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The Marder, which entered service in , packs a 20mm autocannon, has a crew of three, and holds seven troops. However, the Marder is starting to show its age — after all, it's about a decade older than the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

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A Puma infantry fighting vehicle in the field. Photo by Motorpferd. Naturally, Germany have a replacement in mind.

This vehicle is called the Puma, and it's slated to bring a few huge leaps in capability to German armor — but nothing is without its drawbacks. Like the Marder, this vehicle has a crew of three, but only carries six grunts in the rear. That's a slight hit in one area of capability, but the Puma's firepower makes up for it.

The Puma is equipped with a 30mm cannon a big step up from the Marder's 20mm gun. It also packs a 5. It can reach a top speed of 43 miles per hour and go miles on a tank of gas. The Marder infantry fighting vehicle has served Germany well for almost 50 years. Army photo by Paula Guzman.

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What's most notable is that the Puma is only roughly six tons heavier than the Marder, despite the increased firepower. This is due to the use of composite armors that are both more resistant to modern weapons and weigh much less than older armor technology. This enables the Puma to be hauled by the Airbus A Germany is planning to have Pumas delivered by to replace the Marder. Export possibilities abound, particularly to Canada, which is looking for an infantry fighting vehicles to pair with its Leopard 2 tanks.

Learn more about this lethal armored vehicle in the video below.

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Loved having him as my PE teacher in senior year. He could run faster backwards than most us could run frontward.

He used to call us "Mr" as in "hey, Mister, run faster George Buehler and Tom Flores. He could do it all. OJ refused to accept the role of a Clem Daniels.

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RIP Clem. Great story, Thanks so much for sharing I think it's so cool having him as a PE teacher. Jack Bighead. He also was my brothers Sophomore Football Coach.

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He also taught Driver's Ed. Thanks, Tom. Comments 5. Sort: Newest. Apr 1.

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John Rauch. Mar Tom LaMarre. Editor Mar Featured Community Raiders surprise 2 military veterans with service dogs.