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We learnt more about each of them, and were introduced to many more characters who were equally as interesting to read about. I particularly enjoyed reading about Bobby and Mike, and how their fraternal relationship evolved over the course of the novel. I found the new characters of Donna and Kathy really interesting to read about, too, and I was very excited to read about them later in the novel.

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I loved the time travel aspect of Heroes and Martyrs. This was something I'd liked in the previous novel, but I definitely found these historical events more engaging to read about.

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They were written in an appropriate way too, since they weren't overly graphic considering that it's a children's book yet they dealt with the seriousness of the event and didn't glamourize anything. It also added many interesting characters and plot-twists to the story, which were quite fun to read about. In my opinion, Burbidge's writing style has definitely improved in this book.

When I was reading The Relic, I remember thinking that it was the writing that didn't exactly do the book justice, considering how much of a great story the book had. In Heroes and Martyrs , I found the writing to be more sophisticated, which actually made the story easier to read and more enjoyable. There were times when I still thought that the dialogue within the book slightly let it down; the way in which family members and friends spoke to each other still felt too formal for me, and I would have personally preferred a more realistic sense within the dialogue.

The thing I think I love the most about the StarPassage books is that not only are they really entertaining stories with great characters and plot-lines, they also act as great teachers for their readers. Dealing with mental health issues, such as PTSD, these novels provide such a great resource for children to relate to with their feelings. Not only do they get an interesting and completely captivating story, they're also inexplicitly shown how to deal with their feelings and are opened to health issues in a way that makes them less scary and confusing. Therefore, I think these books would be absolutely perfect for children who know somebody who has been affected, or have been affected themselves by a health issue, since the StarPassage books explain these issues in a great way for children to understand, all the while providing an amazing story for them to enjoy.

I really enjoyed it and I'd love to know what's going to happen next in the series, especially after that cliff-hanger of an ending.

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There were still a few slight niggles I had with certain aspects of the story, but as a children's book, it was great. I would recommend it to all kids between the ages of , especially those who have been struggling with some of the issues dealt with in this book. Wednesday, 26 July Heavenwood Book Review. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Heavenwood isn't really the type of book I'm used to, or one that I might normally read. Most aspects of this novel were completely different to what I'm used to reading, however, this was in no way a bad thing and I really enjoyed this book, particularly for its themes and the twists and turns in the plot line.

This was something that pleased me for the entirety of the novel, and also one of my favourite things about the novel as a whole. I'll admit, initially I was slightly confused with everything that occurred in the outset of the novel - we see a few different points of view, some of which appear to be told as flashbacks, and straightaway they seem to be completely separate storylines to each other. It was only when I continued reading for a little longer that I realised this was not at all the case. The plot lines interwove really well, and a lot faster than I had anticipated, which I believe the story benefited from.

This meant that it didn't take too long for the story to 'introduce' itself and set out the main plot line. The characters in Heavenwood were initially slightly confusing people for me, before the plot lines had straightened themselves out. Jack is our main character, who has just died and gone to 'Heavenwood', and Nikka is his wife, now widow. We see Jack's friend Dickson in a few of the scenes, too, who appears to be attempting to get with Nikka following Jack's death, which I think is the part I found to be the most confusing.

However, I was happy by the end of the novel when everything was revealed regarding these characters - it was a satisfying reveal and ending and I was content with the character progression, particularly that of Jack, throughout the course of the novel - I definitely found that I liked him as a person more towards the end. In terms of the writing in Heavenwood , I have no faults to pick up on. Perhaps the style of writing isn't what I'm used to reading and what I'd necessarily pick when I look for a novel, but in terms of how it told the story, it was pretty fast-paced yet also descriptive.

The length of this novel was something that I thought benefited the story as a whole, and since it is a fairly short book it was able to get to the point quite quickly - I liked this. Overall, though, I had no problems with the writing in this book - it definitely did what it needed to and conveyed the story well. In the least negative way possible, the story of Heavenwood was slightly confusing from time to time. I did feel that parts of it were difficult to follow, and while the concept behind the story was definitely interesting, it was also strange until I managed to get my head around it.

I liked the themes behind the story, particularly the ideas of forgiveness and learning more about yourself, and I also really liked the idea this story proposed about what happens to you when you die, and it was definitely an interesting touch for all of the characters in the story to be dead. Some parts of the story did seem slightly far-fetched to me, even for a novel set in an after-world of sorts. I'm not quite sure how I felt about all the murders that everybody had committed. Obviously, murders do happen, and there are murderers who go undiscovered, but for a great deal of the principal characters to have killed someone at some point seemed slightly too far for me, but it definitely was an interesting touch.

Overall, I liked this book. I liked how deep it was, and how it left me as the reader with so many moral questions and thoughts. This story did touch me a lot, and made me consider things about my life and my choices that I definitely wouldn't have thought of before reading Heavenwood.

For that reason, I think it's quite an important book for a wide audience to read, and therefore I would recommend it to young adults who are a fan of urban fantasy books, particularly those which deal with death or life after death. I gave Heavenwood 3. It was still a really good read though, and I'd be interested in keeping an eye on this author for any future work. If you're interested in reading Heavenwood and I really suggest that you give it a go!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this review, and I'll be back with more very soon! This post has been a long time coming, and, due to a massively busy schedule, I had to take a little break from reviewing for the last two months or so, so huge apologies for that. I'm hoping to be able to post a little more regularly now! Harry Potter and the Cursed Child , by J. Unless you've been living under a sizable rock for the last year or so, you'll be aware of the brand new addition to the Potterverse that has had ever kind of Harry Potter fan impatiently awaiting its release.

In July this year, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child was finally released as a play, both in the theatres and in bookshops. Just under 4 months of waiting did pay off in the end, though, and I am so glad I managed to last without reading the script beforehand as I can honestly say it maximised the experience of the play to an even more incredible level! I really don't think there's a lot else I can say about The Cursed Child.

I am in love with the play, both for what it represented for me, and for the experience it gave me. I cannot fault the way in which it was pulled off; it was absolutely spectacular, and like I said, I feel honoured to have been able to see it. The script and storyline itself I was less of a fan of.

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That doesn't mean at all that I didn't like it, it just felt to me like it wasn't completely genuine and I don't believe it's the way in which J. Rowling intended the story to go. I prefer to think of The Cursed Child as amazing fan-fiction that just so happened to be turned into a stage-show, as opposed to it being canon, since it's easier for me to accept that way.

After almost losing her life in a vicious, bloody attack, Kat Shaw, a thirty-something divorcee, discovers that there are such things as monsters. And the predator who attacked her is not human. She starts to develop unusual skills that have murderous consequences. And she becomes an unwilling witness to multiple, brutal murders, seen through the eyes of a killer. Thrown into a battle of Good Vs. Evil, she falls in love with two men who are not what they seem.

While her attacker stalks her and continues to murder the innocent, she has to find the inner strength to take on and fight the demons from hell - to protect her family and friends while also trying to save her own life. I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Xpresso Tours in exchange for an honest review.

I must admit, Midnight Angel is probably not the sort of book I'm used to reading. I'm a massive fan of paranormal romance books, however, I do believe this is the first I've read in the 'Adult' genre since I generally prefer to stick to 'Young Adult' when it comes to romance and all things paranormal. The first thing I noticed when reading Midnight Angel , and apologies for starting with a slight negative, was that it was a little difficult to follow. There wasn't really much of an 'introduction' of sorts to the story, which I did enjoy since it just jumped straight into the action without having to set out who the characters were and how everybody felt about each other.

So, I thought that the fast-paced action and quickly-developing plot really worked in the favour of the story to begin with. However, I soon began to notice that the rest of the book was just as equally fast-paced, which I didn't appreciate quite as much. It just made it a little hard to grasp at times, since it felt like it was jumping straight from one action sequence to the next.

I actually thought the characters in the book were great. They had definite dimensions to them and were not just 'empty' characters, with no back-stories or past-experiences. Kat was certainly quite a strong main character, even if there were times where I questioned her motives and choices, which didn't always seem too genuine or smart. I liked the fact that, deep down, she was pretty much a normal person who was simply attempting to deal with the changes that went on around her.

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The other characters within the story were also fairly strong and relatable, and select few were fairly cute, too, which is always wins them points in my books! I'm not sure I liked the idea of the love triangle in the book - if I'm honest, I'm getting a little fed up of love triangles in general as I'm not entirely sure what they add to a story, but this one was certainly interesting.

Tracey A. Wood's writing in Midnight Angel was another positive within the book. I haven't read anything else by this author before, but I enjoyed how relatable the writing and story-telling was. It was fairly easy to read, and was almost like just reading thoughts in your head, the way it was pulled off. I wouldn't say that it had anything completely special or unique about it, but it did suit the story and gave the book a completely different feel to other paranormal fantasy books, due to this.

Overall, I did enjoy the plot of the novel, even if it did seem slightly confusing and overly fast-paced at times. I really liked the 'mystery' aspect of the story, what with the murders and attacks; I definitely thought this improved the story and for this reason, I gave Midnight Angel 3 stars out of a possible 5.

I would recommend Midnight Angel to fans of a paranormal romance or anyone partial to a modern 'murder mystery' type of novel. The book did contain a great deal of mature content including quite a lot of bad language and sex, therefore, I would only suggest this book to a mature audience roughly plus, depending on maturity and I would also suggest that the book probably shouldn't be read in public places!

So, despite its faults, I did enjoy the story and hope other people do too! I hope you have enjoyed this review and I hope to be back for more soon! If you have read Midnight Angel , I'd love to hear your thoughts! I honestly wasn't really sure what to expect when I began to read Sun and Moon. I was a little confused by the synopsis of the book and wasn't too sure that I'd enjoy reading the story I loved the ideas and plot of this story. It was a fantastic idea and it lead to me being really captivated in the story. I really loved the idea of two people being completely destined to be together, no matter what their age or personality.

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I really liked the idea of each person getting a 'mark' when they and their destined partner came of age, and the idea that they're just drawn towards each other in an incontrollable way. Needless to say, I loved the way Zara was matched up within the story! She was a really good and solid main character, and I also really enjoyed how much she developed over the course of the story, it was great to see! In fact, I liked most of the characters in the story. The result is disastrous. Bria refuses to believe her mother is dead, even though dust chokes the site where the top-secret laboratory once stood.

A strange symbol keeps showing up: on the dry erase board, in a pile of leaves, even in the milk her brother drips on the table. Bria has no doubt her mother, somehow, is sending her a message. But how? And where could she be? To find out, she has to do something dangerous, but she sees no other option.

This doglike alien creature takes them back through the rip to his training world, where Bria, her brother, and her friends must be altered to adapt to dangerous time confluences and worlds they must traverse to save the scientists trapped in a time eddy. If they aren't rescued soon, dark energy, now streaming into the galaxy at an alarming rate, will cause horrific destruction—including the end of all life on earth. Bria, drawn to the brooding Jace Riggs, has no time to fall in love. Yet what other choice does she have? You look far out at your stars in the night and think you are looking over a distance, a distance that has no end.

You are looking backward in time. We say, all space is here; all time is now. That is the true nature of existence, but your species can only see shadows and illusions.

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Don't miss this intense, deep time-travel story about love, faith, and perseverance in the light of great danger and impossibilities! Read what others have said about Time Sniffers:. This book will teach you a few things in the process as you buckle in for a journey that will take you on a ride past this world and the next.

I loved it. I am an adult, but the wonderful writing, plot, characters and inventive setting kept me engrossed to the end. Lakin has created a suspenseful and enthralling book that kids from eleven to a hundred will love. Well done! Self-sufficiency turns into trust. A sense of isolation turns into realization of the loyalty of friends. Although this is a YA story, I am an older adult who thoroughly enjoyed this exciting story. I recommend this book to both young adults and adults!