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If the Resistance check is failed by a margin greater than 40, the victim suffers Extreme Pain. The bite is independent of the attacks the Archchimera performs with its claws, but it cannot use the bite if it uses its Fire Breath in the same turn. Tail: For the purposes of suffering attacks, the tail counts as a vulnerable point of the Archchimera 30 to Attack Ability when targeting it.

It has the equivalent of Life Points distinct from the Life Points of the central body , but if at any time it is struck by a single attack that produces more than points of damage, it is amputated and separated from the body. It then acts as an independent being allied with the Archchimera, with Damage Resistance, AT 3, and Life Points equal to the amount it has remaining after being severed. Its bite is the same as when it was attached to the body, and it can still poison its enemies. Fire Breath: The hawk heads on the Archchimeras shoulders are able to project jets of fire. This attack is in a cone shape and extends 80 feet in any direction chosen by the creature; the cone is 80 feet wide at the end.

To activate the heads, it needs to spend at least two turns preparing, although the Archchimera can take other actions while doing so. Shoulders: Like the tail, the shoulder heads of the Archchimera are also vulnerable points 40 to Attack Ability when targeting one of them , and each has Life Points distinct from the Life Points of the central body. To use its breath, the creature only needs one head, but if this is the case, apply a penalty of 30 to its Attack Ability for the breath.

The bonuses that these provide are not reflected in its statistics, since it often must fight on the ground. Heightened Senses: The Archchimeras dragon eyes see the world with the keenness of the ultimate predator. They notice the aggressiveness of other beings and respond to it the only way they know.

However, they do not usually attack defenseless creatures or children, as most cannot conceive of killing for killings sake, and they are not especially cruel. Despite their considerable size, Archchimeras have both speed and quick reflexes. If they have the room to fly, they tend to start a fight by making a pass with their Fire Breath before descending to finish off their foes. H ow wev ever e , unlike er unlilike un kee their the h ir he same hierarchy as the Lords of Darkness. However, clos cl osee combat, comb co m at mb at, di disd sdai aini ning ng brothers, the Arhiman specialize in close disdaining hang ha ngee fo forr developing deve de velo lopi ping ng an an the use of spells and rituals in exchange bat at..

Therefore Ther Th eref efor oree they they are are unparalleled expertise in melee combat. Usually they dress in ornate be co conf nfus fused e ed use knives as weapons; they can even be confused ts. Ironically, their personalities rnat rn atel elyy cruel crue cr uell ue full of contradictions, as they are alternately As part paartt of of and compassionate, brutish and subtle.

As acte ac ter, r, they the heyy their continuing inconsistencies in character, whic ichh th they ey tend to loathe and admire humanity, wh which atit on that tha hatt consider the most fascinating aberration they e b uild ui ld ever set foot on the world. Sometimes they build inte tere rest stin ing, g, connections with people they considerr in interesting, ise se tthem hem he m ev even en further. Their varied personalities make them unpredictable, so it is difficult to discern their general patterns of behavior, but they usually prefer not to mix with men and tend to live in the most remote places of the Wake.

Only a few live and work among mortals as part of mercenary armies or in collaboration with a Lord of Darkness. They generally move in the shadows, using their expertise as murderers and their sheer strength to kill and taunt their enemies with ease. In addition, they move with such grace and beauty that each of their strikes seems to be part of an endless symphony of death that th at iiss as ffascinating asci as cina naati t ng aass it is is te terrifying. They Th y have have no no vulnerable vul u neera rablee points poin po innts t eexcept xcep xc eptt the ep t e heart, th h ar he art, t, where whe here the the h core cor o e of or of their the h ir essence ess sssen ence ce resides.

Shadow Claws: Like their brothers, Arhiman mainly use their claws in combat to destroy their enemies. These attacks use the Cut Attack Type, and their power is such that they reduce the defenders AT against them by 3 points. Dark Blades: In addition to its claws, an Arhiman has an even more terrible weapon disguised as part of its body Dark Blades.

Under the guise of simple strips of cloth, these blades are capable of unnaturally altering their size and shape to suit the elementals will.

The creature pushes them into a shadow usually its own , and the blades are transported through the shadows until they appear in a different shadow nearby. Their power is such that if an area is in total darkness, it is even possible to manifest them in mid-air. So an Arhiman can surprise its opponents by extending its blades from a hidden location, killing them before they even realize that they have been be enn attacked.

If someone does not know about this attack, the he must pass a Nearly Impossible Notice ffirst fi irstt time time itt is used, u ch hecck or or apply app pllyy the Surprised penalty as well as the Flank or From check Behi Be h nd hi n penalty pennal a ty depending on where he is in the shadow. If instead Behind thee opponent th op ppo one nent nt knows nt k of this method of attack and expects it, he can nnever ne ver be surprised ve surpr pr by it, and the Notice check is reduced to Very Hard Ha rd d 14 40 to to avoid a suffering the Flank or From Behind penalty.

This at tta tack ck has ck has a maximum ma attack range of 80 feet and can be used together with wi t SShadow hado d w Claws. This Th supernatural poison causes the victims blood to their tturn tu rnn ccompletely ompl om p et etel e black, strange marks to form on his skin, and his sstrength st reng re n th to ng o drain d a away. To avoid these consequences, the defender dr must mu stt p asss a VR as V check or suffer Weakness.

The penalties heal pass at a rrate atee of at of one one point per hour. Sh had dow o Form: Forr Shadow An Arhimans body is made of pure darkness, so itit can caan become beecom m intangible to avoid any conventional attack or to pass pa s tthrough h ou hr o gh solid s surfaces. This ability does not prevent it from ttouching to uchi uc h ngg or or being bee touched normally if it wants to be, and it only workss wh wo when enn the the elemental wants it to. Dark Blades are also affected b this by thi hiss power, po ower, becoming b intangible as well if the elemental so desires.

Secondary Abilities: Notice 75 As its name suggests, a suit of Animated Armor is a metal frame that has been endowed with autonomy through complex mystical rituals. Suits of Animated Armor are not properly alive nor do they have souls; rather, there is a supernatural core inside that provides them with movement and fighting instinct. For a normal person, it is difficult to distinguish such a suit from someone who is simply wearing armor, except for the fact that its movements are often unnatural. However, people with the ability to see the supernatural can faintly glimpse a spiritual aura surrounding them, a kind of blue fire that appears to have its own life.

As creatures without soul or will, Animated Armor suits lack pers pe rs personality. They are cold and silent automata that just obey the dire di re directives given by their masters. They do not care about personal saffe or even the nature of their existence. However, it was the old Empire of Yehudah that them real re al perfected this creation, using them to create an invincible really arrm It is said that, at its height, Yehudah had over 10, army. Today there are still some suits a of animated armor on Gaa, as ancient guardians of bygone relics ssinnc for them time means little or in the service of cults who since haav discovered an occult method of reawakening them.

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Naturally, they have are not alone in discovering and mastering these creatures. Although it is quite capable c pa ca p in combat, it is unable to plan strategies or counter new tactics, tactt but rather simply takes the most direct path to destroying ta all al o al opponents. Animated A im An mat a ed e Armor Arm rmor or larger lar arge gerr than thann these the hese see are are possible, pos ossi sibl ble, e, but but w would ouuld l have have different difffe f reentt overall ove vera raall statistics.

In In such suuchh cases, caase ses, it it is i necessary nec e esssaaryy to to destroy deest stro royy them ro them m all alll to to cause caus ca u e the the armor armo ar mo or to stop stop o functioning. So ts Some me say sayy that thaat this thhis i suit su uit iiss currently curr cu rren rr entltltlyy ac en acco accompanying comp co mpan mp anyi an yiingg Etheldrea Eth thel elldrea dreaa tthe hee FFirst irrst Witch, Wititch ch,, wh while w ililee ot others othe hers rs beli be liiev evee th that at tthe hee aarmor rmor rm o in or in question ques qu e tiionn is es is lost loostt in in one o e of the on thee laboratories labboorrat ator orie or ies es of believe that th at aancient n ieent nc n eempire.

Weapons: We W eap apon ons: on s: An An A Animated n ma ni mate teed Ar ted Armor Armo morr can can have have any any combination co om mbina n ti na tion o o off weapons. However, Howeeve Ho v r, r, any any given givven ssuit uitt on ui only ly kknows nno ows hhow ow tto o us usee on onee combination comb co mbin inat atio ionn of of weapons. Mind: Animated Armor has mind own No oM ind: in d An A d: n maate ni ted d Ar Armo morr hha as no om ind in d of iits ts o w aand wn nd d iiss unable unab un a lee tto ab o fe feel e aany el ny emotions.

It It is therefore theere refo fore re completely com ompl plet etel elyy immune im mmu mune n to ne to psychological effects. Metal Body: These supernatural do Meta Me ta tal al Bo ody: dy y: Th Thes esee su supe pern rnat atur ural ur ral a ccreations reat re atio ionss d o not no ot ha have a have real real a physical phy hysi siica cal body, bo ody d , because beca be caus usee their thei th eirr essence e se es senc ncee is found fouund within wit ithi hinn metal hi meta me tall layers laye laye la yers rs of of armor. The here refo fore re,, ann Animated Ani nima mate ted Armor Armo Ar mor constantly co cons onsta tant ntly lyy keeps moving matter much damage has keep ke e s mo ep m v ng nno vi o ma matt tter er hhow ow m uchh da uc dama magge iitt ha as suffered, suff su ffer ff e ed er ed,, provided spiritual core prov pr ovid ov ided e tthat ed hatt it ha itss sp spir irit ittua uall co ore re is is not not destroyed.

Breaking d. Bre reak eak akin kinng them thhem m into into hhundreds u dr un dred edss of pieces pie iece cess orr crushing cruush shin ingg them them will wililll simply simp si mply mp lyy force for orce ce the thee energy ener en ergy er gy core cor oree to to reform refor effor o m their thei th eirr bodies. Thus, Thhus us,, the thhe high h gh hi g Life Lififee Points Poin Po ints ts value val a uee of the these hese see creatures cre r at aturres represents rep epre rese sent ntss that thhat the the only onl n y way wayy to defeat wa def efea eatt them thhem conv co nven enti t onnal ti a ly iiss to o completely com ompl plet etel elyy dest d estro tro royy th thei eir bo bodi dies es,, so tthat hatt there ha ther th eree conventionally destroy their bodies, sinngl glee piece p ecce that pi that can can rise.

In In addition, addi ad d ti di tion on, this thiss unique uni niqu quee power powe po w r is not a single a so al o gives e them them Da D ama mage ma gee B arri ar rier err 6 0 wi with th A T 8 ag agai ains nstt all all physical phys ph ysic ical al also Damage Barrier 60 AT against dama da mage g. However, ge Howe Ho weve ver, r, tthey heey do hey o nnot ot recover ot rec ecov over ov e health er hea ealt lthh normally; norm no rm mal ally ly;; they they must mus ustt damage. Poi o nt ntss. Fo ma FForr ex xam ample, e, eeven v n iiff aann ar ve aarm m iss ccut ut off, off, fff, the the pieces p ecces will pi will floa o t oa damage.

T Th hus us,, An A im matted ed up aagain damage. Thus, Animated Armo Ar mor ignores iiggno nore ress any re anyy Critical an Crit Cr ittic ical a it al it su ssuffers. Armor Immu Im mu unity ty:: Not Not having haavi ving aann or o rgaanic body, bo odyy, a suit suit of of Animated Anim An imat atted ed Immunity: organic Arrmo morr is resistant res e is ista t nt to ta to certain cert ce rtai a n types ai tyyp pees of attacks, atttac acks k , such ks such su c as electricity, e ectr el tric icit itty, ity, Armor heat he at,, and at and cold.

Any Any el eelectricity lec ectr ec trric tric icit ity ty at tta tack ck power pow ower err cannot canno ann ot da d maage ge it, t, heat, attack damage and damage d ma da mage ge from fro rom m fire firee or or cold cold is is halved. Normally, Nor orma mall alllly, y, the the location loc ocat atio ionn differs diff di f er erss from from o ne suit ne sui ut to one t another, ano oth ther err, but b t every bu ever ev eryy on onee ha as this thiss vulnerable th vul ulne nera raabl blee point. To To find find d always itt, a character chhar arac a ter must muustt have m haavve the the ability abiilitityy to see ab see it, s ir sp i ititss an nd m mu ust s pass pas ass ann Almost Alm lmo ost Impossible ost Impo Im po oss ssib ible le spirits and must 2 40 Notice Notitice No c check ce che heck ck or or a Very Very Difficult Ve Dififfi ficu cultlt 14 0 S ar Se arch c check.

A character chhar arac acteer can c n also ca a so find al f in ind d it by by passing pass pa ssin ingg Search Abs bsur u d 1 8 Ki D 80 e ec et ectiton ccheck heck or heck or ann Impossible Imp mpos ossi sibl blee ann Absurd Detection 2 8 Magic Magi gic Appraisal A pr Ap prai a sal ai saal check. Having Havvinng found foun fo und d ititss lo loca catition on,, location, c aarrac ch acte terr can can make make a directed dirrec e teed attack a taack against at aga gain inst st it, it, but but given givven a character it di dimi m nuutitive mi ve size, sizze, e the the h aattacker ttac tt acke kerr must must apply app pply ly a penalty pennal alty ty of of 80 80 to its diminutive h s Attack hi Atta At tacckk Ability.

Abi b lility ty. The The core core ccan an only only nly bee d aam mag aged ed by by weapons weap we apon onss his damaged capa pabl b e off d amag am agginng en ener ergy gy aand nd hhas a 2 as 0 Li LLife fe P oint oi nts. W henn it he capable damaging energy 20 Points. When reacchess 0, 0 the the Animated Ani nima mate mate t d Armor Armo Ar morr is automatically aut utom omat atic ical ally ly destroyed, des estr troy oyed,, reaches a d its an itts pieces piec pi ecces fall fal alll harmlessly harm ha r le rm less ssly ss lyy to to the the ground.

Secondary Abilities: Swim 50, Leadership 20, Persuasion 20, Notice 20, Search 20, Navigation 20, Occult 35, Magic Appraisal 70 It is a very common error for those who first see a Balzak to think they are only amphibians without intelligence. Actually, they are one of the oldest races on Gaa, born in the dawn of history. Even before the flourishing of humanity, the Balzak already had a great civilization that was comparable to those of the other major species in the world.

In fact, most of the pyramids and ruins of the unexplored areas of the Principality of Itzi are their work. At that time, they frequently interacted with humans, who gave them sacrifices and slaves in return for favors. However, the Balzaks direct. Although they are not always violent, their natural depravity and degenerate behavior leads them to regard humans as mere subjects for their dark purposes and little more than apes.

They usually work in small groups it is rare to see them alone of individuals, led by a priest. They often fight using their claws or their jaws, but if they must use weapons, they tend towards spears and other polearms, since those are best suited to their particular physiology. Their priests usually learn the Path of Water but often also use spells from the Paths of Darkness or Necromancy as well.

The statistics reflected in this section refer to the warriors and priests who lead small groups of Balzaks. Other members of the race may have slightly different skills. Amphibian: Balzaks are able to remain underwater or on the surface for long periods of time. For all purposes, they are amphibious. Aquatic Affinity: Using their dorsal protrusions, they are able to communicate with all reptilian or aquatic creatures in the area. The older Balzak can even give them specific orders, so they may be guarded by predators of considerable size such as crocodiles, snakes, or schools of carnivorous fish.

Natural Weapons: Although they can use weapons, Balzak routinely use their claws and jaws to attack their enemies. Complete Night Vision: The eyes of a Balzak are prepared for the depths of the oceans; they do not need light of any kind to see in the dark. By contrast, brightly lit environments are uncomfortable and blinding for them. They suffer the penalty for Vision Partially Obscured should they be in a location with light similar to that of a sunny day.

They are large dark staves decorated with a large crystal at the top that can discharge energy bolts. These bolts act as a ranged weapon that deals 60 points of energy damage and that has a maximum range of feet. The staff can be fired once per turn, and the ranged attack uses either the Attack Ability of the warriors as a Fired projectile weapon or the Magic Projection of the priests. Secondary Abilities: Notice 45, Music , Acrobatics 80, Sleight of Hand 55 Considered to be dark spirits and messengers from the beyond, the Women of the Barrows, or Banshees, are female spirits who appear to men to announce their impending death or that of those they love.

Banshees are generally associated with the Lillium religion and the Sidhe. The most widespread legend about them is that they are the spirits of women who died consumed by hatred because they were betrayed by men who loved and left them. At that time, before their souls were claimed by the Land of Mist the afterlife of Lillium myths , they signed a pact with the Yew to become its messengers. Thus, they were entrusted with announcing the death of important people in history and given the opportunity to seek vengeance on the men who betrayed them or the mens descendants.

Similar stories and legends exist among non-human cultures, and it is certain that there are Banshees among the Dukzarist and Sylvain. Traditionally, Banshees appear only on stormy days or near the coast, looking like extremely beautiful women, although they always cover their faces with their disheveled hair. They are often dressed in rags, but some have been seen wearing clothes worthy of a queen. They are creatures of sorrow and melancholy, and although they are dark spirits, they are not necessarily evil.

They hate to bring bad news to people and are said to always cry when they must announce an impending death. As betrayed women, they hate men, but tend to fall in love easily with people who show kindness to them. Following the fall and confinement of their deities in the Range of the Winds, the Balzak were reduced to little more than a minority group of creatures that would never regain the power of their past.

However, even today they have some influence with humanity, especially with dark cults that are, like them, still waiting for the rebirth of the Primeval Gods. The Balzak are reptilian humanoid beings with monstrous heads. Their limbs and part of their necks are covered in chitinous plates, and they stand on very long legs. Their arms are longer than their legs, so they walk in a stooping manner similar to gorillas.

They do not usually wear clothes, except for the priests and other key members of the religious hierarchy, who wear simple ceremonial robes when necessary. They are as degenerate and evil as the gods they love. Men used to worship the Balzak to avoid becoming the victims of their dark rituals and experiments. They communicate in their own language based on hissing and guttural sounds , and although a few rare humans may understand their language, humans cannot physically speak it.

Today, all that remains of the Balzak civilization are a few small groups there may be less than 3, Balzak alive on all of Gaa , living in ancient settlements submerged under the ocean or in remote areas offshore. However, sometimes they build relationships with small coastal towns, many of which since time immemorial have considered them to be sent by the Lords of the Depths. According to tradition, the death announced by a Banshee can sometimes be avoided by destroying the messenger herself or, on other occasions, by carrying out five services the Banshee demands.

Despite their dark origins, Banshees do not normally attack men unless they have a very good reason to do so.

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The only exception to this rule is the men who betrayed them or those mens descendants. In such cases, Banshee demonstrate a unique malice at laying traps of love and using peoples emotions to obtain their desired revenge. They may also fight to protect someone who has recently fallen in love or to defeat those who try to destroy them in a misguided attempt to stop their prophecy of death.

In general, Banshees use weapons only as secondary means of attack and mainly use their Deadly Voice. Their last resort is always their Death Song, which is only used in situations where they are sure that they will slay their victims or they are very desperate. This silver is extremely resilient and can carry a great deal of supernatural energy, but since it comes from dark feelings and sadness, those who have items made of it are likely to become the victims of misfortune and hardship.

It is said that the 13 weapons in the legend of the Lim Sidhe are made with silver from the tears of Lissandra, Queen of the Banshees, and thus their owners have always met sad ends. Spirit: Due to the spiritual nature of Banshees, they are invisible to the human eye and intangible, so they cannot interact with the physical world except by using their Instrument of Vengeance ability. There are two exceptions to this rule. First, on stormy days, when the rain comes into contact with their bodies, they become visible and material although it is still not possible to damage them with conventional weapons.

Second, people who are near death or whose demise was announced by a Banshee also have the ability to see them. Instrument of Vengeance: Banshees are able to manifest their hatred and resentment through material objects, using their power to possess weapons and other tools in order to inflict harm. They need not wield them in the normal way, but merely need to somehow touch them to wield them with great skill; even touching a weapon with their clothing or a lock of hair is enough. Given that Banshees are usually invisible to those who do not see spirits, those enemies just see animated weapons attacking them.

However, a defender does not apply any penalties to defense against the Banshees attacks even if he cannot see her, because the weapons are still visible, although he may suffer penalties depending on whether she is visible or not when attacking her in turn. A Banshee does not need to know how to use a weapon to wield it as an Instrument of Vengeance.

The statistics listed previously assume that she is using a long sword, but this can be replaced by other weapons without difficulty. Deadly Voice: Crying with her full force, a Banshee can vibrate a solid body so much that it will break into pieces. This ability must have a target and is equivalent to a ranged energy attack with a maximum range of feet.

Whoever is struck by the attack does not get hurt in a normal way, but has to pass a PhR check or suffer Pain and PhR or suffer damage equal to double the level of failure. Since the attack is based on sound, it is invisible, except for those who succeed in an Absurd Notice check. Deadly Voice is a complete attack action and therefore the Banshee cannot use its Instrument of Vengeance attack in the same turn. Death Song: Few can bear listening to the song of a Banshee for long.

She can use her voice to attack the very souls of her victims, destroying them with all the pain and suffering infused into her song. To use her Death Song, the Banshee must first spend a turn singing.

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Anyone able to hear her voice must then pass a MR 80 check at the beginning of the next turn or suffer damage equivalent to twice the level of failure. All who can hear her must check again at the beginning of each subsequent turn provided the Banshee keeps singing , but the difficulty of the check increases by 10 points each turn up to MR The song lasts a maximum of 10 turns, and if at the end of the song no one has died from it, all the accumulated negative energy turns against the Banshee and devours her from within, destroying her immediately.

The Banshee can attack using Instrument of Vengeance at a 25 to her Attack Ability while singing her Death Song, but she is obviously not able to use her Deadly Voice at the same time. Secondary Abilities: Intimidate mida mi daate 40, 40, Notice Not oticce 25, 2 , Search 25 Seear arch ch 25, 25, Composure 85, Feats of Strength gthh , gt , 0 Withstand Witi hs hsta taand n PPain a n 16 ai Legends say that Behemoth th is i the thhee supreme sup upre reme m sovereign me sovver erei reign gn of of all a l the al the beasts that walk the earth, an ancient anc ncie ient ie ntt destructive des estr truc uctitive uc ve force forrce whose who h se power pow wer is equivalent to that of the oldest old l es e t dragons.

Not Not much muc uchh is is known kno nown wn about it, and its origin and nature been tur u e ha have ve nnever evver b e n discovered. An A old theory is that it is a personification oni nifi fica fi c tition ca on of of the the violent viol vi olen ol entt spirits spir sp irititss of all alll creatures on Gaa which would, uld ld,, inn some som o e way, w y, make wa mak akee it an an Aeon , Aeeon on , , but there is nothing to supportt this t is th is beyond bey eyon ond d speculation.

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Either way, Behemoth iss a titanic t ta ti tani nicc humanoid h ma hu mano noid i with bluish skin it is aboutt 25 feet fee eett tall taalll w when henn he annds are are claws cla laws wss that tha hatt standing fully upright. Its hands its back bac ackk has haas two t o tw ooze blood constantly, and its appendages sprouting from it that tha h t look look like lik ikee a cross between wings and huge g cclaws.

It also als lso o has has str trik ikin ingg fe feat atur uree a monstrous tail, but its most striking feature ittss chest. It communicated with anyone. It seems when itit it can convey its ferocity; when orld or ld,, all all simply walks through the world, natu tura rall the beings around it feel their na natural se.

Another of the biggest mysteries about Behemoth is whether it is one creature or multiple. Despite its considerable power, it has been destroyed several times throughout history, only to reappear unharmed some time later in a remote location. So no one knows whether there is only one that can return to life, or if there are several of them and only one is seen at a time. Currently, it has been several centuries since Behemoth last appeared, but no doubt it will do so at some unexpected moment and again begin its cycle of destruction.

It has no desire to conquer, only to fight. Therefore, each time it appears in the world, it attacks everything that does not follow it, destroying villages and armies alike. When it finds a person or group of individuals who it sees as worthy opponents, it activates its Jinku Enkido ability, locking its chosen opponents inside an impenetrable dome of energy that allows them to fight uninterrupted. While it does not mind that the creatures that follow it fight at its side against multitudes as when in the past it has battled large armies , it never allows them to help it in a fight against those it considers to be its personal enemies.

In such cases, it only uses its own power. Blood Hands: Mzir, or the Bloody Hands that Tear All, are the terrifying claws of Behemoth, that have the supernatural ability to rend everything they touch. Tail Sweep: The Behemoths tail attacks all those who are less than 10 feet away with a single blow. Wing Claws: Sprouting from the back of Behemoth are the Akamuth, or Wings that Rend the Skies, two colossal limbs ending in sharp claws with unparalleled destructive potential.

In combat, it can use them to make an extra attack each turn. Jinku Enkido: The Sovereign of the Beasts only activates this ability to begin a fight it considers interesting. Behemoth unleashes a vortex of pure destruction that destroys everything within a hundred yards, creating Jinku Enkido, a World of Perfect Destruction.

The face on its chest wakes up and opens its eyes, generating a dome of energy that attacks and devours anyone less than feet away from it. Those who survive are automatically trapped inside the dome. While it is maintained, no one can enter or leave it through any means. No one knows exactly the supernatural characteristics of this space, but it is theorized that it is a place midway between the Wake and reality created from Behemoths divine power.

Only beings with Gnosis greater than Behemoths are free to enter and leave the area. Inside Jinku Enkido, at the beginning of each turn, roll 1d10 and apply one of the following results:. Of course, this only affects individuals standing on the ground. The earthquake is centered on Behemoth, and he is not affected by it. Those who use their sense of sight to attack must pass a PsR check or suffer from Fear for one turn for each 10 points they failed the Resistance check by. Behemoth is not affected by this power.

If they fail the check by more than 5 points, they are Partially Immobilized for the turn. The dome of Jinku Enkido remains active until Behemoth is destroyed or it defeats all the opponents who are inside. After each use of the power, it must wait at least one hour before activating it again. Expulsion: If desired, Behemoth may expel an individual from Jinku Enkido, and that person will be unable to enter the dome until it disappears.

This ability is a complete Active Action, and Behemoth cannot attack in the same turn that it uses this ability. Physical Immunity: Only weapons and attacks that deal energy damage can affect Behemoth. If so, the entity manifested in Gaa may be nothing more than an unconscious representation of the Aeons desires, where it takes possession of the body and soul of a human being that synchronizes with it in its dreams. That would explain its constant recurrence. They share the same essence as the Elhaym, the Maidens of Light, but unlike their sisters who master the art of fighting as much as that of magic , the Belphe focus only on the supernatural, which makes them the most powerful Light wizards known.

Like the Maidens of Light, they have the appearance of beautiful women and can create great wings of energy at will. In fact, they are physically indistinguishable from Elhaym, so some feel they are two different variants of the same type of greater elemental. Many cultures have equated them with angels, not only because of their appearance but also because they radiate a feeling of great harmony that makes those around them feel at peace. The Belphe are often linked to the doctrines of the Beryls especially those of Gabriel and Mikael and try to conform to their ideals.

However, while they are often peaceful and value balance, each has a completely different personality, and it is impossible to know exactly what to expect from any given Belphe. They feel a special fascination for humanity and the mortal races, since they themselves are immortal and thus the emotions of mortals are mysterious and appealing to them.

However, they are loalth to establish relationships with mortals, because growing close to people destined to die bothers them. Consequently, they do not generally stay too long in one place or with one group of people. Because they have distinct personalities, it is difficult to discern patterns in their behavior. Many of them live among men, hiding their true nature under false identities in fact, there are several secretly working for the Church , while others watch mortals from the Wakes most heavenly places.

Consequently, they are a match for whole battalions of high level supernatural creatures. Moreover, as greater elementals, they do not need to recite incantations or make gestures to cast spells. Although fighting styles vary from one Belphe to another, they usually take advantage of their ability to fly and cast spells from a distance.

If this is impossible and they are in danger, they enhance themselves with support spells like Blessing and summon other elementals with Create Being of Light before attacking. They have no vulnerable points, but the core of their essence resides in their heart. Luminous Wings: As with the Maidens of Light, the Belphe use their large wings of light to soar through the skies with Flight Value Belphe can summon their wings at will, and although they do not use the wings in a physical sense, they must materialize the wings to fly.

If a Belphe uses her wings to form a Light Screen, her flying speed is reduced by half. Light Screen: A Belphe can use her wings to protect herself from attacks as if they were a supernatural shield. In doing so, she creates a defensive screen equivalent to the spell Shield of Light. This shield can absorb points of damage before being shattered, in which case the elemental needs at least an hour to regenerate it and during this period she is unable to fly.

Essence of Light: The Belphe consist of pure light and can draw on external light sources to greatly increase their power. Therefore, they can be tangible or intangible at will and are immune to damage that does not affect energy. Mastery of Supernatural Light: The power of light that these elementals carry with them alters the very nature of magic present in the environment.

Whenever there is some light, however limited it is, a Belphe increases the limit of the spells she can cast innately by 10 Zeon points and can cast spells costing 50 Zeon or less for free. Likewise, all her Light spells both natural and innate are enhanced, adding two additional free levels of Added Effects. In addition, if a Belphe lives in an area for a long time, the essence of the magic of the place is altered and grows ever more full of Light magic. The creatures known as Spectral Beasts are undead entities created millennia ago by the Lord of the Wretched Moon. After the imprisonment of their master, they were left free to haunt the human world at will.

Born hunters, they feel a special predilection to stalk difficult prey, and humans are one of their favorites. These undead have the appearance of skeletal predators surrounded by a dark miasma. They looks vaguely like a big lion or panther, although even their bones are nothing but massless spectral fibers. They can run, jump, and move at a speed so devilish that they are hard for ordinary peoples eyes to follow; in most cases people do not see more than a blur before the predator is upon them. Usually, Spectral Beasts remain dormant within some kind of natural object the most common are strangely shaped rocks until awakened by a trigger, typically related to lunar cycles and tides.

It is also possible that the smell of spilled blood or the aura of an occult ritual will catch their attention and wake them. Once awake, they wander around for seven consecutive days looking for any living soul to feed upon. However, they are mostly active at night. They are common in Kashmir and Nanwe, but they also exist in much smaller numbers elsewhere on Gaa in the service of powerful magicians or undead beings.

Once awake, Spectral Beasts act as any other large predator, but with greater malice than a simple animal. They know how to hunt both alone and in large groups. Thanks to their spectral nature, they do not require or use the Hide Ability, so once they detect a desirable target, they simply run in at high speed to kill it.

Spectral Beasts have no vulnerable points. Spectral Eyes: The eyes of a Spectral Beast can see through both light and shadows, so it may ignore any kind of penalty caused by natural darkness. Also, it can see other spiritual beings, but not magic or psychic matrices. Spectral Form: The body of a Spectral Beast has the same abilities as that provided by the Spectral Form Necromancy spell, so anyone who comes into direct contact with it must pass a MR 90 or PhR 90 check or suffer an All Action Penalty and loss of Life Points equal to half the level of failure. A Spectral Beast can freely touch and attack any material thing, even though it itself cannot be damaged by attacks that cannot damage energy; they simply pass through the Spectral Beast as if it wasn't there.

Spectral Claws: The claws of these creatures have the same properties as their bodies. However, instead of dealing damage normally, the wounds take a few seconds to form and increase in size and impact, giving the unnatural impression that they were caused by a much larger creature. Therefore, a Spectral Beasts. Healing Moon: Although Spectral Beasts do not recover damage normally, when they bathe in the light of the new moon, they immediately regain their vitality. On the night of a new moon, they regenerate 10 Life Points each turn they are directly exposed to moonlight.

Movement Limitation: Although they are immaterial beings, Spectral Beasts cannot pass through walls or solid objects. In addition, if a person draws a circle on the ground, the Spectral Beast may not enter the circle as long as the beast is not attacked by someone within the circle. Attacking a Spectral Beast disables the protection not only for the one attacked, but also for any accompanying ones. Visible: Although they are ghosts, when these creatures are illuminated by some kind of artificial light, they become completely visible to the human eye, even to those who cannot see spirits.

Physical Need Killing : Spectral Beasts need to kill. If a day passes in which one has not killed people with a total Presence equal to or greater than its own 45 , it again falls into a deep slumber. He intends to host an inaugural exhibition by inviting all his friends, but he is completely unaware that the rocks actually contain scores of sleeping Spectral Beasts. The same night his guests arrive, some of whom may be the player characters, a mysterious murder among the attendees awakens the Spectral Beasts with the smell of blood, thus beginning a terrifying hunt.

The anomalies known as Blatoddeas are the result of the unnatural evolution of insects affected by large amounts of waste supernatural energy. These are cockroaches or other similar insects whose bodies adapted to their surroundings, enabling them to survive in environments filled with magic. Through mutation after mutation, they eventually became huge magical monsters.

Blatoddeas typically adopt some of the qualities and characteristics of other animals in the area. Thus, there are large differences in their shapes and sizes, but they always maintain a slightly insectoid appearance and are usually not much larger than a human. Despite all these changes, they continue to behave like insects, without concerns beyond their primal instincts to feed and survive.

They are carnivores by preference, although they can eat almost anything, even rocks or soil. Interestingly, while they hunt for prey to eat, their dependence on magic means that they especially target those who are full of mystical energy. Thus, people with the Gift or other supernatural beings are their preferred victims. Its easy to find Blatoddeas in the vicinity of nodes of magic or the remains of supernatural battlefields, as they are born and breed most easily in these regions.

Over the last seven years, most of these creatures were exterminated at the hands of the Inquisition and the Magus Order who considered them a nuisance , but they have proven extremely difficult to eradicate, and it is always possible to find small colonies of survivors in magic-rich areas. They work both individually and in large groups, although they are unable to coordinate their actions. They attack until they die or kill their enemies, preferentially targeting those who can use magic. As with true cockroaches, they do not have vulnerable points and are even able to live for several minutes without a head.

Chained Blades: In melee combat, a Blatoddea can unleash a series of blows, allowing it to perform an additional attack at 10 to its Attack Ability after making a bite with its Jaws. It does 80 points of damage and attacks using the Cut Attack Type. If it wants to use this attack, a Blatoddea cannot attack in that turn with its Jaws or Chained Blades.

They can stay aloft up to a maximum of five turns without penalty, but then lose a point of Fatigue each additional turn spent flying. Any individual endowed with magical powers who it touches or is touched by one of these creatures must pass a MR check or lose their magical powers for a number of turns equivalent to the level of failure. It is not possible for there to be multiple coordinators together in one place because their orders interfere with each other; when two exist in the same territory, they battle until one devours the other.

Secondary Abilities: Riding 20, Jump 35, Climb 20, Style 40, Intimidation 20, Leadership , Notice 50, Search 15, Composure 15, Feats of Strength 60, Withstand Pain 30 The Void Knights are necromantic warriors of great power that differ from other undead because they still have some fragments of their souls left, but those remnants are as corrupt and withered as those of the most terrible specters. In a sense, it is almost as if a necromancers spirit was possessing the body of an animated corpse. Their exact origin is unknown, but most historians agree that they first appeared at the end of the Cycle of Glory of Stygia, when Meskhenet once again became a huge desert and hundreds of thousands of nomads died on the burning dunes.

Other sources claim that they are far older and are undead carriers of the blood of Ulrioka Yama, the God of Death in the forgotten religion of the Aramense. Their bodies are tall and muscular, appearing almost as perfect as if they were still alive. Only their faces, skulls with bloodshot eyes, reveal their true undead nature.

The Knights wear all types of clothing, but usually are dressed in heavy armor composed of black blood, hard as steel and terrifying in appearance. Interestingly, their armor, weapons, and special attacks are all powered by their unholy blood, which is manifested through veins that criss-cross the surface of their skin. Nobody, not even the Void Knights themselves, has a clear idea of their role in the world, so each acts toward its own objectives rather than following an overarching plan. Most are in the service of powerful beings and act as important agents, but others are completely independent and follow no will but their own.


The Void Knights often seek highly skilled warriors descended from the ancient tribes who inhabited the lands of Al-Enneth and, after mortally wounding them, force them to drink the Knights unholy blood. In some cases, this blood synchronizes with the victims body, turning the victim after an excruciating process into a new Void Knight. Luckily for the world, there are very few who have the needed affinity for the Knights blood. Today, there may be slightly more than 50 Void Knights on Gaa. Spiritual Damage: The wounds caused by a Void Knight go beyond the merely physical; they destroy the very essence of those struck.

Therefore, the damage caused by a Knights blows regenerate as if they were a Sacrifice i. Black Blood: A Void Knights body creates unholy blood charged with corrupt power that it can mold to its will. With blood, it can create armor, strengthen its weapons, and gain many additional powers. However, this ability has a high price, since it requires the Knight to consume its own blood. Using these powers costs Life Points, which cannot be recovered until the Knight stops using the power.

For example, a Knight could spend 30 Life Points to strengthen its armor and 20 on its weapon, and would therefore have 50 less total Life Points until both abilities were deactivated. Life Points lost by using Black Blood recover as fast as any conventional wound once the ability is no longer in use. Necromantic Armor Black Blood : Perhaps one of the most striking aspects of the Knights of the Void is their ability to generate a huge suit of armor as a means of protection using Black Blood.

By a simple act of will a Passive Action , blood from their veins forms into a suit of solid metal armor. Depending on how much blood is invested in it, the suit is more or less complete and can range from simple pieces of metal scattered across different vulnerable points to a full suit of body armor.

Weapons of Blood Black Blood : The blood can be used to strengthen the Void Knights weapons by transforming any simple object into a weapon of devastating power. Black Spines Black Blood : By spending 25 Life Points, the Knight can project hundreds of spines made of hardened blood from the ground to make a single attack against everyone within a radius of 30 feet around it.

This ability is a complete attack action. Void: When a Knights Life Points reach 0, its body decays and creates a void that consumes all traces of life. Everything in a radius of 80 feet must pass a PhR check or suffer damage equal to twice the level of failure. Everything that is destroyed by this effect completely loses any trace of color and turns white and dissolves into ashes, and anything with a soul has its soul completely consumed by the void. Nemesis: Despite being dead, the fragments of soul in the Knights bodies allow them to use many Nemesis Abilities. Necromantic Affinity: Unless they have been ordered otherwise by their master, all undead with Presence less than 50 feel a natural affinity for Void Knights and will follow the Knights instructions if not contrary to their nature or their prior orders.

The Knights of the Void always prefer direct, face to face clashes. If they start a fight, they openly assault their enemies in the most direct way possible.

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Since they have no appreciation for life, they sometimes attack people as a pastime, but this is certainly not common; they typically prefer to have a clear objective before killing. They also demonstrate a tremendous ability to lead weaker undead soldiers, making them particularly dangerous if they are commanding similar creatures. Their only vulnerable point is the head. Although their bodies can withstand considerable damage, if they are beheaded, they are destroyed instantly. Secondary Abilities: Notice 20, Search 50, Stealth 20, Hide 30, Track 20 Soul Scavengers or Birds of Death are lesser spirits that feed on the residual life force left in the living at their moment of death.

These small entities, invisible to the normal human eye, resemble pink skeletal birds that, like vultures of souls, go wherever they predict imminent death. If they cannot find food naturally, they find a person and perch imperceptibly on his shoulder. They then gradually make his life a living hell, whispering words in his ear and making each of his actions bring him close to death and lead to serious consequences for those around him.

Soon, strange accidents begin to happen around the affected person; he may stumble and fall under the wheel of a cart or during sword training accidentally kill his best friend. Those are the moments when the bird takes off to feed on the remains of the deceaseds soul. Although they are originally from Moth, these scavengers have spread around the world like an invisible curse.

They multiplied after the recent deaths that occurred during the breakup of the Empire, and now these dark birds are present everywhere death is abundant. As much as possible, they stay out of combat. They only fight when their existence is in danger or when they feel that their opponent is so close to death that he is unable to defend himself effectively. Normally, they wait hidden in a dead body for someone to come close enough for them to nest on him.

Sometimes, one scavenger is not enough to influence someone with a very strong will. In these cases, several birds will nest on the same person, since the death of such a strong-souled person is a real treat for them. Because they are spirits, they have no vulnerable points.

Shadow of Death: Sensing the presence of a Soul Scavenger is unusually difficult even for those who can see the supernatural. While the bird is perched on someones shoulder, no one, including its host, can see, hear, or touch it, except when the observer is on the verge of death either because his Life Points have dropped below 0, or from some other cause.

As another exception, the host can hear the Soul Scavenger when it whispers to him. The scavenger birds host merely feels the sensation of something heavy on his shoulders, as if he were carrying an unseen load that can easily be confused with simple fatigue. However, there are two ways of seeing the spirit, at least in theory. First, when the host takes a life, the scavenger appears for a moment to see it then requires passing an Absurd Notice check. Second, if during the 12 strokes of midnight the host looks in a mirror, he can see the reflection of the scavenger perched on his shoulder.

Undead beings or those with Gnosis 40 or higher can always see it. Influence of Death: The influence created by a Soul Scavenger causes changes in the behavior of its host, at first very slight but growing more pronounced with time. Like a curse, the essence of the specter spreads throughout the hosts body while the bird whispers dark words in his ear. Thus, the bird is sometimes able to control the actions of its host at certain times, either putting him into grave danger normally through causing accidents that he appears to have inadvertently caused or inspiring momentary periods of depression which, as they get worse, can lead to suicide.

It is also possible that if the host has a great ability to kill, the scavenger will make him prone to outbursts of anger and full of desire to attack others. Each time the scavenger tries to influence the host, the host must must pass a PsR 60 check or obey. The difficulty of the check increases by 5 points for each additional scavenger bird who nests on him up to a maximum of PsR In addition, while one or more birds are in contact with the host, he loses twice as many Fatigue Points from physical activities and must spend twice the usual number of Fatigue Points to improve physical actions.

Mortal Coil: The host of a Scavenger of Souls is slightly connected to death and has an increased ability to kill. Expulsion: Scavengers can be expelled from the host body in two different ways. They can be destroyed by suffering sufficient damage from a supernatural attack launched at them when they are visible they are only vulnerable at that time , and when the host increases his Presence in some way, he can make a new Resistance check using his new Presence to force the bird away.

Natural Weakness: Since they were created from death, these creatures find new life inimical to their nature. They are unable to approach a pregnant woman, and if there is a birth in their presence, they are terrified and flee in order to seek a new victim. Dark Nest: A Soul Scavenger may try to nest in a living being two different ways: either by making a successful attack with its spectral claws it usually only tries this on people who are not able to see spirits or are asleep or by waiting inside the dead body of its latest victim for someone to touch the corpse.

In either case, the touched person must pass a Resistance check using his base Presence against the bird to prevent it from nesting. A scavenger bird cannot nest in a person who has never killed or witnessed the death of someone, or in a pregnant woman. Very often they are associated with the Lillium religion and the Great Trees, but there is no proof of a relationship between them. Their appearance, as their name suggests, is that of a small lion or large cat whose body is no more than a collection of roots and thorny branches covered with beautiful flowers. Curiously, they have no eyes; they perceive the world as a jumble of scents and fragrances.

Some Lillium myths say that a Cath Flidais arises when a very old predator dies near a hawthorn and its blood mixes with the plants roots. At that time, if the animal still has strong ties to the world, part of the animals essence penetrates the roots of the tree and animates it, shaping the tree to resemble the animals original appearance. It is also possible that powerful forest spirits such as a Harekawa may voluntarily transform an old animal that they care about into a Cath Flidais, so that it may serve them for centuries more.

Despite their supernatural nature, the behavior of these beings is animalistic; they act entirely on instinct. They are territorial and often violent, but do not usually attack without a motive or reason although it certainly does not take much to provoke them. Unfortunately, there are cases in which a Cath Flidais decides that someone is an enemy simply because it does not like his smell.

They tend to be independent, but sometimes serve forest spirits in important matters. Given their nature, they only live in wooded areas and jungles. If they are separated from their native forests, they soon wither and die. The majority live in Alberia, but some can be found in any principality of the world where there is vegetation. Cath Flidais are ferocious predators with a natural propensity for combat.

They know how to take advantage of the environment and make the most out of the woods they live in. If they want to attack someone, it is normal for them to first stalk their prey from the bushes and covertly try to weaken the target with their poison. When the Cath Flidais fight, they try to lead their enemies to a place conducive to their fighting style while waiting for their fragrance to take effect.

I've always been really fond of this book. I first read it when I was about fifteen. Then I immediately read it three or four more times. It's a story so good you want to experience it over and over again. Reading it now fifteen years later, it still holds up. I came across quotable lines that made me smile. I still remembered them. The characters are really well-developed and unique. The humor in this is excellent too! I forgot how funny my mom really is! May 28, Anna del C. Dye rated it really liked it. Those Who Walk Among Us is a nice well-written and interesting tale.

It has, good descriptions and characters but could use more depth in the plot. She died in a lot of suffering, but Rick was the man she has been in-love with and that helped her made the journey more easily. A wonderful woman throughout her l Those Who Walk Among Us is a nice well-written and interesting tale. A wonderful woman throughout her life, Sally Ann had contracted AIDS when she was pricked by an infected needle as a nurse. Even though Sally Ann knew that she could never have Rick now, she begged the head Angel to let her be his guardian angel.

To keep an eye on the new, love-stricken angel John, her personal guardian angel, was charged with keeping her out of trouble. He, a much more mature angel, has to deal with the spirited new angel and her love for another man. The problem is that John has loved Sally Ann for a very long time, and his love for her gets in the way of her choices.

He knows that Sally Ann has a purpose in the divine schemes of eternity and no one knows what it will be. In the meantime, Rick meets a young woman by the name of Alex and totally falls for her, to the chagrin of Sally Ann. When Sally is faced with the news that Rick is to die, she has to decide what she will do.

Hope for his love when he is dead or lose her place in the eternities… and John will have to let her go or stop her, either way he may lose her. It is a good book that will be enjoyed by all teens. James rated it it was amazing May 09, Ana Luisa added it Nov 03, Darcy Stewart marked it as to-read Sep 08, Sherry Moore marked it as to-read Mar 11, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Margaret Marr. Margaret Marr. What I wouldn't do to return to childhood one more time and experience fishing from the bank as a little girl, especially in the dark. I'm country to the core.

I fish, camp, swim in the lake, eat from a garden, drive a pickup truck, work outside, live in jeans and T-shirts, and my accent is a blend of country and southern. My favorite get-together is a barbecue in the back yard. I prefer tea to be What I wouldn't do to return to childhood one more time and experience fishing from the bank as a little girl, especially in the dark. I prefer tea to beer, but prefer Diet Coke over both those. I believe in God and the saving grace of His son Jesus. I believe in miracles and fairy tales, and I learned the secret of hope from a Dean Koontz novel Frankenstein: City of Night.

I have an unstoppable curiosity about the world around me.