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And then he discovers the Wing.

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The Wing is a room of dead people who are still alive - the remnants of American soldiers in Korea whose hearts somehow still beat, men who have been reduced to mere portions of humans. They are too damaged to ever send home and their families believe them gone. It's the most peaceful place Rudy has ever been, and he befriends the only mentally coherent inhabitant, Guy X.

Rudy also falls in love with Irene, a sergeant. And he finds himself starting up a base newspaper.

No One Thinks of Greenland

And all the time the days are getting shorter. Soon the Stark Raving Dark of permanent night will be upon them all. As things degenerate and the future of Qangattarsa and the men who live their strange half-lives there becomes increasingly doubtful, Rudy realises he must find a way to save the people he loves - and himself. This is a moving, powerful and very funny portrait of human absurdity and tragedy that joins Catch as a classic of its kind.

John Griesemer has worked as a mental hospital orderly, a fisherman and a journalist. He lives with his family in New Hampshire. No One Thinks of Greenland is his first novel. For the latest books, recommendations, offers and more.

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Children's Children's 0 - 18 months 18 months - 3 years 3 - 5 years 5 - 7 years 7 - 9 years 9 - 12 years View all children's. Puffin Ladybird. Authors A-Z. Featured Authors. Articles, Games and more Rudy finds himself assigned to create a newspaper for the hospital base, and with it gets special clearance to enter "the Wing" where the wounded are tended. Feeling a journalistic spirit, he starts to unfold stories about the hospital, the soldiers and wounded there, but as he digs for information and begins to uncover secrets, things start to unravel around him The setting has an unreal, foreboding quality- wide flat vistas, towering icy walls of glaciers, flaming color in the sky, light stretching into night and then reversing so that darkness reaches into every hour.

The violence at the end was shocking, but did not surprise me too much; after all, they called the time of winter "The Stark Raving Dark. The characters have considerable depth.

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Rudy in particular wrestles with his conscience, occasionally does inexplicably crazy things, is awed by the landscape, confused by his own presence there. In this strange and remote place, he begins to find himself in ways he never did back home where everything was easier, and safer.

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This book has been on my TBR long enough that I don't recall how it got there. Thus I read it for the TBR challenge.

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I think I picked up my copy at a thrift store, but am no longer sure. In an aside from the story, a few times in the novel the abandoned Viking settlement of Greenland was mentioned, a place forgotten by civilization when the Black Plague struck Europe. When it was rediscovered, one of the characters states, " there were only a few stunted, inbred people left, practicing some weird kind of Christianity.

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