front desk to sign in and get your free guest pass. We book up quickly so please RSVP. It is a lovely, tasty and beautiful evening. Long Ave. Mexico: Oliver Caffe , Av. Our death cafe is a project for our college class. Come talk about death with the comfort of cats in a judgement-free zone. These are not grief support groups or end-of-life planning sessions, but rather casual forums for people who want to bat around personal thoughts.

What is death like? Why do we fear it? How do our views Switzerland: Langstrasse , Zurich , Kreis 5 , This Death Cafe has been cancalled as the host is currently in the hospital! Hope to see you in May! How the event will be run depends on numbers. We might have some questions to help people get started, should they need them, but there will be no agenda as such. We will finish on time. If participants wish, we will move round and change groups at least once during the session, so long Why is it that the subject of death often brings discomfort or embarrassment?

I don't believe it has to. Our modern culture needs a place where we can begin to soften our attitudes towards Please Note: Entrance is on Prideaux Street. The facilitator will open the doors for attendees between pm and pm. Please join our Facebook group Death Cafe Nanaimo for more information. The Carmel Death Cafes are open conversations between adults 18 and older; they are free of charge and free of ideology.

All viewpoints are welcome. Not a grief counseling, or bereavement group, the Cafes are for adults who wish to talk about death and dying with others of like minds. There may be tears and there is also laughter for death and life are but This Open Death Cafe is an opportunity to talk with others about the many aspects of death and dying. We are not attached to any outcome and do not direct the conversation. The invitation is Pacific Ave , Telluride , CO , It's a privilege to offer a safe, informal space in which to talk about death and dying; a subject many We wanted to open this conversaton about death to the community, not just our center members.

Our opinions on death are varied. Come share your particular viewpoint and help to create an ever-deepening understanding of death and dying. We are not a therapy or grief group, but instead, an eclectic group of Lake Ave , Peoria, IL , A Death Cafe is a gathering and discussion about death and dying held in a social setting with refreshments and food typically cake. I am passionate about raising awareness of Good Deaths and enabling peiple to discuss what it means to them.

Death is something that will happen to all of us and the taboos around it prevent people from seeing it as a part of life. The object of our Death Cafe is to break the taboo we share about discussing the inevtiable -- so that we may increase awareness of our own hopes, fears and wishes about Death with a view Bahrain: Sonder bh , United States: S W , Roy , Lets demystify the topic that sociaty has gone out of its way especially in the United states to make taboo.

Death Cafe creates conversations in which death is a part of everyday life. Is there any better season in Melbourne? Hello autumn air. Hello autumn trees. We're entering a slowing down process where Intrigued by the notion and inspired by the practice and guidelines promoted by the founders, we anticipate honest, open, respectful and engaging Switzerland: Rosengarten , Kirchgemeindehaus , Richterswil , We'll take the summer off, June - August and will begin our 7th season We meet upstairs at the North Beach Public Library to share tea, cake and conversation.

In our free ranging exploration, we hear from one another and express ourselves around anything in our hearts or on Death Cafe Archive. Add your Death Cafe. PST Accepts donations Everyone is welcome! Read more PST Free Got thoughts about mortality? PST Accepts donations We are excited to host this forum in which people can talk openly about death.

BST Accepts donations We will be providing homemade cake and refreshments! Mountain Accepts donations Read more Central Standard Time Accepts donations Meeting with people who are curious enough to have a meaningful conversation about life and death sees strangers leaving as friends. You are invited to offer a donation for the cost Eastern Accepts donations I have organized this cafe because I want to talk about death, particularly with the people in my neighbourhood. To be clear, there is no agenda to this Death Cafe. It is a place for Eastern Free At a Death Cafe people drink tea, eat cake and discuss death.

Greenwich Mean Time Accepts donations Candy and Candy are both passionate about opening up the barriers to talking about grief, death and dying, and death cafes are in the heart of the community facing these barriers. Mountain no cost Read more BST Accepts donations We want to create an environment where talking about death is natural and comfortable.

UK Accepts donations Booking essential! Eastern Daylight Time Accepts donations Talking about it won't kill you!! United States Accepts donations Join the conversation Please join our community conversation. GMT Accepts donations A picnic in the woods, and meaningful conversations. Pacific Accepts donations We have found the Death Cafe format to be extremely helpful for attendees to help them to integrate impermanence, fears and coming to grips with death and dying. EST Accepts donations "To fear death is nothing other than to think oneself wise when one is not.

Eastern Accepts donations Read more GMT Free The Death Cafe is not a grief support group or end-of-life planning session, but rather an informal space in which to explore your own thoughts and feelings in relation to all things death and dying EST Free This is as authentic as you can get. EST Accepts donations Join us for coffee, tea, and baked goods for open conversation about death and dying with a view to making the most out of life!

Eastern Standard Time Accepts donations Barabara Sarah says, "Death is the elephant in the room, a fact of life that no one talks about. Eastern Free Read more EST North Branch Cafe is kind enough to offer us a private space for free, if you wish to support them in turn their tea, wine, and edible goodies are delicious The Montpelier Death Cafe meets the second Friday of the month at the Montpelier Senior Activity Center from pm and third Thursday of every month at The North Branch Cafe from pm CST Free We will graze on chocolate, cake, drink coffee and have a healthy discussion about what death means to each individual.

PT Free Talk about death. UK Free Read more Pacific Free Read more Pacific Accepts donations Read more EST Free Come and talk about death and eat cake! Safe space! Eastern Standard Free We keep strict adherence to the "no agenda" guidelines and never discuss our professional roles other than to relate experience to discussions. UK Accepts donations We welcome anyone who has a curiosity to discuss death from a personal, philosophical or logistical persepctive. EST Free Come and talk about death and dying in a safe space! Group guided discussion.

Have some cake and tea too! Jane Read more United States Accepts donations We will provide some desserts and light snacks but feel free to bring in a dish if you would like. EST Accepts donations Come prepared to ask questions,share thoughts and perhaps a poem or two. A big shout out to Saint Martin's for a wonderful place to gather. Greenwich Free Read more Europe Accepts donations We found a very urban location in Zurich.

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Eastern US Free The aim of our Death Cafe, like that of all other Death Cafes, is to increase awareness of death to help people make the most of their finite lives. Central Free Read more MST Free Read more MST Accepts donations The event will be in an informal but facilitated discussion format. Eastern Standard Time Accepts donations This Death Cafe is to be run in my home, so please call or email me to confirm the address details.

This is to be an open conversation cafe - respectful listening and Ekaterinburg Accepts donations Read more MST Donations for refreshments are welcome but not at all necessary. Death Cafe is canceled! Pacific Accepts donations Great News! GMT Accepts donations Portishead library have generously given us this space for free. I provide the refreshments, but would welcome some donations towards them. CET Free This event is in a private house, please walk straight in and into the garden.

PST Accepts donations The purpose of a death cafe is to help us make the most of our finite life by increasing our awareness of death. GMT Free Sorry we are now full for this date. Brisbane, Australia Free Inspired by attending other Death Cafes across the world, Jacqui is passionate about hosting and facilitating the South-East Brisbane Death Cafe, encouraging open and relaxed conversations about death and dying. Pacific Accepts donations We gather to eat cake, drink coffee and tea and discuss death. Please preregister via email to ladysmithdeathcafe gmail. CET Accepts donations.

Central Free We invite everyone who is interested to join us for an evening of discussion and refreshments! Death Cafe, Humboldt With Dr. Eastern Time Free Honest discussions about death are life-affirming. GMT Free This is a drop in session - come when you can and leave when you like. Eastern Accepts donations At a Death Cafe people, often strangers, gather to eat cake, drink tea and discuss death. Eastern Free This is our second Death Cafe.

GMT Accepts donations This pop-up death cafe is being held in Larrie's welcoming kitchen with lots of tea and cake! PST Free Come eat cake, drink tea and discuss death. This Death Cafe is a The Oasis School of Human Relations is kindly providing the venue for this event. Please email to let us know you're coming. Easstern Accepts donations We're hoping to get people more comfortable iwith discussing death and end of life issues in a relaxed atmosphere Read more Sue encounters death in the line of her work and its Eastern Free A death cafe is really about life.

GMT Free People can arrive from 7pm where at this time and throughout the event a selection of drinks and food including excellent cake! There is no entry fee and this is UK Accepts donations You are welcome to join us for this daytime Death Cafe at the The David Rayner Centre , for tea, cake and conversation about death in an open, respectful and confidential space. EST Accepts donations Death awareness is my passion.

Mexico Free Read more Washington Street , Bloomington , Illinois , June 10, , 6. CST Accepts donations You can respond to let us know you will attend by responding here or on our Facebook page. Come and Central Standard Time Accepts donations This Death Cafe will allow individuals to openly discuss their thoughts and feelings around death and dying.

Eastern Free We are running this event beacuse we held a Death Cafe two years ago and people found it so helpful that they requested we repeat our event. This event is being held through our local EST Free Read more Pacific Free Come for stimulating, lively discussion about death and life in safe respectful environment in small groups at tables. Eastern Standard Time Free Death is a club of which we will all become free members at some stage. Eastern Free Gloria and Renee were at the forefront of changing the culture of birth in the Detroit Area.

Pacific Free I'm running a Death Cafe to give people an opportunity to talk about death. Eastern Time Accepts donations Read more BST Free Read more Eastern Free Join us for casual, constructive, life-affirming conversations about death in a relaxed environment. Eastern Free Talking about death won't kill you. Like other Observers that have appeared on the show, September is only seen wearing a plain black suit and black fedora , and is pale, bald, and lacks eyebrows.

They exhibit several strange mannerisms such as awkward phrasing when talking, a preference for extremely flavored, like spicy or salty foods due to an extremely dulled sense of taste, and the ability to appear or disappear when one looks away. They also use an alien written language with which they maintain copious documentation in small notebooks. Though the Fringe division is aware of the Observers, their intent is not yet known, though believed to be related to the Machine and the conflict between the two universes.

They possess uniquely advanced technology, and appear to be temporally aware of time, including the ability to travel in time and between the two universes; the Fringe division finds evidence of Observers at several historical events but looking the same as they do in the present. Like September, the other Observers appear to be named after months, including "August" and "December". The episode " Inner Child " introduces the Fringe division to a child that appears to possess many Observer-like qualities. In the episode " Peter ", September is a catalyst in Walter's abduction of Peter from the parallel universe; September arrived wanting to see the creation of the cure by Walternate that would have saved Peter, but instead distracted Walternate from witnessing a critical test result.

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When September saw Walter watching through the window-like device, he informed his fellow Observers that he could correct the situation; later, after Walter returned with young Peter to the prime universe and fell through the frozen lake's ice, September rescued them from the freezing water and told Walter, "The child must live". September and the other Observers have since monitored Walter and Peter. In the second season's finale, September is responsible for alerting the Fringe division to the dangers of Peter being taken back by Walternate to the parallel universe, ultimately leading to their rescue attempt.

In the third season episode " The Firefly ", September conducts a convoluted experiment to test Walter's resolve to give up Peter for the greater good when the time comes. In the third season finale, episode " The Day We Died ", a gathering of ten Observers appeared on Liberty Island to watch and comment on the disappearance of Peter Bishop from existence. Later , he is ordered by his superior to ensure that Peter's status as nonexistent continues, and constructs a device to erase all lingering memories of Peter from Walter.

However, at the last moment, he disobeys his orders and deactivates the device, allowing brief apparitions of Peter to appear to Walter and Olivia. In " Novation " Peter mysteriously appears in the new timeline. After being taken into custody by the Fringe Division, he learns that the point of divergence in the timeline is that September never saved him from drowning in Reiden Lake when Walter brought him over from the alternate universe.

He also learns that, in the new timeline, the Fringe Division is unaware of the existence of the Observers. September later appears to Olivia while she waits for Peter and Lincoln to return from the alternate universe. Mysteriously wounded from a gunshot to the chest, he warns Olivia that he has seen all of the possible timelines, and the result is always the same: Olivia has to die. He then disappears before Olivia can call an ambulance to help him. He resurfaces several episodes later in " The End of All Things ", during Peter and Walter's search for the kidnapped Olivia, where he appears in Walter's lab, and is dying from the gunshot wound.

In an attempt to discover the location of Olivia, Peter enters September's mind using the same method Olivia used to enter John's in the pilot. September has no information on Olivia, but does tell Peter that the Observers come from the future to observe their beginnings, and explains that he has interfered in the past. It is explained that this was an attempt to correct the timeline after accidentally preventing Walternate from discovering the cure to save Peter, thus beginning a chain of events that led to the war between the two universes.

He also cryptically says, "they are coming". Before Peter can ask who, September tells Peter to "go home" and yanks him out of his mind. In the real world, September disappears from the lab, having been taken by the others. In the next episode it is revealed that he planted a message in the form of a black dot in Peter's eye which contains an address in New York.

Peter goes to the address to discover Observer technology in an apartment and a cylinder like the one in " The Arrival " which teleports a fully healed September to the apartment. Peter begs September to send him back to the original timeline but September assures him that this is where he is meant to be before teleporting away. In the 5th season episodes " Anomaly XB " and " The Boy Must Live ", it is revealed that after the events of the fourth season, the Observers removed September's observer technology and conducted "biological reversion" experiments on him, causing him to transform into a human.

As a human, he assumed the name Donald O'Connor. An Observer either September or a different unnamed Observer has appeared in every episode of Fringe , albeit sometimes only as a brief cameo. In creating the Observers, the producers had some idea of how they would be introduced into the show, starting as a background character and only becoming a significant figure by the midpoint of the first season. Shapeshifters are androids from the parallel universe, possessing superhuman strength and damage thresholds, and acting as soldiers in the war between the universes.

They are able to take the form of any person by using a device that plugs into the roof of their mouth and the mouth of the target. This process occurs after the shapeshifter has killed the target prior to the transformation; without the device, the shapeshifter is locked in its current form. Shapeshifters also may be programmed as sleeper agents, unaware of their unusual nature until they are activated. The primary characteristic differentiates a human and a shapeshifter is the large quantity of mercury in their blood, and the presence of a metallic data disc at the base of their spine.

William Bell believes the shapeshifters were designed this way to withstand travel between the universes. The first shapeshifter witnessed by the Fringe division is one that follows Olivia after her meeting with William from the parallel world in the second season premiere, " A New Day in the Old Town ".

He eventually kills Charlie and takes his place, [18] using his position to find the location of Newton before he is identified by Olivia and killed. Peter Bishop later takes it upon himself to kill all of the remaining shapeshifters in the Prime Universe, after he is able to decode their sleeper identities from the files on Fauxlivia's computer. He successfully kills all of the ones identified, but it remains to be seen if he eliminated all of them. When Olivia is transported to the parallel universe, she meets William Bell, who warns her that the shapeshifters active in her universe are looking for Newton, since his resurrection will make it possible for the shapeshifters to re-open the gateway between their universes.

Olivia is returned to her universe, but does not remember the details of her meeting with Bell in time to stop the shapeshifters from succeeding in recovering Newton's cryogenically frozen head, and revive Newton. Headed by Newton, the shapeshifters start tracking down and extracting pieces of brain tissue from three separate mental patients. Knowing that the three pieces were once taken from Walter's brain and when reinserted, they will cause Walter to remember how to open the gateway between the universes.

Newton is then able to complete his first mission; He synchronizes the brain tissues, kidnaps Walter, reinserts them into Walter's brain, and then interrogates the scientist, gathering the information he needs. Newton later re-surfaces, experimenting in opening portals to the parallel universe. Eventually he is able to successfully bring the shapeshifters' superior—simply referred to as "Mr.

Secretary"—over to our universe. As Newton is finally able to corner Peter in his hotel room, he introduces him to his superior: the parallel universe United States Secretary of Defense , and likewise Peter's real father, the alternate Walter Bishop. As alternate Walter successfully replaces Olivia with her parallel universe version, tension between Newton and Fauxlivia rises.

Sam Weiss played by Kevin Corrigan is a friend of Nina Sharp who operates at a bowling alley, and helped her with her physical therapy process after she lost her arm. After Olivia's first visit to the parallel universe, he helps Olivia regain her ability to walk, partially through showing her how to bowl. He begins to establish a friendship with her, and Olivia pays him another visit after learning the truth about Peter's origin. It is later discovered that Sam Weiss and his antecedents seem to possess knowledge about the First People and the operation of the doomsday machine.

The author of the English language First People book is shown to have been one "Seamus Wiles", published in the s. He also has other branches of mysterious knowledge, such as being able to predict that a series of seemingly random letters Olivia picks out will contain a message that would help her get over the death of Charlie. In the episode " The Last Sam Weiss ", Sam explains that the name "Sam Weiss" has been handed down from several of his previous ancestors, the earliest having had found the bulk of the evidence on the First People, and that his line has been searching for more ever since.

Elizabeth Bishop played by Orla Brady is Walter's wife in both universes. After Walter took the alternate Peter from the other universe, Elizabeth stayed at home with him, trying to convince Peter that she was his real mother. After running away from home, Peter finally comes to accept this Elizabeth as his mother, which later led to her suicide in The alternate version of Elizabeth is alive and well, and still married to Walternate. When Peter returns to his home universe in " Over There ", she is amazed to see him and bonds with him.

In the alternate timeline of season four Peter ventures to her home in an attempt to have her convince Secretary Bishop to help him return to his timeline. She recognizes him for who he is, and agrees to take him to Secretary Bishop. In the following episode, she uses the Bridge to visit Walter in his Harvard lab.

They have a lengthy conversation in which she forgives him for taking her son, and that Peter is not a punishment or a curse on him, as Walter had believed. The name "Michael" is given to him by adoptive parents who protect him in the future, as shown in the episode " Black Blotter ", [54] while later Captain Windmark cites him as Anomaly XB in the episode of the same name. Michael, like other Observers, is pale and bald; however, he does not possess the implant used by other Observers to further boost their intelligence while suppressing their emotions and allowing them to time-shift.

He is mute, but is able to communicate via writing, symbolic gestures, or by touching others and implanting thoughts into them. He has an empathic connection with others, particularly Olivia, and in "Inner Child," is able to help her stop a serial murderer. At the end of that episode, he is taken into adoptive care; as he is driven off, he sees September watch the vehicle drive away. In the fifth and final season, Michael is revealed to be part of the plan by Walter and September to stop the Observers. After Walter and the rest of Fringe Amber themselves, Donald returns to the pocket universe to extract Michael, then sheltering him with former Resistance fighters who escape detection by isolating themselves on a remote island.

In , Fringe is able to track Michael down, after discovering that he's missing from the pocket universe. Michael is revealed to be September's progeny, created from September's genetic material sometime in the early 27th century. September purposely stopped the growth process, leaving Michael a child possessing both a powerful Observer-intellects and human emotion, creating an anomaly in danger of being destroyed by the Observers.

September takes Michael to the past to hide him from the Observers. Much of September's machinations with Fringe in the first four seasons were to prepare Walter to use Michael for their plan to defeat the unemotional Observers " The Boy Must Live ". In , September, who has been made human by the Observers and has given himself the name of Donald O'Connor after the actor in the movie " Singin' In The Rain " reveals his plan to take Michael to , the year that human genetic experiments replacing all emotion with pure logic, will be performed.

These experiments will ultimately lead to the creation of the Observers. Donald's plan is to convince the scientists of not to proceed with these experiments, by showing them that it is possible for humans to contain both logic and emotion and be peaceful, like Michael. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Abrams writer , Alex Kurtzman writer , Roberto Orci writer Season 1. Episode 1. Wyman writer Season 2. Episode Season 3. Episode 8. USA Weekend.

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In the Lab. With the Revolver. Awards and nominations Fringepedia Mythology Massive Dynamic. Categories : Fringe TV series characters Lists of science fiction television characters. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Department of Homeland Security called the "Fringe division". She is brought aboard the Fringe division after her boyfriend and fellow agent, John Scott, dies in a Fringe-related case.

Over the course of the show Olivia develops a romantic relationship with Peter. Peter Bishop is the son of mad scientist Walter Bishop , and a member of the Fringe division. In the show's second season it is revealed that Peter is actually from a parallel universe from where he had been kidnapped by Walter after this universe's version of Peter died at a young age.

He is a genius with an I.

In the second season two-part finale " Over There ", and a major plot element of the third season, Peter is found to be the only person that can cause a reaction from an apparent doomsday device that Walternate has assembled in the parallel universe and that is currently being assembled in the prime world. Walter Bishop is a former government researcher into fringe science with a recorded I. He was institutionalized after a lab accident which resulted in manslaughter charges.

Having been locked up for 17 years in a mental institute prior to becoming assigned to the Fringe division, Walter often expresses wonder at modern technology, and seems to be disconnected from the world, sometimes leaving his son to decode his rantings for others. He often says things which seem so obvious that no one else wants to say or thinks necessary and tends to burst into song while working, as he believes it helps him think.

He is also known to eat or drink while working on a body, no matter how disgusting everyone else thinks it is. He seems to derive joy from both these quirks. He is the archetypal mad scientist. Astrid Farnsworth. She is stationed in the lab with Walter , who can never remember her name e. In the 4th episode of season 4, " Subject 9 ", Walter calls out to Astrid by uttering "Claire! Astrid, who normally brushes off these idiosyncrasies, however, this time she asked Walter: "Really?!? That doesn't even start with an "A"! Despite being a main character for four years, Astrid's personal life and past were never examined in depth.

While Broyles comes off as professional and by-the-book, he is surprisingly flexible when it comes to dealing with the unusual circumstances of Pattern-related cases. Little is known of Broyles' past. He has been involved in the military, citing experience as a Colonel in "six wars".

He initially harbors resentment for Olivia as she was responsible for prosecuting his friend Sanford Harris, but comes to respect Olivia's aptitude and later defends her against Harris.