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The fork to Hornton is not at the same place as the one to Stewartville or Tewsbury. Hint Clarification for clue 2: There is not a fork with roads to Stewartville and Asterly. That means that the roads to Stewartville and Asterly are not at the same fork. What Next?

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Braingle on Facebook. Sign In Create a Free Account. He pictured a basket of plastic cutlery, and his brain jumped on. Peanut butter and jellies.

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He had the phone in his hand. Karen met his grandmother once, at Passover. She would understand. She would tell him what he needed to hear. She would give him a name for what he felt.

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Her machine picked up, and he heard, in six words, the voice which once inhabited his daily life. This is Karen. Leave a message.

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Daniel stood with the phone to his ear, the recorded silence forming an invisible, untraceable connection to the woman he used to love, who had wanted to be with him, and who, for this reason perhaps, he had detached from his life years ago. He bought the peanut butter and jellies: four spoons, six knives, seven forks. Seventeen peanut butter and jellies, all his. Driving home, they got a flat, and everything came out of the trunk: the box of records, the jar of marbles, the peanut butter and jellies. They made it to a service station and home later that night, but somehow the peanut butter and jellies never did.

They remembered putting everything back in the trunk, but the peanut butter and jellies were gone.

Four months later, Karen suggested they move in together, and Daniel counter offered a break up. He pictured those spoons and knives and forks, rolled together in a cheap plastic bag at the side of a road near a small town in Ohio.

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He knew it had happened then, whatever it was which led him to now. Daniel hung up the phone without leaving a message. Everything now, even the people, was a memory he had to visit alone.

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