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Guy Mannering is set in the s to s in the Galloway area of southwest Scotland , but with episodes in Cumberland and India , it tells the story of Henry "Harry" Bertram, the son of the Laird of Ellangowan , kidnapped at the age of five by smugglers after witnessing the murder of a customs officer. It follows the fortunes and adventures of Harry and his family in subsequent years, the struggle over the inheritance of Ellangowan; the novel depicts the lawlessness that existed at the time, when smugglers operated along the coast and thieves frequented the country roads.

Guy Mannering, after leaving Oxford, is travelling alone through some of the wilder parts of Scotland. After losing his way at nightfall, he is directed to the home of Mr Godfrey Bertram. The friendly but incompetent Bertram welcomes him, although his wife is in labour with their first child; as they await news, Mannering meets Dominie Sampson , a learned but inept tutor, Meg Merrilies, a wild-looking, strident Gypsy woman, who has come to tell the child's fortune.

The young student, offers to do this from the stars, predicts that three periods of the boy's life will be hazardous. Not wishing to concern the parents, he leaves his predictions to be opened when the child is five years old. Mannering meets smuggler Dirk Hatteraick, who captains vessels active off the wild coast by Ellangowan. However, before his fifth birthday is over, little Harry Bertram disappears while in the care of an excise-man, murdered by smugglers. No trace can be found of the child.

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In her distress, his mother goes into labour once again, after giving birth to a daughter, she dies. Seventeen years elapse, Mannering, now a Colonel , returns from India and visits Scotland once again. He arrives at Ellangowan in time to be present at the death of the now destitute Godfrey Bertram. The possessions and home of Bertram and his daughter Lucy are being sold.

Mannering attempts to buy the estate, but is called back to England to attend to his own daughter, reported to have a lover, so misses the sale; the Ellangowan estate is purchased at a reduced rate by the conniving Glossin, whose unscrupulous dealings have been one of the causes of the Bertrams' downfall. The estate is sold on the condition that if the male heir is found, the estate will return to the Bertrams. Mannering's daughter Julia has in fact been entertaining the affections of Vanbeest Brown, a young cavalry officer from her father's regiment, though she does not admit this to her father.

Brown is unsure of his parentage, having been raised in Holland, told that though born in Scotland, he was rescued at a young age from smugglers. Colonel Mannering in fact believes that he killed Brown in a duel in India, a fact which weighs on his conscience. Mannering brings his daughter with him to Scotland, rents a house called Woodbourne , not far from Ellangowan.

He invites Lucy Bertram to be a companion for his daughter, Dominie Sampson to be his librarian. Brown follows Julia Mannering to Scotland, taking a roundabout route to explore some of the wilder parts of his birth country, he dines at an inn called Mump's Hall, where he meets Dandie Dinmont. Here he meets Meg Merrilies , who seems to recognise him; the proprietress of Mump's Hall sends thugs to burgle Dinmont on the road, Brown arrives in time to help fend them off.

In gratitude Dinmont invites Brown to stay at his farm with his large family for some days. While hunting with his new friend, Brown meets a gamekeeper called Gabriel, who seems to recognise him. Meanwhile, at Woodbourne, a group of excise-men seek protection from a gang of smugglers, who outnumber them. Under the superior tactics of Mannering, the smugglers are driven off, several of their ringleaders killed or mortally wounded. It forms, along with The Bride of Lammermoor , the 3rd series of Scott's Tales of My Landlord ; the two novels were published together in A Legend of the Wars of Montrose was composed during May after the completion of its companion novel The Bride of Lammermoor though it had been envisaged before the Bride was begun.

Scott was still recovering from his serious illness of March and it is that the greater part of the new novel was dictated to John Ballantyne and William Laidlaw , though the manuscript for most of Chapters 3 to 6 is extant in his own hand; the first edition of Tales of my Landlord, consisting of The Bride of Lammermoor and A Legend of Montrose, was published by Archibald Constable in Edinburgh on 21 June and in London on the 26th.

As with all of the Waverley novels before publication was anonymous. Scott appears to have made some small changes to the text of Montrose when it appeared that year in the Novels and Tales, but his main revision was carried out in late and early for the'Magnum' edition, including the provision of notes and an introduction: it appeared as Volume 15 in August The standard modern edition, by J. Alexander, was published under Scott's preferred title A Legend of the Wars of Montrose as Volume 7b of the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels in this is based on the first edition with emendations principally from Scott's manuscript; the story takes place during the Earl of Montrose's military campaign in Scotland on behalf of King Charles I against the Covenanters who had sided with the English Parliament in the English Civil War.

Annot is a young woman, brought up by the M'Aulays since being captured as a girl during a blood feud against the MacEagh clan. M'Aulay and Menteith are both members of Montrose's army. Annot marries Menteith after it is discovered that she has aristocratic blood, was kidnapped by the MacEaghs as a baby; this leads to the jealous M'Aulay stabbing Menteith and fleeing Montrose's army.

Menteith survives whilst M'Aulay is rumoured to have been killed by the MacEaghs. Much of the novel is taken up with a subplot involving an expedition into enemy territory by Dugald Dalgetty, an experienced mercenary fighting for Montrose. Dalgetty does not fight out of political or religious conviction, but purely for the love of carnage. However, he is professional, remains loyal to an employer to the end of his contract, he gained his experience fighting for various armies during the Thirty Years' War still raging in Germany.

Note: He did not fight all thirty years. Dalgetty is regarded as one of Scott's finest comic characters, however he dominates so much of the story that the main plot is not developed in detail; the Earl of MenteithAnderson, his servant. Allan MacAulay seats Anderson above Dalgetty at table, his brother, the laird Angus, wins a wager with his guest Sir Miles Musgrave by having some of his men act as living chandeliers.

Annot soothes Allan by singing, he foresees. Volume Two Ch. Dalgetty travels to Inverara. Argyle enters in disguise and ascertains that the surviving child is Ann. Redgauntlet Redgauntlet is a historical novel by Sir Walter Scott , set in Dumfries, Scotland in , described by Magnus Magnusson as "in a sense, the most autobiographical of Scott's novels. Composition of Redgauntlet was steady, it began shortly after the completion of Saint Ronan's Well in early December , by early January proofs had reached the fourth letter.

The first volume was in print before the end of March, the second was written in late March and April, the third was composed in May; the first edition was published in Edinburgh on 14 June and in London on the 29th of the same month. It is that Scott was responsible for at least some of the small changes to the text of the novel when it appeared in the Tales and Romances.

During January and February he revised the text more extensively and provided an introduction and notes for the'Magnum' edition, in which it appeared as Volumes 35 and 36 in April and May The standard modern edition, by G. Wood with David Hewitt , was published as Volume 17 of the Edinburgh Edition of the Waverley Novels in this is based on the first edition with emendations from the manuscript; the novel's hero is a young man named Darsie Latimer.

Early in the novel he is kidnapped by Hugh Redgauntlet, taken to a village in Dumfries. After much intrigue Darsie discovers that Redgauntlet is his uncle, he is reunited with his sister, he discovers that a number of prominent Jacobites , Prince Charles Edward Stuart himself are staying in the village. Redgauntlet has summoned them all to start a new Jacobite rebellion, he wants Darsie to join them. Furthermore, Redgauntlet discovers that his fellow Jacobites are not as committed as he, their stated objection is that they suspect the Prince's mistress, Clementina Walkinshaw , of being a spy.

During these discussions, General Campbell arrives amongst them to announce that he and the government know what the conspirators are up to. The Prince is allowed to go into exile, his followers peacefully disperse. Redgauntlet, joins the Prince in exile. Darsie is set free having always remained loyal to the current king, Alan marries Darsie's sister. Alan was studying for the law, but his companion had started for his first country ramble, the story commences with a long correspondence between them; as he returned from fishing in the Solway Firth , with Benjie as his instructor, Darsie was overtaken by the tide, carried by Mr Herries, dressed as a fisherman, on horseback to a cottage, where his niece Lilias said grace at supper-time.

The Quaker , part owner of some fishing nets in the river, invited him to spend a few days at his house. A letter, from old Mr Fairford determined him not to do so. Mr Fairford had arranged that Peter Peebles , an eccentric plaintiff , should be his son's first client, Alan was pleading the cause before the Lords Ordinary when his father, by mistake, handed him a letter from Mr Crosbie, announcing that Darsie had mysteriously disappeared.

Alan rushed out of court, started in search of his friend, who had accompanied the Quaker to await an attack on his fishing station, been made prisoner by the rioters, of whom Mr Herries was the leader. After being nearly drowned, recovering from a fever, he awoke in a strange room , to which he was confined for several days, when he was visited by his captor, conducted by him to an interview with Squire Foxley, acting as a magistrate , declined to interfere with Mr Herries' guardianship; as the squire was leaving, however, Mr Peebles arrived to apply for a warrant against Alan for throwing up his brief, startled Mr Herries by recognising him as a Redgauntlet and an unpardoned Jacobite.

Darsie obtained a partial explanation from him, was told to prepare for a journey disguised as a woman. Meanwhile, Alan had applied to the provost, having obtained from his wife's relation, Mr Maxwell, a letter to Herries, he started for Annan, under the guidance of Trumbull, he took ship for Cumberland.

On landing at Crakenthorp's inn, he was transported by Nanty Ewart, a gang of smugglers, to Fair-ladies' House, where he was nursed through a fever, introduced to a mysterious Father Buonaventure. After being questioned and detained for a few days, he was allowed to return with a guide to. Constable was born at Carnbee , son of the land steward to the Earl of Kellie. In Archibald was apprenticed to Peter Hill , an Edinburgh bookseller, but in he started in business for himself as a dealer in rare books, he bought the Scots Magazine in , John Leyden , the orientalist , became its editor.

In Constable began the Farmer's Magazine, in November he issued the first number of the Edinburgh Review , under the nominal editorship of Sydney Smith. Constable made a new departure in publishing by the generosity of his terms to authors. Writers for the Edinburgh Review were paid at an unprecedented rate, Constable offered Scott guineas in advance for Marmion. In A.

In , however, a reconciliation took place. In he served as Moderator of the High Constables of Edinburgh. In he bought the copyright of Waverley; this was issued anonymously. The firm published the Annual Register. Through over-speculation, complications arose, in a crash came. Sir Walter Scott was affected by the failure of both firms. Constable started business afresh, began in Constable's Miscellany of Original and Selected Works consisting of a series of original works, of standard books republished in a cheap form, thus making one of the earliest and most famous attempts to popularize high-quality literature.

Constable died at home, 3 Park Place in Edinburgh, on 21 July , but his firm survived, the Constable publishing business continued in the twentieth century, issuing a wide range of fiction and non-fiction books. It continues today as Robinson. Park Place was a small square north of George Square , demolished in the 19th century to build the new medical buildings for Edinburgh University.

Among their children were a son, a daughter, Elizabeth, their son, Thomas Constable FRSE took over his printing business on his father's death. In he was appointed printer and publisher in Edinburgh to Queen Victoria , issued, among other notable series, Constable's Educational Series, Constable's Foreign Miscellany. In he became a partner in the firm, when Thomas retired in the firm continued under the name of T.

Constable, their daughter, Elizabeth Constable married his junior publishing partner, Robert Cadell of Ratho. Moubray House Waterston, C D. In Stephen, Leslie. Dictionary of National Biography. Hewitt, David. Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.

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Oxford University Press. Edinburgh Gazetteer. Edinburgh: A. During his lifetime, he was known as "The Young Pretender " or "The Young Chevalier" and in popular memory as "Bonnie Prince Charlie", he is best remembered for his role in the rising. His escape from Scotland after the uprising led him to be portrayed as a romantic figure of heroic failure in representations. As the legitimate heirs to the thrones of England and Ireland—according to the Jacobite succession—his family lived with a sense of pride, staunchly believed in the divine right of kings. Many Protestants , including a number of prominent parliamentarians , had been worried that King James aimed to return England to the Catholic fold.

Charles Edward played a major part in the pursuit of this goal. In , Charles Edward observed the Spanish siege of Gaeta , his first exposure to war. His father managed to obtain the renewed support of the French government in , whereupon Charles Edward travelled to France with the sole purpose of commanding a French army that he would lead in an invasion of England. The invasion never materialised.

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By the time the fleet regrouped, the British fleet realised the diversion that had deceived them and resumed their position in the Channel. Undeterred, Charles Edward was determined to continue his quest for the restoration of the Stuarts. In December , Charles's father named giving him authority to act in his name. Eighteen months he led a French-backed rebellion intended to place his father on the thrones of England and Scotland.

Charles raised funds to fit out two ships: the Elisabeth, an old man-of-war of 66 guns, the Du Teillay , a gun privateer , which landed him and seven companions at Eriskay on 23 July Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name. Seller Inventory GI4N Book is in good condition.

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