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Bentley has a wide range of Centenary activities planned between now and the end of , including a series of Extraordinary Dinners taking place around the world. To join the once-in-a-century celebrations, please contact your local retailer.

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Register Interest. Locate Dealer. Home World of Bentley Years. Following his initial diagnosis of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in , he continued unabated on hikes and photo excursions, not only at the Grand Canyon but all over the world.

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For the first few years, his illness was a consideration predominantly at higher altitudes, but by , his condition had worsened dramatically. While on a rafting trip on the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, Dykinga had to be rushed to the hospital. Not long after, a double lung transplant represented a renewal not only for his health but for his long and celebrated photography career.

The exhibition entrance hall provides contextual and historic photographs of the Grand Canyon. Images provided by Etherton Gallery. Bell, Lee Friedlander, and others.

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Dykinga's stunning prints hang in the main hall at Etherton Gallery. All images provided by Etherton Gallery. Despite the abundance of digital photography on the market, Etherton says he has seen a reinvigoration of older analog photographic methods. As a gallerist, he tends to be drawn to young artists who set themselves apart by finding new uses for daguerreotypes, contact prints, and tintypes.

Artists like Kate Breakey with her hand colored and gold-leaf backed images, or David Emmett Adams , who develops images of industrial sites directly onto 50 gallon drum lids via tintype are creating works that Etherton finds new and profoundly interesting. Christopher Colville , an artist who works with expired silver photo paper and facilitates a controlled burn with gunpowder, creates one of a kind pieces with no camera involved.

His techniques are very experimental with a high degree of failure, but for Etherton, they indicate an exciting counter-culture within contemporary photography.

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These and other artists are slowing down in reaction to the hyper speed and immediacy of digital photography. They are making the method an intentional part of the art itself.

The space at Etherton Gallery allows shows to flow organically between rooms, creating an in-depth photographic journey. In the past five or ten years, Etherton has observed certain patterns emerging as he performs portfolio reviews. After years working as a photographer for The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, and the Arizona Daily Star, Jack pivoted from depicting important stories about the human condition to sobering stories about conservation.