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It is not about your personal happiness. It is about discarding the ideal of my prince charming and fully accepting the person at my side. To see and appreciate this amazing, beautiful, unique person.

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Living in a castle in the air will rob me of the reality that is here and now. But it is only here and now that I can write history. Only in this way can I dive into a new, wonderful reality of my own personal fairy tale.

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A real fairy tale with Benny that is much more real than a prince charming could ever be. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Fairytales and Happy Endings

Learn how your comment data is processed. Saying goodbye to prince charming — to live a real fairytale by Jeanne Feb 8, Marriage , Personal growth. Have you ever looked at other couples, feeling that they, contrary to your marriage, have it all together? That they are both fulfilled and happy, living a fairy tale marriage? I have met couples who have looked perfect. Family, work, ministry, personal life, good looks.

I aimed to live up to that perfection in my own life.

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Then came the big blow in their lives: Divorce. Children who turned into adults with no bond to their family. Sometimes a mix of all of these things. I felt devastated, knowing about it. How come? Caroline leaf reminds us that: We all have struggles. This is especially true when it comes to marriage. But well, our reality is very different too! There is no prince charming. There is no happily ever after. Because real marriage is not about finding a prince charming and living happily ever after.

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It could be after a silly argument. It could be in the middle of a misunderstanding. It could be in an instant when trust has been broken. In fact, even some of the most maligned princesses are tougher than most people think. When you go back and look at the tales themselves — particularly the oldest versions of them — it becomes clear that the princesses that feature so prominently in them often withstand trials that the average person would probably have some trouble handling. I mean, think about it: What would you do if you were locked in a tower by a witch or an ogress with no means of escape?

Honestly, I would probably just sigh and ask my captor to at least bring me a Kindle and maybe a Netflix subscription the next time she came to visit. But these folktale and literary princesses? Sometimes, we see their strength in how they refuse to accept the status quo, while other times, we see it in their fortitude and in the way they support the people they love.

And sometimes, they straight-up subvert familiar tropes. Like Rapunzel, Petrosinella is kidnapped by a false parent and imprisoned in a tower; however, Petrosinella actually plans and executes her own escape. After eavesdropping on the ogress imprisoning her and hearing that said ogress has three magical acorns hidden in the rafters of the tower, Petrosinella gets brainstorming. She tells her princely lover to bring a length of rope with him the next time he visits; then she drugs the ogress, steals the acorns, and escapes out the window thanks to the rope furnished by the prince.

Where the Brothers Grimm Collected Yarns

Then, when the ogress wakes and takes after them, Petrosinella holds her off by throwing the acorns at her: A dog emerges from the first one and charges the ogress down; a lion comes out of the second; and finally, a wolf comes out of the last one, who eats the ogress up. Free at least, Petrosinella and the prince head home to his kingdom and happily marry.

I can at least applaud your effort to take at least some control over your lives. In the Chinese folktale that bears her name, Princess Kwan-Yin or Guanyin starts by rejecting the narrative set forth for her by her father and ends up becoming the Goddess of Mercy at the end of the story. Because she is. A woman after my own heart. It's almost reminiscent of "The 12 Dancing Princesses" in that respect, with a bit of "Cinderella" thrown in for good measure.

But you know that saying that frequently circulates social media?

Cinderella works her butt off. Then she gets herself to and from the party on her own steam. This woman is surrounded by terrible people, but she beats all of them — not just Rumpelstiltskin himself — at their own game. When her dad lies about her being able to spin straw into gold, he literally gambles her life in order to appear like a Big, Important Person — and she gets out of that pickle with a nice financial cushion underneath her. Her husband, the king, is kind of a jerk — I mean, the marriage is founded on the fact that he almost killed her because of a stunt her dad pulled — but she builds a comfortable life for herself, making the best of her situation.

And as for Rumpelstiltskin?