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Mawman, excudit A. Imprint: Jo. Imprint: Excudit R. Watts, Sumptibus T. Cadell et W. Imprint: Sam. Imprint: Apud Samuelem et Joann. Imprint: Printed for J. Imprint: Chez Z. Imprint: Abraham Of Paddenburg? Fabius Quinctilianus. Imprint: H. Conyers, J. Knapton [etc]. Historiae Romanae Scriptores Minores: Sex. Victor, Sex. Imprint: For James Carpenter; and J. Cuthell and P. Imprint: A.

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Imprint: Ex Officina Platiniana B. Aucta, Renouata, et Notis Illustrata. Imprint: Christ. Millar and T. Imprint: Excudit T. Imprint: For W. Battersby [etc. Imprint: For J. Buckland, W. Strahan, J. Publii Papinii Statii Sylvarum Lib. Imprint: Henr. Imprint: Casp. Volumes: 3 Format: fol. Allman; J. Palatino-Vaticano Saecvli Xiv.

Greek tables or, a method of teaching the Greek paradigm in a more simple and fundamental manner. Imprint: Edward Earle, T. Imprint: Mr. Andrew Symson, and Mr. Imprint: Rodwell et Martin [ Imprint: P. Kvsteri, I. Clerici, S. Clarkii et E. Walker; F. Wingrave; R.

Augusti Bachii. Imprint: Viduam B. Commentarii dictorum factorumque socratis ad defendendum eum scripti a xenophonte libris iv. Mann and J. The historie of the life and reigne of the most renowmed and victorious Princesse Elizabeth, late queen of England. Imprint: Printed by R. Imprint: Published by M. Imprint: Printed for George Sawbridge Volumes: 5 Format: fol. Language: English Donor: Mrs.

Virginia Carey Rotunda Shelf: Unknown. Knapton, D.

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Imprint: Printed for John Stockdale by J. Longman, and O. Rees, and J. Imprint: L. N7 C6 , no. Les Memoires de Messire Ph. Son Fils, Rois de France. Until the Sea-Battle Off la Hogue. Strahan and T. Imprint: D. Mariette [etc. Payne, D. Wilson e T. Imprint: Stamperia di L. Nardini e A. Dulau e Co. Nichols for E. Imprint: Chez G. E5 , D Manby, W. Reeve, W. Bizet, P. Davey, B. Law, J. Imprint: Printed for W. Miller, by W.

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Imprint: Impensis J. Imprint: By J. Sprint, J. Robinson, J. Taylor, Andr. Bell, T. Ballard, and B. Della Istoria d'Italia, Di M. Johnson; F. Rivington; T. Payne [ Imprint: I. Thomas and E. El Prudente. Imprint: Printed and Sold by W. Imprint: Bei J. Imprint: Printed for the Author, by A. Virginia Carey Rotunda Shelf: L7 v. Becket and P. De Hondt, and T. Cadell, In The Strand; and T. Nourse [Etc.

Leathley and J. Imprint: Hug. Imprint: In Der J. Imprint: Published By James W. Franklin's Head Court Street. Volumes: 10 Format: fol. Allen Rotunda Shelf: Unknown. Clark, R. Ford, and R.

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Guilielmi Neubrigensis Historia sive Chronica rerum Anglicarum libris quinque. Evans [etc. Brotherton, J. Clarke [etc. Imprint: Impr.

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The Continuation of Mr. Imprint: Messrs. Whitestone, W. Watson, Corcoran, R. Strahan; T. Volumes: 8 Format: fol. Imprint: Tho. Imprint: For T. Longman, C. Hitch, T. Osborne, etc. Trist Rotunda Shelf: Unknown. Rice Rotunda Shelf: Unknown. Imprint: Maltby, Goldsmith and Co. The general history of England, both ecclesiastical and civil; from the earliest accounts of time, to the reign of His present Majesty, King William III. Rogers, I. Taylor, J. Nouvelle-Aquitaine is a region of excellence and innovation, and always has been throughout its history.


Every day, its The postcard illustrator Sophie Navas uses her pencils to capture all the charm of central Bordeaux, as it lies along Cognac is a deft blend of traditional and contemporary. Take Martell, for example.

In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, it's impossible to talk about thermal cures without mentioning the Landes, which also happens to Early man certainly left some impressive traces behind in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. The most beautiful palaeolithic remains With friends. Spa: Our 5 favourite addresses for wellness near Live a different experience with CroisiEurope The Little Train of the Rhune, a legendary view of Recipe: Strawberry pavlova with vanilla-flavoured Fishing at Arcachon.