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The meme saw a resurgence in when LeBron James , who led the Cleveland Cavaliers to their first NBA championship title, posted a celebratory photo on Instagram wearing a cap embroidered with the image of Kermit sipping tea [10] ; Good Morning America and other media outlets referenced the image using the hashtag TeaLizard.

New York magazine replied that, "Kermit is a frog. A frog is an amphibian. A lizard is a reptile. Not all green things are the same, you ignorant bastards. On a appearance on Drop the Mic , Miss Piggy disses Kermit in rap by calling him "a tea-spippin' glorified meme. Similar to the trope of psychomachia , the meme pits a reasonable impulse "me" against a more sinister or destructive indulgence "me to me" or "also me".

Kermit commented on the meme when it trended on Twitter in November , stating:. During a appearance on A Very Pentatonix Christmas , Constantine attempts to ruin Kermit's reputation, because he laments that Kermit's a big star, while he's reduced to an internet meme. The meme has spawned various imitations, which generally call back to the original image.

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As used in this variation, this is "me" chastising "myself" for an ignorant action. As part of promotion for the Sherlock series 4 finale "The Final Problem," the BBC One Twitter was "hijacked" by the Sherlock character himself, encouraging his fans to help him solve a mystery. The event, nicknamed "Sherlock Live," also saw Sherlock directly interacting with fans who offered their solutions. At one point in the event the official Miss Piggy account tweeted that she had solved the mystery, but only offering to give him the answer if Sherlock "cast moi as a femme fatale.

My British accent is tres perfect! Autism screening instrument for educational planning. Labov, W. Narrative analysis. Labov et al.

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