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Talking to existing clients who already bought might seem like a waste of time, but it is actually the key to future sales.

Regular contact will help you understand their needs, give you ideas about product improvements and set the stage to offer a complementary product. By creating a relationship, you are going beyond a simple transaction and giving yourself an opportunity to offer more products or services to the client. Happy customers will refer you other customers.

Steps to selling

When a recommendation comes from someone who has actually used your services, it has an extra layer of credibility and trust. Delighted clients make the best advocates because third-party claims of excellence carry more weight than self-promotion. For the most part, customers are willing to refer because they know how important referrals are and people like to help.

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Search articles and tools. Boost your revenues with effective after sales follow-up. Send a note to say thank you Some companies send emails. Keep the lines of communication open Ask your clients for permission to communicate with them.

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Think second sale Talking to existing clients who already bought might seem like a waste of time, but it is actually the key to future sales. Ask for referrals Happy customers will refer you other customers. Boost your sales —Happy customers are more likely to come back and buy more. Increase customer retention —Satisfied customers are more loyal. Generate customer testimonials and referrals —Future clients will be more willing to trust you if you show them case studies that include quotes and names.

Improve your performance —Customer feedback will help you improve your products or fix service problems. Because you are.

Main Steps in the Personal Selling Process - THE Marketing Study Guide

You increase your success rate by 2. Now you need to schedule it in a way that maximizes your chances of it going well. What does the data say about the best and worst times to schedule a first meeting in the sales process, and how long it should be? First of all, it shows us that picking the right day and time will help you avoid no-shows. Afternoons, for example, are better for sales calls than mornings.

Calls scheduled in the afternoon have fewer no-shows, and prospects stay on the call longer:. People are stretched in too many directions in the morning. They just want to get through their own tasks. Unfortunately, most salespeople schedule calls at the wrong times:. Timing is such an easy fix. Our data science team found that most calls peak at the and minute marks:. That makes sense given how most of us book our calendars in and minute increments.

Here's a Four-Step Guide on Selling Medicare Supplement Products Over the Phone

So which is more likely to get you to the next step in the sales process? While we assume that complex products require 60 minutes to explain, the top reps keep their first calls lean no matter the product. They boil their sales process down to the golden nuggets to get the prospect more intrigued than ever. The top sellers succeed because they have a well-prepared sales call process.

Everything You Need To Know About Building & Scaling Your Sales Process

Were you picturing stereotypical seat-of-their-pants, adrenaline-pumped sales junkies? Mega-successful reps are some of the most methodical and strategically minded people in business. Again, we know this from studying roughly 1 million B2B sales calls recorded on web conferencing platforms like Zoom and GoToMeeting. We mapped out conversations to see which topics were discussed, for how long, and when.

Top reps cover more topics than their peers: 15 compared to 12 topics on a minute call:. Their conversations are sequential. When they switch topics, they stick with something related. Not surprisingly, average and low-performing reps change topics haphazardly:. Finally, clustering topics into themes means that top performers switch between topics less frequently their less successful peers.

In fact, their linear approach means they have They jump around a lot less than their low-performing peers who are all over the place:. The key takeaway for reps? Take your prep work seriously. Top reps plan how to move their conversations smoothly from start to finish. Well done. Your job at the outset of this call is to build rapport. But the data is clear that mirroring is one of the worst ways to build that rapport. Instead, you need to pull the prospect into your rhythms. Their personal appeal helps them get prospects to mirror them. These charismatic sales professionals are genuinely likable people who exude a special combination of confidence and humility.

In fact, they do the opposite and use more positive language. With a little practice, you can deepen your leadership skills to help you achieve conversational synchrony around the minute mark.

Selling The Invisible: Four Keys To Selling Services

Looking at more than that makes all the problems seem less urgent. Discussing problems has the highest likelihood of moving the deal to the next step:. Remember though, the types of questions you ask matter. You want to create a natural ebb and flow with the right number of targeted questions. Top performers intersperse their questions naturally throughout the conversation.

Their average-performing peers load questions at the beginning of the conversation:. And it feels like an interrogation rather than a natural conversation. Instead, listen and ask genuine and relevant questions. The natural flow of switching back and forth with your customer increases your likelihood of getting a second meeting:.

The 7 Sales Process Steps You Need to Reinforce

Above is where the top-performing reps sit in terms of talk-to-listen ratios on discovery calls. The results may surprise you. We all talk a little more than we think we do. If you get a shocker, at least you know exactly how to fix this. This data about how to sell against the competition is short, sweet, and easy to act on.

Having your say about the competition early on means having influence when the prospect is still forming their opinions. If you wait to mention the competition in the middle or at the end of the sales cycle, your odds of closing the deal actually decrease compared to if your competitors were absent altogether:. Think of the two-minute mark as a cliff. Your prospects care far less about your company than you think. They took a painstaking 10 weeks to sort through.

While every sales organization has a unique sales process, there are some overarching commonalities to keep in mind. Instead, give them a brilliantly targeted demo that stimulates great conversation that lasts and lasts. Successful reps have shorter bursts of speech that allow others to jump into the conversation more often.

Talk about industry problems, narratives, and overviews for less than two minutes. Make sure the prospect understands the problem you solve, or the reason your company exists.

1. Find customers

If they talked about coaching for seven minutes, onboarding for four, and pipeline management for five, start the demo with the coaching use case. It will definitely snag their attention and carry you through the bulk of the call. They have questions.