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I have to question why he didn't choose one of their stories instead to give the book more balance. All in all I would certainly recommend this audiobook and I have no doubt that the print or e-book would be just as good for a dip into some hidden and a few not so hidden gems of the era for some ghostly goodness.

These stories had me jumping or turning round! They were all very good and enjoyed my time with them throughly! I have my favorites of course but all are worth a listen if this genre suits you. I especially enjoyed the brief bio of each author at the beginning of their story as I was not familiar with all of them.

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The narrator was wonderful, full of emotion and handled each character as it's own person. They say it is difficult to write short stories Here is an array of some of the finest "spooky" tales you will find.

The Phantom Coach

I scour the net for them and here is some gold I enjoyed this collection of ghost stories, some familiar and and some new to me. However, the narrationtook a bit of getting used to.

I found his voice a little momotonous, and he ran some of the words and sentences together in a rather odd, manner. It was almost as if the book were being read by an electronic reading machine!? This book is very enjoyable for what it is. The Victorian era doesn't approach scary the same way we do in the modern world. If you appreciate 19th century prose and that style of writing you will certainly enjoy this book. If you want to be scared, you should probably pass on it. I was disappointed, I don't know what I really expected, scarier stories than I got, however.

I think I didn't take into consideration, that they were written a over years ago. I did like the introduction, where we were told about the different authors, and their history in writing, as well as some of their life histories, and there were a few famous authors--some of which I hadn't known wrote ghost stories, but it didn't matter--at least not to me this time.

The Phantom Coach: Collected Ghost Stories

The worst part of most of the stories is that the scariest thing didn't happen until the end of the stories, and then the story just ended-that was it. I'm presuming, however, that that's the way the Victorians wrote stories, so in that case, if that's what you're looking for, you'll find it here. I'm also sorry to say, the narration was not helpful--pretty monotone for most of the stories. Would you say that listening to this book was time well-spent? Why or why not? I Love Victorian Ghost stories, so jumped at this and here are some of the best.

This collection is actually quite unique, not the usual bunch and I found some as yet unheard gems amongst them. And the introduction by Sims is quite good too Any additional comments? After hearing the initial intro. I then just want to listen to all the stories back to back. It was really annoying to then have another whole load of blurb before starting the next story. It really broke the rhythm for me and was very distracting. Otherwise would have been 5 stars across the board.

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Narrater did an excellent job, thumbs up there. I will reluctantly be returning this item - to hunt down the stories elsewhere, uninterrupted. I really thought I'd enjoy this book, the list of classic supernatural stories are right up my street. What a thing it is to be a ghost, cowering and shivering in an altered world, a prey to apprehension and despair! The longest story in the collection is also one of the most powerful: Margaret Oliphant's tale, "The Library Window.

The beautifully written narrative often focuses on the quality of the summer light, as the girl sits gazing from her window-seat perch. Oliphant writes, "This was the after-light of the wonderful, long, long, summer evening, the light without shadows. It had a spell in it, and sometimes it made me afraid: and all manner of strange thoughts seemed to come in, and I always felt that if only we had a little more vision in our eyes we might see beautiful folk walking about in it, who were not of our world.

Another candidate for most stylish and effective prose is Doyle's story, "The Captain of the Pole-Star ," in which Doyle mines his own experience aboard an Arctic whaling vessel as a young man. He was greatly affected by his voyage, once referring to the Arctic as "that mysterious region, which can be the most lovely and the most repellent on earth.

In other parts of the world, be they ever so barren, there is some slight vibration of the air—some faint hum, be it from the distant haunts of men, or from the leaves of the trees, or the wings of the birds, or even the faint rustle of the grass that covers the ground. One may not actively perceive the sound, and yet if it were withdrawn it would be missed. It is only here in these Arctic seas that stark, unfathomable stillness obtrudes itself upon you in all its gruesome reality. You find your tympanum straining to catch some little murmur, and dwelling eagerly upon every accidental sound within the vessel.

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