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Showing Rating details. All Languages. More filters. Sort order. Jim Hughes rated it it was amazing May 17, Ellie marked it as to-read Sep 12, Luis is currently reading it Mar 21, Matthew H Hardy is currently reading it May 16, There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Peter S. Peter S. Ruckman was known for his position that the King James Version constituted "advanced revelation" and was the final, preserved word of God for English speakers. Some are the primary motifs of town or city halls as in Mechelen, Antwerp, and Brussels.

Once upon a time, the city halls were even owned by the Church. I have yet to see other belfries — in Leuven, in other Flemish cities, in Wallonia and even in France. For more commentaries on the belfries of Belgium and France, please click here. Read more from S. Anril Tiatco here. With the wars that have been fought over Belgium and France, I am amazed that so many belfries are still standing or have been rebuilt.

The tower was rather plain, but it offered great views of the town and countryside.

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There was also an exhibit on the historical cat festival, during which a cat thankfully now a stuffed animal is tossed from the top of the tower for good fortune. From Ypres I continued to Bruges, and its bell tower, standing tall over the market square, was more impressive. It also afforded excellent views of the city environs. I visited two more belfries in Antwerp. The tower on the Antwerp town hall was covered in scaffolding, and did not seem particularly memorable, but the belfry on the Cathedral of Our Lady was exquisite.

Unfortunately, it did not appear that tours were available for this tallest church tower in Belgium. I still am not certain why so many belfries in Belgium and France needed to be inscribed for this World Heritage Site -- it seems rather excessive.

That said, I had a great time hunting for the towers with friends while in Belgium. Logistics: These belfries are in major cities, and are accessible by train.

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Many other sites would seem to require either private transportation or advanced planning for public transportation. Australia - Aug -. So many belfries! My wife and I visited Belgium in August , and decided to see a representative sample of the belfries on the list. In the end we saw two cathedral belfries in Antwerp and Leuwen , a town hall belfry Antwerp , two marketplace belfries Bruges and Ypres , and two standalone belfries Tournai and Mons. Of these, I think Antwerp cathedral, Bruges and Tournai are the most impressive mainly due to their height and imposition on the surrounding area.

And if you're going to climb one, don't make it the one in Bruges! It's 10 euros, while climbing in Tournai is 2 euros. Read more from Joel Baldwin here.

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I fondly remember a comment made by Ian in his review of Telc : In a country that has plenty of pretty town squares this one has to take the prize for the prettiest. Those words rang very true at the time as I stood on the Telc town square and accompanied me along my travels in Czechia. These words echoed again in my mind as I visited a few more of the Belfries on a short weekend trip to Belgium and Northern France.

Instead of inscribing a representative subset of Belfries - let alone the single best one - it feels like the Belgian and French authorities went the opposite way: Put each and every Belfry on the list that there is.

E=MC2 or: The Bigger the Belfry, the More Room for the Bats by Peter S. Ruckman

This includes rather simple examples such as the one in Kortrijk. Or very modern structures - looking at you, Lille - that are more of an architectural quote than an original Belfry. You also find reconstructions such as the one in Arras which was destroyed during World War 1. Still, I had a very pleasant time seeing yet more Belfries. Flanders is a blessed area of the world rich in culture and history. Drop me off in any Belgian city and I will enjoy myself. But this also holds true for most Czech cities of which not every one boasts a WHS market square. If I had to pick the best site, I would probably say Antwerp.


In the end it's not really about the Belfries themselves, but what else the city has to offer. And Antwerp as a city is a clear favorite of mine. It also seems to be the city with the most inscribed locations for Belfries. It also hosts one of the WWI cementeries. Kortrijk, Gent, Leuven, Tongeren: Beguinage. Of the sites I have seen, I would single out Lille as being a terrible first visit. My parents went, couldn't find it at first, couldn't believe they had actually found it and then had good laugh.

I get their point. It's fairly modern and not part of the old town. It is amusing to see, though, when you have seen some of the more classical ones before. Personally, I still want to visit Gent. And having passed the city quite a few times by train, each time thinking how great the Belfry looks, I also want to see Mechelen. Belgium and Northern France are blessed with splendid public transport options, most of these listed in google maps. The distances aren't that great either, so happy hunting.

USA - Mar -. Each of the various belfries is usually the tallest structure in each town, built for defensive and civic purposes. Contrary to what most people might think, the belfries were mostly secular, with only a few of the structures being associated with churches. Visiting any of the individual belfries isn't that hard, as it is just a matter of going to the particular town where the belfry is located. Getting to all 55 would just be a matter of determination. Read more on my website about the Belfries of Belgium and France. France - Oct -. I have studied in the Lille area and I spent a lot of time traveling throughout French and Belgian countrysides.

However, it is quite a task to visit all of them since they are scattered all over both countries. I have visited 16 sites in total 14 in Belgium and 2 in France and climbed most of the belfries where this was possible. My favourite one is that of Tournai, adorning the square below and the cathedral nearby another WHS , closely followed by the belfries of Antwerp and Bruges for their architectural beauty and importance.

USA - Dec -. Eddy and I were schoolmates from Xaverius College Borgerhout in Eddy had arranged for us to climb to the top of the Stadhuis Belfry in Dendermonde and to be given a hands on explanation of the Carillon and even a brief, unscheduled concert by the Carillon Master, Marc Van Boven. I was also given the opportunity to play a little tune on the Carillon myself!